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Later from Europe.Arrival of the Etna. New York, March 14.--The steamship Etna, from Liverpool on the 27th ultimo, arrived this morning. She brings £260,000 in specie, and nearly £300,000 more were looked for in the Arabia. The Anglo-Saxon and Vigo had arrived out. Nothing had been heard of the missing steamer Australasian. In a debate in the House of Commons, Lords Russell and Palmerston strongly deprecated the policy of America preventing the right of search, and permitting the prostitution of its flag to the slave trade. Mr. Braxton expressed fear that the Southern Confederacy would revive the slave trade, and hoped England would never recognize its sovereignty without an express stipulation against that traffic. The ship Gen. Parkhill, from Liverpool for Charleston, had returned to Liverpool, the crew having killed Capt. Pyke, and seriously wounded the first mate. M. Thouvenal had officially assured the American Minister that no delegates from
From Washington. Washington, March 14.--It is understood that the Southern Commissioners sent yesterday an official note to the Secretary of State, asking recognition; stating that an answer would be called for to-day. The Secretary of the Commission called at the State Department to-day, in accordance with said note, for a reply. The response from the Secretary of State was a request for time to consider their propositions, which was accorded. The opinion prevails that the President will refer the whole matter to the Senate for their advice. It is denied in administrative circles that any unusual naval display is to be made in Southern waters. The vessels of war now in Northern ports are preparing for sea merely for transport service, upwards of 2,500 troops being now in Texas, awaiting means to return Northward.
Extra session of the U. S. Senate. Washington, March 14.--The Senate, by a vote of 16 to 24, refused to take up Mr. Douglas' resolution. Mr. Fessenden's resolution, to strike the names of the seceded Southern Senators from the roll, was taken up. Mr. Clarke moved a less abrupt and objectionable one as a substitute, which was accepted, and passed by the Senate. Mr. Mason offered as a substitute, ordering that "those gentlemen having ceased to be members of the Senate, the Secretary be directed to omit their names from the roll." This was disagreed to, and Clark's substitute, as stated, passed.
The Anderson fugitive slave case. Washington, March 14.--Judge Taney delivered his opinion in the mandamus case of the Governor of Kentucky against the Governor of Ohio, to compel the latter to surrender the fugitive slave Anderson to- day. The Court decided in favor of the right of the former to such fugitive, adding that Ohio has no right to go into the question whether the fugitive is accused of any crime or not, in Kentucky; but, as Congress cannot impose any Federal duty on State officers, nothing but the good faith and good sense of the officers of the different States are to be relied on. The mandamus, therefore, could not be granted.
Decision for Mrs. Gaines at last. Washington, March 14.--Chief Justice Taney rendered the decision of the Supreme Court, to-day, in the celebrated case of Mrs. General Gaines. It was in her favor in all the points involved. She was present, and received the hearty congratulations of her friends. The amount thus awarded her includes 50 years back rents on the property in contest, and aggregates $2,000,000. In Louisiana, where the property lies, the ordinance of secession declares that the act of secession shall not impair the rights of parties in Louisiana who may be parties to suits in U. S. Courts.
The vote in Petersburg. Petersburg, Va., March 14. --There was much excitement in the voting to-day, both on the "for instruction" and "against instruction" sides. The result so far is, for, 736; against, 673--a gain of 12 on the secession side since yesterday. There is speaking, procession, music, &c., again to-night by the winning side. The polls are open again to-morrow.
Pennsylvania U. S. Senator. Harrisburg, Pa., March 14. --Hon. David Wilmot, of Proviso memory, was to-day elected U. S. Senator by a vote of 95 to 63.
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The Markets. Norfolk, March 14.--Cotton 11¼ @11¼c.; select 12 Corn declining; sales for the week 80,000 bushels — white 65; mixed 61; yellow $1.--Staves active — Red Hhd. 36@37; white 70 Naval Stores dull. Tar $1.50. Baltimore, March 14.--Flour dull and heavy — Howar and Ohio $5.12. Wheat firm — red $1,25@ 1.27; white $March 14.--Flour dull and heavy — Howar and Ohio $5.12. Wheat firm — red $1,25@ 1.27; white $1.40@ 1.65. Corn dull --mixed 53@63; yellow 56@59 Mess pork $17; rump $13. Lard 9¼c. Coffee quiet at 12¼@13¼c. Whiskey 17½c. New York, March 14.--Cotton firm — Uplan a Middling 11 Flour quiet. Wheat firm--Kentucky White $1,67. Corn firm — Mixed 66@68; Southern White 68@70; Yellow 68 Pork heavy — Mess $16.75; Prime $12 50. WMarch 14.--Cotton firm — Uplan a Middling 11 Flour quiet. Wheat firm--Kentucky White $1,67. Corn firm — Mixed 66@68; Southern White 68@70; Yellow 68 Pork heavy — Mess $16.75; Prime $12 50. Whiskey steady at 17½c. Sugar quiet — Orleans 6; Muscovado 4½@5½c.; Havana 4½@6½c. Coffee quiet — Rio 12½c.; Java 16½c. Spirits Turpentine dull — crude Wilmington $2.70 per barrel. Stocks Steady — N. York Centrals $78½ Virginia 6's $78½; Missouri 6's $66½. Sales in New York, March 13, o