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Tondo: two men on a couch

Tondo: two men on a couch
Boston 99.523 [Vase]

Side B: lion and cattle

Side A: Amazon battling a monster
Boston 98.931 [Vase]

Side B: Telephos in the house of Agamemnon

Tondo: Telephos and Teuthras?
Boston 13.199 [Vase]

Main panel: reveller

Overview: handle rear

Tondo: crouching archer

Tondo: crouching archer

Side B, neck: Aktaion and two dogs at right

Side B, neck: woman at left (Artemis?), from the waist down

Main panel: wreath above seated woman

Main panel: seated woman

Tondo: shield of warrior

Tondo: warrior, lower half
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Fragment: interior
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