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scendants of its present owner. Post-office. By examination of the books rescued from the fire of 1836 at Washington, it appears that the first office established in Medford was in September, 1797. The first office was on the spot now occupied by the town-house. The post-masters have been as follows:-- Samuel Buel,appointedSept. 1797 William Rogers, jun.,July 21, 1813 William Rogers,Oct. 20, 1818 Luther Angier,May 17, 1828 Samuel S. Green, jun.,April 6, 1839 Luther Angier,April 8, 1841 Samuel S. Green,July 19, 1845 Alexander Gregg,July 30, 1847 James T. Floyd, jun.,May 29, 1849 James C. Winneck (the present incumbent),Aug. 23, 1853 A post-office was established in West Medford in 1853, and its daily mail is an increasing benefit to a growing village. The first postmaster was James M. Sanford; the second, Thaddeus A. Baldwin; and the third, the present one, is Franklin Patch. Taverns. For more than a hundred years, all the land travel to Boston from Main
wish that his life may be prolonged to do good; that the infirmities of age may rest upon him with joy and hope. And that many blessings and comforts may attend him in his retirement from his pastoral labors among us. West Cambridge, May 14, 1828. 1828, May 26. Mr. Miles Gardner chosen Deacon. After the death of Dea. John Adams, Ephraim Cutter assisted Dea. Frost in his duties, and, at some time not recorded, was chosen deacon and served as such till his death, March 31, 1841. [Apr. 8, 1841. Voted that Bros. Emerson Parks and Henry Whittemore make provision for the communion and till a deacon or deacons be chosen.] 1829, May 20. Frederic H. Hedge ordained minister of Church and Parish, West Cambridge. Dismissed March 9, 1835. A few more particulars, from the records, regarding Dr. Hedge's ministry are inserted in a note. The Rev. Frederic Henry Hedge was ordained minister of the Congregational Church and Parish in West Cambridge, May 20, 1829. The churches in
.—Camb.—had Sarah, bap. in this Pct. 30 July, 1775; Polly, m. Samuel Frost Wyman, 10 Nov. 1796; Eu- nice, m. Ephraim Cook, 3d, 7 May, 1807. Joshua, bro. of Stephen (1), m. Mara Cooper, 23 May, 1791. See Paige, 621; Wyman, 725. Pamelia A., m. William L. Clark, 17 May, 1840. Park, and Parks, Dolly, m. Benjamin Putnam, 21 Aug. 1803. Emerson, had Henry, d. 29 July, 1835, a. 14; Alfred, bap. 28 Nov. 1824; Sarah Ann, bap. 1 Oct. 1826. Emerson was chosen deacon of the ch. (provisionally) 8 Apr. 1841. Parker, Ebenezer, of Stoneham. m. Anna Williams, of Camb., 25 Oct. 1749—fee 20s. Anna—late Williams—was dism. from this ch. to Stoneham, 7 Apr. 1754. Henry, of Woburn, m. Abigail Hutchinson, of Charlestown, 28 May, 1807. See Wyman, 728. John, of Brighton, m. Harriet Maria Green, 6 May, 1813. Lydia, of Lexington, m. Isaac Herrick, of Brighton, 20 July, 1815. Eliza-Beth, m. Henry Swan, 27 Aug. 1815. Alice, d. 24 Feb. 1817, a. 51. Rebecca, of Harvard, m. James Cutter, Sen. (p