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Boston 10.221 [Vase]

Fragment: top of a woman's head

Fragment: woman holding Pentheus on left
Boston 10.198 [Vase]

Side B: komos

Side A: Dionysos and satyr
Boston 03.844 [Vase]

Interior: horseman
Boston 03.790 [Vase]
[No images available]

Main panel: maenad

Main panel: satyr on right

Side A: woman in center and woman on right

Handle: right of side B

Handle, right of side B: decoration

Side B: three komasts

Side A: Athena's shield

Main panel: two wrestlers and trainer

Main panel: four acontists with trainer in center
Boston 01.17 [Vase]

Side A: Dionysos on a donkey with satyrs and maenads
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