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Side B: overview of main panel and neck

Exterior: view from below

Tondo: gorgoneion
Boston 98.883 [Vase]

Main panel: actors dressing
Boston 13.199 [Vase]

Main panel: reveller

Overview: handle rear
Boston 03.788 [Vase]

Main panel: scene from a satyr play

Main panel: scene from a satyr play, right half
Boston 00.346 [Vase]

Side A: Actaeon and Artemis

Side A: Zeus and Lyssa
Boston 00.339 [Vase]

Overview: handle oblique right rear

Main panel: girl with flute
Berlin F 2290 [Vase]

Side B: maenads dancing around image of Dionysos

Side A: maenad on far left

Side A: head of Eros

Side A: standing woman, head

Tondo: silen, horse tail

Side B: maenad at center, head
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