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nt periods, the former holding the office five years, and the latter sixteen years. The authorities which have been consulted in obtaining dates and facts are specified in various portions of the work. The precinct and town records have, of course, been much relied upon, and information from them, as well as from gravestones, is given, as far as practicable, in the phraseology originally used. The church records have been found invaluable. Rev. Mr. Cooke, first minister of the Precinct (1739-1783), was an admirable recorder, whose specialty was the church records, and the Precinct births, baptisms, marriages and deaths. The records by Rev. Dr. Fiske cover forty years (1788-1828). Care has been taken to make proper reference in the text to two valuable recent publications—those of Rev. Dr. Paige and Thomas B. Wyman—from which important facts have been derived. Reference is also made to these works when further information on the subject may there be obtained. The author is gre
U. 1726, was installed minister at Charlestown, 1739. He was a native of Cambridge, and was first surch in Cambridge by Samuel Cooke, Pastor. 1739, May 21. The Second Precinct in Cambridge maderd and Watertown assisted in that solemnity. 1739, Nov. 17 Messrs. John Cutter & John Winship long in common to the Churches in Cambridge. 1739, Dec. 2 At a meeting of this church, The Breeceive said money for the purpose abovesaid. 1739, Dec. 4 The Deacons received said £ 25. 1739, Dec. 7 Voted by this Church, that their Pastor & Deacons be appointed to give the thanks osh are probably—Joseph Mayhew, Tutor H. U. from 1739 to 1755; Thomas Marsh, Tutor H. U. from 1741 togest mortality in the Precinct of any year from 1739 to 1783, save the year 1775, when the number wafancy. The record of births is vacant in 1768, 1739, 1761 and 1781. The record of Deaths is vacantorn.Baptized.Died of which StrangersMarriages. 1739-4021221116 174118191015 17422224411 17431416[2 more...]
l moderator and Mr. Stetson scribe of the Council. Rev. Mr. Stetson made the Introductory Prayer; Rev. Dr. Lowell preached the Sermon; Rev. Mr. Francis offered the Prayer of Installation; Rev. Mr. Ripley gave the Charge; Rev. Mr. Walker the Right Hand; Rev. Mr. Newell made the Concluding Prayer. Rev. Mr. Briggs of Lexington was absent on account of ill health at the time of this installation. To Mr. Damon's time the following persons had been Deacons: John Cutter and John Winship, chosen 1739; Thomas Hall and Joseph Adams, chosen 1769; Ephraim Frost and John Adams, chosen 1792; Ephraim Cutter, chosen before 1828; Miles Gardner, chosen 1828. To his time, also, three Covenants had been in use by the Church: (1) The Covenant used by Mr. Cooke, the first minister, and his successor Dr. Fiske; (2) The Covenant by Mr. Hedge; (3) An abridgement of the first, all which are entered on the records. Book closing with the sixth ministry, Mr. Brown's. 1835, April 15. Mr. Damon gives
nry Dunster, 1733, 1734. James Cutler, 1733, 1736, 1737, 1739, 1740, 1750-62. Ephraim Frost, 1733, 1734, 1738, 1741, 1749. Joseph Adams, 1733-35, 1739-41, 1753. Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., 1733, 1736, 1739, 1748, 1749. John Fillebrown1739, 1748, 1749. John Fillebrown, 1734, 1738. Samuel Whittemore, 1734, 1737, 1738, 1740, 1747. William Russell, 1735. John Winship, 1735, 1737, 174 Thomas Wellington, 1737. Capt. Philip Carteret, 1738, 1739, 1743, 1746. 1750, 1751, 1756-68, 1760. Seth Reed, 1740, 11734, 1753. Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., 1733, 1734, 1736, 1739, 1747-49. John Butterfield, 1735, 1743-45. Gershom Cu Thomas Hall, 1735, 1752-55. James Cutler, 1736, 1737, 1739, 1740, 1750-52. John Cutter, 1737, 1741, 1743-45. Sam, dec'd), 1738, 1740, 1747. Capt. Philip Carteret, 1738, 1739, 1743, 1746, Feb. 2, 1746-7, Jonathan Butterfield was chosn, 1738. William Butterfield, 1738. Moses Harrington, 1739. Walter Russell, Jr., 1740. James Cutler, Jr., 1741.
. Potter, who began to preach to the Society on the first Sunday in July, 1876. Thanks are extended to Mr. Arthur W. Peirce for assistance in preparing this sketch. Orthodox Congregational Society.—On the evening of June 8, 1842, several members of Orthodox churches, residing in West Cambridge and its vicinity, met at the residence of Miss Anna Bradshaw, for religious worship. Miss Bradshaw, the grand-daughter of the Rev. Samuel Cooke, the first minister of the Old Parish of the town (1739-1783), resided in the old parsonage of her grandfather on Pleasant Street, next the burying-ground. The Rev. Dr. Albro, of Cambridge, was present on the above evening, and addressed the meeting. A weekly meeting for conference and prayer was at this time established. July 10, following, a sermon was preached under a large tent, erected on the grounds of Miss A. Bradshaw, for the celebration of national independence. An appointment was made for preaching on the ensuing Sabbath at Miss Bra
26 Dec. 1742, a. 10 days. The father m. Elizabeth Russell, 1739. 2. Samuel, of Camb. deceased-had Samuel, a. 7, and Lyde was adm. same ch. 13 Jan. 1742. Margery, his dau., b.———, 1739, was bap. here 23 Dec. 1739. Flora, a negro child of his, wSimon, d. of slow fever, 7 May, 1752, a. 16; Elizabeth, b. —1739, bap. 20 Jan. 1740, prob. the Elizabeth, of Charlestown Pcrs.; Seth, d. 26 June, 1749, a. 14 yrs; Thomas; Susanna, b.(1739), bap. 9 Dec. 1739, d. 25 June, 1749, a. 10 yrs.; Daniel, b lay male subscribers to the covenant of the Second Church, 1739. He was chosen one of an important committee by that churcs for the communion table of the Pct. ch. at organization, 1739. Those constituting her gift are inscribed, The gift of Rebeckah Whitmore to the 2d Church of Christ in Cambridge, 1739. See Cutter Book, 21, 25, 411, &c. 2. Stephen, 3d, of Medf was Thankful Wyeth, m. 6 Dec. 1716, but prob. dead before 1739). 3. John, bro. of William (2), and Elizabeth, w. of Jo
General Index. Abstract of births, &c, 1739-1783, 101, 102 Act for establishing Fire Department, 155 Action of the town during last war with Great Britain, 136 Adams's (Capt.) company in French War, 36, 37, 184 Admissions to, and dismissions from the Church, 101, 123, 125, 242 Agricultural characteristics of the inhabitants, 148 Amount contributed by the town during the war, 1861-65, 159 Anecdote of Rev. Mr. Cooke's canonicals lost, 82, 83 Answer of Rev. Thaddeus Fiske, to call for settlement, 1788, 106; his ordination, 107,123, 124 Antipedo-baptists, 48 Area of Second Parish in Cambridge, 110 Arlington, Advocate, newspaper, 164; Heights, 130, 163-165; celebration of change of name, remarks by Hon. Charles Sumner, 161, 162; Land Company, 163, 164; name of West Cambridge changed to, 4,160; Public Library, 142, 163, 165; Schools, 163, 165; Water Works, 162, 163 Autobiography of Rev. Samuel Cooke, 29, 31, 89-92 Baptists, 49, 86, 104-106, 125