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Samuel Ball Platner, Thomas Ashby, A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, TIBERIS (search)
910, 554; YW 1911, 12; 1920, 89; Calza Ostia, 85). The next termination was carried out by the consuls of 8 B.C., C. Asinius Gallus and C. Marcius Censorinus, and twenty of these cippi remain (CIL vi. 31541, a-u), and a third by Augustus himself in the following year, twenty-two cippi remaining (ib. 31542, a-w). In this termination the distance in a straight line r(ecta) r(egione) to the next cippus is given in feet, on the front, back or side (cf. CIL cit. p. 3110; see RIPA VEIENTANA). In 15 A.D. a great inundation occurred, and the cura riparum was instituted by Tiberius (Tac. Ann. i. 76; Cass. Dio lvii. 4 ; Suet. Aug. 37 is mistaken; cf. Mommsen, RGDA2 29; BC 1894, 254-6; CIL p. 3109). The curatores, who were five in number, replaced several of the earlier cippi by new ones, adding to the original inscription the words curatores riparum qui primi fuerunt ex senatus consulto restituerunt. Their authority extended as far as Ostia, where one of their cippi and one of 24-37 A.D. have
Samuel Ball Platner, Thomas Ashby, A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, Chronological Index to Dateable Monuments (search)
gustus burnt, 157. 6Tiberius rebuilds Temple of Castor, 103. 7Altar of Ceres Mater and Ops Augusta, 110. Temple of Isis destroyed (?), 284. 10(before). Livia restores Temple of Bona Dea Subsaxana, 85. Arch of Dolabella and Silanus, 38. Temple of Concord completed, 139. 12Basilica Julia rebuilt after a fire, 79. 14Augustus restores Aqua Julia, 24. 14-37Reign of Tiberius: Tiberius builds Temple of Augustus, 62; and its library, 63, 84; Domus Tiberiana, 199. 14-16Schola Xanthi, 468. 15Cura riparum Tiberis instituted after inundation, 537. 16Arch of Tiberius in Forum, 45. 17Temple of Fors Fortuna dedicated, 213. of Flora dedicated, 209. of Ceres, Liber and Libera dedicated, 110. of Janus in Forum Holitorium dedicated, 277. of Spes dedicated by Germanicus, 493. 19Arch of Germanicus (?), 40. Arches of Drusus and Germanicus in Forum of Augustus, 39, 220. 21Theatre of Pompey burnt and restored, 516. 22-23Castra Praetoria built, 106. 22Basilica Aernilia again restor