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honesty, and foresight of Boston, a town meeting was called for the following Friday. Samuel Adams received a summons to come and guide its debates; but a higher duty kept him at Salem. The legislative committee of nine appeared so tame, that Leonard returned to Taunton on business as a lawyer. Meantime, Samuel Adams had on one evening secretly consulted four or five of his colleagues; on another a larger number; on the third so many as thirty; and on the morning of Friday, the seventeenth of June, confident of having the per- Chap. IV.} 1774. June. fect control of the house, one hundred and twentynine being present, he locked the door, and proposed the measure he had matured. The time fixed for the congress was the first day of September, the place Philadelphia, where there was no army to interrupt its sessions. Bowdoin, who, however, proved unable to attend, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Cushing, and Robert Treat Paine were chosen delegates. To defray their expenses, a tax o
nearly eight rods square. The bells of Boston had struck twelve June 17. before the first sod was thrown up. Then every man of the thousanfrom the decks of the men of war still cry: Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775. June 17. All is well. Putnam also during the night came among the men of private was killed and buried. To inspire Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775. June 17. confidence, Prescott mounted the parapet and walked leisurely bacr knapsacks the evening before, had, under a Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775 June 17. burning sky, without shade, amidst a storm of shot and shells, coored, where their guns raked the isthmus of Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775. June 17. Charlestown. Between the hours of twelve and one, by order of Gecticut forces under Knowlton, to go and op- Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775. June 17. pose them. At about two hundred yards in the rear of the stillrn at the expenditure of powder; any great Chap. XXXVIII.} 1775. June 17. consumption by cannon might be ruinous; and it is a fact that the
sible, to avoid a general Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. action. Apprehending that, if reenforcementth Putnam, who declared a Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. readiness to receive his orders; but Warren k, who, next to Prescott, Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. brought the largest number of men into the fppointment of Prescott to Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. its command, was made with his concurrence. reached Cambridge of this Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. second landing at Charlestown, was Ward reliretending that his flank- Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. ing parties were annoyed from houses in the owers, the housetops of a Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. populous town, and the acclivities of the sught rods as he afterwards Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. thought, within ten or twelve rods as the coantry, the moment of pre- Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. senting themselves, lost three-fourths, and morning for a supply, he Chap. Xxxix} 1775. June 17. had received none, and there were not fifty [1 more...]
rmy, exasperated at retreating before an Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. enemy whom they had professed to despise, and by the sighritish, and advanced from the south; the Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. fifth, the thirty-eighth, and forty-third battalions formrt or leaping over the walls, made their Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. way through their enemies, each for himself, without muchmen for a reenforcement, and was encoun- Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. tered by the retreating party on the northern declivity oieutenant colonel, two majors, and seven Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. captains. For near half an hour there had been a continus life. Thomas Gardner, a member of con- Chap. XL.} 1775 June 17. gress from Cambridge, was hastening with some part of his at his fall. By his countrymen, he was Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. most sincerely and universally lamented; his mother wouldther hand, Ward, in a general order, ex- Chap. XL.} 1775. June 17. pressed thanks to the officers and soldiers who behaved s