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Mitilini citadel from NW, Mytilene, Lesbos

Distant view of citadel at Mitilini from NW, Mytilene, Lesbos

Aerial view of Mytilene acropolis, fort, city, Lesbos

View from acropolis toward SW and Lesbos, Assos

View from agora terrace toward SW and island of Lesbos, Assos

View from Temple of Athena on Assos acropolis toward S and island of Lesbos

West city walls and main gate, with Lesbos in distance, from NE, Assos, Pr...

Overall view from NE (Lesbos in distance), Assos, Temple in the Agora

View from top of city wall just W of main city gate toward W, with Lesbos ...