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Reverse: Hercules on lion skin, on rock

Obverse: Septimius Severus facing bust of Caracalla
Boston 88.383 [Coin]

Reverse: The nude Dioscuri hold spears and the bridles of their horses. Ea...

Obverse: Male head facing right, wearing oak wreath; star below chin

Reverse: Victoria with wreath and palm branch

Obverse: Head of Apollo

Reverse: Marsyas with buskins and a wine skin; a column with a statue of v...

Obverse: Head of Apollo
Boston 52.193 [Coin]

Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo

Reverse: Pair of horses galloping to the left

Reverse: Horseman galloping with spear

Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo
Boston 60.518 [Coin]

Obverse: Head of Demeter (or Apollo ?)

Reverse: Venus, half-draped, leaning on a column and looking in a mirror

Reverse: Apollo with lyre

Obverse: Head of Augustus
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