Plan of Geometric to early Archaic phase (8th - 7th c. BC), with Second Hekatompedon Temple, Samos, Heraion

copyright Perseus Project 1990drawn by M.W. Cutler based on Irini Lilge-Elisawitou (artist) in <PBibRef>Kyrieleis 1981</PBibRef> fig. 100, and also based on J. Coulton (artist), based on H. Schlief, AM 58, 1933 229 plate 29, E. Buschor, AM 55, 1930 22-30,53-56 plate 13, E. Buschor and O. Ziegehaus, AM 74, 1959 2-3, G. Gruben, AM 72, 1957 52-62, E. Buschor, Neue deutsche Ausgrabungen im Mittlemeergebiet und im Vorderen Orient 1959 200, plate1, in <PBibRef>J. Coulton 1976</PBibRef> 281 fig. 105, and also based on Hans Walter, Das Heraion von Samos, R.Piper and Co. Verlag, Munich 1976 55 fig. 45 in <PBibRef>W.R. Biers 1987</PBibRef> 134 fig. 6.9 2nd Hekatompedon based on Perseus Drawing 1990.33.0328; South Stoa based on Perseus Drawing 1990.33.0325, 0

Samos, Heraion

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