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Boston 99.539 [Vase]

Side A: Leda and the egg

Exterior: oblique from below
Boston 95.28 [Vase]

Side A: figures in procession

Side B: figures in procession
Boston 76.45 [Vase]

Side A: youth attended by dwarf with dog

Side B: youth
Boston 59.178 [Vase]

Side A: Greek warrior

Side A: Trojan warrior
Boston 13.200 [Vase]

Overview: handle rear

Main panel: Danae, Perseus and the chest
[No images available]

Main panel: woman on right

Main panel: woman on near left, lower half

Side A: scene at center

Side B: taenia held by woman in center
London E 38 [Vase]

Image access restricted
Side A: Herakles and Busiris

Drawing of Side B (small)
Louvre G 156 [Vase]

Handle, right of side A: aulist, upper half

Side A: couple in center, upper half
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