21 Vases whose Painter is Kleophrades Painter

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Handle: right of side B

Side A: head of woman

Side B: youth with wreath, from the waist up

Side B: scene at center
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Side A: satyr carrying wineskin, from the knees up

Side B: satyr holding amphora, phallus

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Side B: flute player

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Three-dimensional approximation of the vase

Side A: oblique from right

Side A, main panel: women at foot of kline

Detail of side B, right: a bearded, balding centaur, with a wound on his r...

Detail of side B, top center: upper half of a youthful Lapith, shown in 3/...

Handle: side A at left

Side A: lower frieze, Herakles and the Garden of the Hesperides

Side B: charioteer

Side A: scene at center

Side B: scene at center

Side A: detail of reclining man and cow to his left
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