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Overview: handle decoration

Overview: main frieze

Side B: overview of main panel and neck
Boston 10.185 [Vase]

Side A: Artemis, from the waist up

Side A: Aktaion beset by hounds

Overview: exterior

Main panel: charioteer
Boston 20.187 [Vase]

Side A: Nike erecting a trophy

Side A: Nike erecting a trophy
Boston 10.191 [Vase]

Side A: seesaw

Side B: man or youth
Boston 10.181 [Vase]

Tondo: man and youth

Side B: men and youth

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Interior: overview

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Reverse side: overview
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Berlin F 1704 [Vase]

Side B, top panel: second warrior from left

Side A, top panel: Dionysos, Hephaistos, and Hermes
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