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. Jan. 1792.  36John, b. Apr. 3, 1794.  37Gilbert, b. Dec. 21, 1795. 6-20Stephen Blanchard m. Elizabeth----, and had--  20-38Elizabeth, b. Jan. 14, 1789.  39Gair, b. Apr. 15, 1790.  40Hezekiah Blanchard m. Susanna----, and had--  40-41Susanna, b. Sept. 15, 1755; d. July 16, 1790.  42Hannah, b. Feb. 1, 1757; d. Aug. 17, 1797.  43Hezekiah, b. Sept. 3, 1758.  44Winifred, b. May 8, 1760; d. Jan. 15, 1790.  45Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1761.  46Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, 1762.   His wife dying Jan. 1, 1763, aged 31, he m., 2d, Sarah----, and had--  47Andrew, b. July 27, 1764; d. Sept. 19, 1766.   His wife d. Nov. 28, 1792. He d. Aug. 24, 1803, aged 76.  48CALEB Blanchard m. Lucy Hall, Mar. 2, 1788, and had--  48-48 1/2Lucy, b. July 28, 1788.  49Caleb, b. Apr. 10, 1790.  50David, b. Oct. 28, 1792.  51Sarah, b. June 25, 1795.  52Mary, b. Aug. 16, 1797.  53Hannah, b. July 19, 1799.  54Ebenezer Blanchard m. Mary Leathe, Dec. 1, 1766, and had--  54-55William, b. Apr
Hall, Jr. Benjamin, AbigailConcord, May, 1766Mar. 2, 1767 Berry, SamuelLexington, April, 1767May 1 6,     Mary (wife)    Samuel, Jr. Children    Thomas Children    Mary, Jr. Children    Hannah Children Bickford, ThomasNewbury, August, 1762Jan. 1, 1763 Billings, Capt. Roger    wife and childrenPreston, N. London Co., Ct., April 12, 1760Oct. 8, 1770Tenant of Col. Royall. Blacklock, MaryStoneham, Feb., 1766Sept. 1, 1766 Blacklock, MercyStoneham July 5, 1764In family of Samuel Page. Blanchard, CalebJan. 30, 1791Brick maker. Blanchard, EbenezerMaiden, Apr. 5, 1762Jan. 1, 1763In family of his brother Heze-kiah Blanchard. Blanchard, SamuelJan. 30, 1791 Blodget ElizabethBoston, Aug. 21, 1761May 14, 1762Maid-servant. Age 17. In service to Aaron Hall. Bodge, HenryJan. 30, 1791Cooper. Bond, JosephWatertown, May 12, 1773In house of Richard Creese. Bond, Anna (wife)    Joseph (child) Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks. Boyd, JohnCharlestown, Mar. 9, 1765
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 7., An eighteenth century enterprise. (search)
reenough, Andrew (Hall?)Boston, September, 1769Oct. 8, 1770In family of Andrew Hall. Greenough, JohnJan. 30, 1791 Hadley, AbigailStoneham, Aug. 23, 1766In family of Widow Sarah Connory. Hadley, David Son of Samuel.Stoneham, February, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Apprentice to Benj. Willis. Hadley, SamuelStoneham, Nov. 25, 1762Sept. 1, 1763Tenants of Ebenr Harriden.   Abigail (wife)   Antony.   Jonathan   Abigail   Moses   Hulda Hadley, Samuel, Jr.Stoneham, Apr. 6, 1768Tenant of Thos. Sprague  Col. Royall. Hair, JohnBoston,April 21, 1769Oct. 8, 1770 Hall, AndrewBoston,September, 1769.   (wife)   AbigailChildren And Andrew Greenough.   Elizabeth   Mary   Anna   Rebeckah   Eunice   Susannah Hall JohnPortsmouth,Apr. 14, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Single man. In employ of Col. Royall. Hall, JohnBoston,Oct. 7, 1766Mar. 2, 1767 Hall, JosephJan. 30, 1791Hatter.   Joseph PattenJan. 30, 1791 Hall, MosesAnnapolis, abt.Nov. 1, 1770Jan. 30, 1791Boarder in house of
family of Ebenezer Hall, Jr. Charlestown, abt. Oct. 15, 1770 Jackson, CharlesStoneham, Apr. 8, 1763Tenant of John Bishop.   Elizabeth (wife)   Anna (child) Jackson, CharlesChildren of Mrs. Jos. Stan-   Hannahyan. See Joseph Stanyan.   HannahStoneham, May, 1764Mar. 1, 1765Dau. of Hannah Stanyan. Jenkins, AbigailMaiden, Apr. 21, 1760In family of Hezikiah Blanchard. Jenks, RichardLynn, Apr. 2, 1764Journeyman. In family of Samuel Tilton. Jenks, Samuel, Capt.Chelsea, Feb. 1, 1762Jan. 1, 1763   Mary (wife) Johnson, ElizabethWoburnNov. 27, 1756Maid servant. See Jacob Bucknam. Johnson, HannahWoburn, June 16, 1758Nov. 27, 1758Dau. of Giles Johnson. Age 10 yrs. In family of Benj. Parker. Johnson, MaryAug. 31, 1797Widow of Henry Johnson. Johnson, ThomasBoston, Oct. 27, 1762Boarder in house of Samuel Hall. Jones, JohnConcord, Mar. 26, 1765Feb. 24, 1766Single. Husbandman. In employ of Isaac Royall. Jones, JonasAug. 31, 1797 Jones, JosephActon, Jan. 20, 1772In fami
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 7., Meeting-house brook and the second Meeting-house. (search)
her's lifetime recd £ 192. 19. 7 which is more than her share. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal of the Probate Office this fourth day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Six Oliver Prescott. Copy examined Attest James Winthrop Regr Strangers in Medford, (continued from Vol. 4, no. 3). Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks. Jones, RebeccaDec. 24, 1755In family of Benj. Hall. Jones, Capt. WilliamHolliston, Apr. 24, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Tavern keeper, Tenant of Col. Royall.   Sarah (wife)   Katharine Children   Abigail   Sarah   Frances   Ezra   William   Jesse Kemp, AmasaGroton, August 1765Feb. 24, 1766 Kendall, JesseWoburn, Apr. 11, 1754Son of Samuel Kendall.   wife and two child'n Kendall, JosephJan. 30, 1791Laborer. Killerin, AnnaBoston, Aug. 18, 1761May 14, 1762Age 4 yrs. Anna or Ann. Boarder in family of Jacob Hall. Knowland, Patrick1735 Lampson, Lapson. DavidCambridge, Apr. 1, 1765Feb.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., Strangers in Medford, (Continued from vol. 7, no. 4) (search)
Stephn Willis. Mayes, SusannaCharlestown.Age 18. In family of Samuel Angier, Jan. 7, 1771. May, ZebulonWoburn, Oct. 29, 1758Sept. 5, 1759In house of Capt. Isaac Forster. In house of William Tufts, Jr.    Martha (wife)Charlestown, Apr. 16, 1764Dec. 3, 1764    Mary (Children)    Martha(Children)    Lucy(Children)Born between 1758 and 1764    Abigail(Children)Born between 1758 and 1764    Zebulon(Children)Born between 1758 and 1764 McCarthy, Daniel, Jr.Concord, abt. July 1, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Child to nurse in family of John Hosmer. McCarthy, JohnBoston, Dec. 3, 1760 McClintock, WilliamTenant of Thomas Sprague. McClinton, Aaron      and daughterDec. 28, 1750 McClure, Benjamin Twin, Age, 4 years, son of Deacon John McClure of Boston, also written McCluer.Boston, Oct. 17, 1765Sept. 1, 1766In family of Wm. Falkner, McClure, JohnBoston, Apr. 8, 1763Nov. 30, 1763    Rachael (wife)    Rachael (Children)    Daniel(Children)    Thomas(Children)
ohnJan. 30, 1791 Rand, JosephJan. 30, 1791Trader. Rand, MaryJan. 30, 1791 Rand, Susanna (widow)Jan. 30, 1791 Reed, BenjaminAug. 31, 1797 Reed, JohnCharlestown, Mar. 30, 1762Apprentice to Samuel Hall.    John, Jr.Charlestown, Mar. 30, 1762Jan. 1, 1763 Reed, MaryWoburn, July, 1759Nov. 21, 1759Age 10. Bound out to Jas. Wyman. Reed, Sarah (wife of Joshua)Woburn, Mar. 13, 1755Mays, 1755See Sarah Dix. Reed, ReubenWoburn, April 17, 1769Single man. Farmer in employ of Col. I. Royal. Richards, 18 yrs. old to Zacheriah Pool, Jr. Richardson, HephzibahReading, Oct. 18, 1760Sept. 7, 1761Servant in family of Hezekiah Blanchard. Richardson, JamesJan. 30, 1791 Richardson, Capt. JeduthanAug. 31, 1797 Richardson, JoshuaWoburn, Feb., 1762Jan. 1, 1763 Richardson, Martin1735 Richardson, ReubenAug. 31, 1797 Richardson, SarahWoburn, Mar. 30, 1762Age 9, dau. of Hezekiah. In family of Richard Creese. Richardson, SarahBoston, June 17, 1762Apr. 11, 1763 1735Servant of Zach. Pool, Jr. Richar
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Strangers in Medford, (continued from Vol. 8, no. 4). (search)
an. In employ of Col. Royall. Robinson, EliasBorn in BostonMar. 22, 1779Child, alias Hill. Robinson, John       and wifeNov. 21, 1737 Robinson, MaryCharlestown, May, 1756Nov. 27. 1756In family of Jas. Budge. Ross, HannahStoneham, June, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Wife of George Ross. Rouse, BenjaminJan. 30, 1791Laborer. Russell, EstherBolton, Apr. 14, 1758In family of Z. Pool. Sables, JosephBoston, May, 1757Feb. 8, 1758Tenants of Fr'nc's Whitmore.        Martha (wife)        four children        Mof Robert Burns.        Hannah (wife)        and two children Still, PhoebeCharlestown, Nov. 19, 1760Sept. 7, 1761Age 4 years. Servant in family of Saml. Hall. Stocker, HannahLynn, Dec., 1765Nov. 8, 1766 Stocker, SamuelBoston, June 2, 1762Jan. 1, 1763        Mary (wife)        Samuel (child) Stoning, GeorgeDanvers, May 4, 1761Laborer on farm of Col. Royall. Storer, CharlesAug. 31, 1797 Stowers, SarahMalden abt. Nov. 1, 1766In family of He