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; and a tall mast was raised to George the Third, William Pitt, and Liberty. At night enormous bonfires blazed; and all was as loyal and happy, as though freedom had been brought back with ample pledges for her stay. The Assembly came together in the best spirit. They passed over the claims of Colden, Lieut. Gov. Colden to General Amherst, 24 June, 1766. who was held to have been the cause of his own griefs; but resolved by a majority of one to indemnify James. Colden to Conway, June, 1766. They also voted to raise on the Bowling Green an equestrian statue of George the Third, and a statue of William Pitt, twice the Preserver of his Country. But the clause of the Mutiny or Billeting Act, directing colonial legislatures to make specific contributions towards the support of the army, placed New-York, where the Headquarters were established, in the dilemma of submitting immediately and unconditionally to the authority of Parliament, or taking the lead in a new career of resist
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., Strangers in Medford, (continued from vol. 4, no. 2). (search)
rAug. 31, 1797 Convers, JamesAug. 31, 1797 Convers, JosephAug. 31, 1797 Cook, IsaacCharlestown,Mar., 1771In family of Nathan Tufts, Jr. Cook, Joseph   wife and childrenDec., 1759Taken in by Capt. Whitmore. Cook, Joseph, Jr.  Margery (wife)  a boyCambridge, May 10, 1756Nov. 27, 1756Tenant of Joseph Tufts. Cook, Joseph  Margery (wife)  Isaac   Abigail ChildrenCharlestown, May, 1759Nov. 21, 1759 Cook, Joseph  Isaac   Abigail Children  and the othersBowdoinham at the Eastward, May or June, 1766Nov. 8, 1766 Cook, LydiaFeb. 1, 1780 Cook, MaryCharlestown, Nov. 25, 1766May 16, 1767Young child in family of Benjamin Teel. Copeland, JamesAug. 31, 1797 Corey, ThomasJan. 30, 1791 Corrigell, James  Elizabeth (wife)Boston, July 2, 1760 Crane, DavidJan. 30, 1791 Cowen, ElizabethMaiden, Sept. 3, 1758Maid in family of Simon Tufts. Cozens, Nathaniel  Rebecca (wife)  and a childNov. 29, 1754 Cristie, MarthaNotice from Town of Boston, Aug. 27, 1803. Crocker, John and fa
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 7., An eighteenth century enterprise. (search)
JohnJan. 30, 1791 Hadley, AbigailStoneham, Aug. 23, 1766In family of Widow Sarah Connory. Hadley, David Son of Samuel.Stoneham, February, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Apprentice to Benj. Willis. Hadley, SamuelStoneham, Nov. 25, 1762Sept. 1, 1763Tenants of Ebenr Harriden.   Abigail (wife)   Antony.   Jonathan   Abigail   Moses   Hulda Hadley, Samuel, Jr.Stoneham, Apr. 6, 1768Tenant of Thos. Sprague   Rebecca (wife) Hains, AquilaBostonAug. 9, 1763A transient person. Hains, DorcasBoston,June, 1766Mar. 2, 1767Scotchman. Gardener. In employ of Col. Royall. Hair, JohnBoston,April 21, 1769Oct. 8, 1770 Hall, AndrewBoston,September, 1769.   (wife)   AbigailChildren And Andrew Greenough.   Elizabeth   Mary   Anna   Rebeckah   Eunice   Susannah Hall JohnPortsmouth,Apr. 14, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Single man. In employ of Col. Royall. Hall, JohnBoston,Oct. 7, 1766Mar. 2, 1767 Hall, JosephJan. 30, 1791Hatter.   Joseph PattenJan. 30, 1791 Hall, MosesAnna