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Side A: overview

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Side B: overview
Boston 13.189 [Vase]

Overview: handle rear

Main panel: seated woman with wool-basket, from the knees up.
Boston 13.186 [Vase]

Makron's skyphos: Drawing of side A, showing Aeneas, Alexander, Eros,...

Side A: scene at center
Boston 10.185 [Vase]

Side A: Artemis, from the waist up

Side A: Aktaion beset by hounds
Boston 00.330 [Vase]

Side B: quadriga facing front

Side A: Athena springing from head of Zeus
Boston 98.887 [Vase]

Main panel: figures on left

Main panel: cowherd and six Muses
Boston 98.878 [Vase]

Main panel: warrior, from the waist up

Overview: exterior
Boston 97.370 [Vase]
[No images available]
Boston 95.45 [Vase]

Main panel: Apollo
Boston 95.43 [Vase]

Main panel: Athena
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