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atutes at Large proves, beyond a question, that assemblies were convened, at least, as often as follows:— 1630, March,Hening, i.147—153. 1630, April,ibid.257. 1632, February,ibid.153—177. 1632, Septemberibid.178—202. 1633, February,ibid.202—209. 1633, August,ibid.209—222. 1634,ibid.223. 1635,ibid.223. 1636,ibid.229. 161632, Septemberibid.178—202. 1633, February,ibid.202—209. 1633, August,ibid.209—222. 1634,ibid.223. 1635,ibid.223. 1636,ibid.229. 1637,ibid.227. 1639,ibid.229—230. 1640,Hening, i.268. 1641, June,ibid.259—262. 1642, January,ibid.267. 1642, April,ibid.230. 1642, June,ibid.269. Considering how imperfect are the early records, it is surprising that so considerable a list can be established. The instructions to Sir William Berkeley do not first order asdministration of Harvey was disturbed by 1635 divisions, which grew out of other causes than infringements of the constitution. De Vries, who visited Virginia in 1632—3, had reason to praise the advanced condition of the settlement, the abundance of its products, and the liberality of its governor. De Vries,
government over the companions of his voyages. Chalmers, 227, 228. Harvey enforced the commands of his sovereign, and 1632 Mar 8. confirmed the license by a colonial commission. Ibid. 228, 229. The Dutch plantations were esteemed to border upupon by Chalmers, 202—205; very diffusely by McMahon, 133—183; by Story, i 92—94; and many others. of the colony of Mary- 1632 June 20. land, however it may have neglected to provide for the power of the king, was the sufficient frank pledge of the parallel of latitude, the meridian of the western fountain of the Potomac, the river itself from its source Chap. VII.} 1632. to its mouth, and a line drawn due east from Watkin's Point to the Atlantic,—these were the limits of the territory, whichich conceded popular liberty. For the benefit of the colony, the statutes restraining emigration were dis- Chap. VII.} 1632. pensed with; and, at the appointment of the Baron of Baltimore, all present and future liege people of the English king,
territory; and the genius of Richelieu succeeded in obtaining the restitution, 1632 Mar. 29. not of Canada only, but of Cape Breton and undefined Acadia. Charlev In 1631 ninety only came over, fewer than had gone back the preceding year; in 1632 no more than two hundred and fifty arrived. Men waited to learn the success of was therefore agreed, at the next general court, that the governor and assist- 1632 May 8. ants should be annually chosen. The people, satisfied with the recognititonomoh himself, the great warrior of the Narragansetts, the youthful colleague 1632 Aug. 5. of Canonicus, became a guest at the board of Winthrop, and was present wgovernor of Massachusetts, with Wilson, pastor of Boston, repaired to Plymouth. 1632. Oct. 26. From the south shore of Boston harbor, it was a day's journey, for thefrom Boston. Thus was fellowship confirmed with Plymouth. From the Chesapeake 1632. a rich freight of corn had already been received, and trade was begun with the