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tions of the work. The precinct and town records have, of course, been much relied upon, and information from them, as well as from gravestones, is given, as far as practicable, in the phraseology originally used. The church records have been found invaluable. Rev. Mr. Cooke, first minister of the Precinct (1739-1783), was an admirable recorder, whose specialty was the church records, and the Precinct births, baptisms, marriages and deaths. The records by Rev. Dr. Fiske cover forty years (1788-1828). Care has been taken to make proper reference in the text to two valuable recent publications—those of Rev. Dr. Paige and Thomas B. Wyman—from which important facts have been derived. Reference is also made to these works when further information on the subject may there be obtained. The author is greatly indebted to John B. Russell, Esq., a native of the town, now of New Jersey, for many important and interesting statements and reminiscences. He is also under obligations to Mr. B.
b. 13, died Miss Elizabeth Cooke of a consumption, aged 38. 1786, Sept. 22, died Miss Elizabeth Hall, aged 19 yrs. 1787, June 23, died Mrs. Anna Hall, 44. 1788, March 9, died Mrs. Sally Burr. 1789, Sept. 11, died Mr. Ezekiel Hall, aged 48 yrs. 1793, Jan. 24, Monday, 1/2 past four o'clock, P. M., died Mrs. Hannah G. Mr. Joshua Paine was chosen for their minister, with a second unsuccessful result. Mr. Paine, H. U. 1784, became minister of Charlestown, ordained 1787, and died 1788. Mr. Burr was Tutor H. U. 1786-1787, and ordained 1787 minister at Sandwich. 1787 Mr. Thaddeus Fiske began to preach here. From the Records of the Second ay be enabled to appear, and say, here, Lord, am I, and here are the souls which thou hast given me! Thaddeus Fiske. Continuation from Church Records: 1788, March 9. At a meeting of the Church held this day, 1st. Voted to choose a committee of the church to wait on the Rev. Mr. Fiske to consult with him what churche
or past services), 1782-84. Walter Russell, 1773-81. John Cutter, Jr., 1786-88. Samuel Locke, 1789-1805. Thomas Russell, J., 1806, 1807. Precinct Treas, 1762-67—thanked, 1767, treasurer five years. Continued in office, 1768-81. In 1788 compensation was allowed him for 19 years service as Treasurer. Lieut. Samuel. Samuel Whittemore, Jr., 1786 (1787—excused). Samuel Locke, 1787—refused; 1788—excused. Jeduthun Wellington, 1787-92. Ebenezer Hall, 1793-1807. Precinthun Wellington, 1782. Jonathan Perry, 1783, 1790, 1791. Seth Stone, 1784, 1788 (The collectorship set up at vendue, 1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch Wellington, 1787. Eben'r Hall (collector for Mr. Fiske's settlement), 1788. Noah Russell, 1789, 1804, 1805. George Prentice, 1792, 1795-1801, 1806, 1807. 1788. Noah Russell, 1789, 1804, 1805. George Prentice, 1792, 1795-1801, 1806, 1807. Samuel Hunt, 1793. Lieut. James Russell, 1794. Ebenezer Cutter, 1802. Ebenezer Thompson, 1803. Principal town officers of West Cambridge, 1807-1867.
. 1777. He d. 7 June, 1811, a. 58. He was Pct. clerk, 1786-88. Had Lucy, b. 23 Feb. 1777, m. first Aaron Dickson, 21 Nov.irst Ch. Rec. Walter the father was selectman of Camb. 1786-88, 1791-92. A child from Boston nursed at Walter D.'s, d. 15 Ojoyed his full share of their regards and affections. In 1788, the Rev. Mr. Fiske became a member of the Board of OverseeAug. 1780. Ephraim the father was selectman of Camb. 1783-1788; Pct. committeeman, 1776-85; Pct. assessor, 1776-85, 1794. assessor, 1798-1800; collector for Mr. Fiske's settlement, 1788. 5. Thomas, prob. s. of Thomas (3), d. 18 May, 1823, a.He was a selectman of Camb. 1777, 1778, and assessor 1778, 1788. 1789; was captain of the company of Menotomy minute-men inbap. here 21 Dec. 1777. Family at Charlestown with sm.—pox 1788–Wyman, 765. Pomroy, Robert, of Bedford, m. Elizabeth Hasitia; Selectman, after 1780, 18 yrs.; Representative, after 1788, 9 yrs. He was Pct. committeeman, 1786-90, 1797-1801; Pct.
f births, &c, 1739-1783, 101, 102 Act for establishing Fire Department, 155 Action of the town during last war with Great Britain, 136 Adams's (Capt.) company in French War, 36, 37, 184 Admissions to, and dismissions from the Church, 101, 123, 125, 242 Agricultural characteristics of the inhabitants, 148 Amount contributed by the town during the war, 1861-65, 159 Anecdote of Rev. Mr. Cooke's canonicals lost, 82, 83 Answer of Rev. Thaddeus Fiske, to call for settlement, 1788, 106; his ordination, 107,123, 124 Antipedo-baptists, 48 Area of Second Parish in Cambridge, 110 Arlington, Advocate, newspaper, 164; Heights, 130, 163-165; celebration of change of name, remarks by Hon. Charles Sumner, 161, 162; Land Company, 163, 164; name of West Cambridge changed to, 4,160; Public Library, 142, 163, 165; Schools, 163, 165; Water Works, 162, 163 Autobiography of Rev. Samuel Cooke, 29, 31, 89-92 Baptists, 49, 86, 104-106, 125,133,176, 176 Baptist Societ