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, as among those to whom they are indebted for assistance and attention. All of which is respectfully submitted. B. F. Wade, D. W. Gooch. Adopted by the committee as their report. B. F. Wade, Chairman. testimony. Cairo, Illinois, April 22, 1864. Brigadier-General Mason Brayman sworn and examined by the Chairman. Question. What is your rank and position in the service? Answer. Brigadier-General of volunteers; have been in command of the district of Cairo since March nineteenth, 1864. Question. What was the extent of your district when you assumed command, and what your available force? Answer. The river, from Paducah to Island Number10, inclusive, about one hundred and sixty miles, and adjacent portions of Tennessee and Kentucky. My available force for duty, as appears from tri-monthly report of March twentieth, as follows: Paducah, officers and men,408 Cairo, and men,231 Columbus, and men,998 Hickman, and men,51 Island No.10, and men,162 Union Ci
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Bache, Franklin, 1792-1864 (search)
Bache, Franklin, 1792-1864 Chemist; born in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 25, 1792; became Professor of Chemistry at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and at the Philadelphia Medical College; published System of Chemistry for students of Medicic, and was associated with Professor Wood in compiling Dispensatory of the United States. He died in Philadelphia, Pa., March 19, 1864.
r, A. and Ins.-Genl., Richmond, Va.: General Beauregard left 28th ultimo for Florida. General Gardner, in command there, reports that General Gillmore is now in chief command; that he is being reinforced; has retired to Jacksonville, which he is fortifying; but appearances all indicate another attempt to advance in heavier force soon. Large number of transports reported at St. John's Bar with troops. We occupy Baldwin. Thomas Jordan, Chief of Staff. Telegram. Charleston, S. C., March 19th, 1864. General G. T. Beauregard, Baldwin, Fla.: I telegraphed you last night of orders received from Richmond of sweeping away four regiments and eight companies of cavalry from your Department. It will be needless to apply then for delay of Miller's battalions. Some prominent Carolinians will interpose; but I doubt their success. Thomas Jordan, Chief of Staff. Battle of Ocean Pond, Florida. Report of General Beauregard. Headquarteris, Department S. C., Ga., and Fla., Charle
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, California, 1864 (search)
1864 Jan. 2: Occ. of Santa Catalina IslandCALIFORNIA--4th Infantry (Co. "C"). Feb. 29: Skirmish, Redwood CreekCALIFORNIA--1st Battalion Mountaineers (Co. "A"). March 1: Skirmish, Redwood MtsCALIFORNIA--1st Battalion Mountaineers (Detachment). March 17: Skirmish on Red Mountain near Blue Rock StationCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Co. "D"). March 19: Skirmish, Eel RiverCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Detachment Co. "D"). March 22: Skirmish, Bald Spring Canon, Eel RiverCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Co. "D"). March 27: Skirmish, Eel RiverCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Co. "D"). April 28: Skirmish, Big Bend, Eel RiverCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Detachment Co. "D"). April 28: Skirmish, Eel RiverCALIFORNIA--2d Infantry (Detachment Co. "D"). May 1: Affair, Booth's RanchCALIFORNIA--6th Infantry (Detachment Co. "E"). May 2: Skirmish, Kneeland's PrairieCALIFORNIA--6th Infantry (Detachment Co. "E"). May 6: Skirmish, Boynton's PrairieCALIFORNIA--1st Battalion Mountaineers (Co. "B"). May 26: Skirmish, Grouse Cree
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Kentucky, 1864 (search)
NOIS--58th Infantry. Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded, 14 missing. Total, 16. Jan. 12: Skirmish, Marshall(No Reports.) Jan. 13: Skirmish, Ragland's MillsKENTUCKY--45th Infantry (Detachment). Jan. 27: Affair, Cumberland River(No Details.) Feb. 8: Skirmish, BarboursvilleOHIO--129th Infantry. Feb. 22: Raid on Mayfield(No Reports.) March 6: Affair, ColumbusTENNESSEE--2d Heavy Arty., African descent (Co. "E"). March 10: Raid on Clinton(No Reports.) March 10: Raid on Mayfield(No Reports.) March 19: Skirmish, Cumberland RiverKENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment). March 22: Affair, Fancy Farms(No Reports.) March 25: Action, Fort Anderson, PaducahILLINOIS--122d Infantry (Co's "C," "H," "K"). KENTUCKY--16th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--8th Colored Heavy Arty.; Gunboats "Paw Paw" and "Peosta." Union loss, 14 killed, 16 wounded. Total, 30. March 27: Skirmish, ColumbusNEW JERSEY--34th Infantry. UNITED STATES--3d Colored Infantry. March 28-April 16: Operations in Eastern KentuckyKENTUCKY--14th,
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Louisiana, 1864 (search)
--Battery "L," 1st Arty.; Battery "G," 5th Arty.; 73d, 75th, 84th, 92d, 97th and 99th Colored Infantry. March 15: Skirmish, Marksville PrairieLOUISIANA--1st Cavalry. March 16: Occupation of AlexandriaILLINOIS--47th, 49th, 58th, 117th and 119th Infantry. INDIANA--3d and 9th Indpt. Batteries Light Arty.; 89th Infantry. IOWA--3d, 14th, 27th, 32d and 35th Infantry. MINNESOTA--5th Infantry. MISSOURI--21st, 24th and 33d Infantry. NEW YORK--178th Infantry. WISCONSIN--8th, 14th and 33d Infantry. March 19: Skirmish, Black BayouWISCONSIN--4th Cavalry. March 20: Skirmish, Pass ManchacUNITED STATES--10th Colored Heavy Arty. March 20: Skirmish, Bayou RapidesILLINOIS--2d Cavalry. INDIANA--16th Mounted Infantry. LOUISIANA--2d Mounted Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--2d Battery Light Arty.; 31st Mounted Infantry. MISSOURI--6th Cavalry. NEW YORK--14th Cavalry. March 21: Affair, Henderson's Hill, Bayou RapidesILLINOIS--47th Infantry. INDIANA--9th Indpt. Battery Light Arty.; 16th (Mounted) and 89th Infantr
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Missouri, 1864 (search)
-11th Cavalry. March 6: Affair, Island No. 10NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Co. "C"). March 16-25: Scout from Pilot Knob to Ark. line and skirmishesMISSOURI--3d State Militia Cavalry (Detachment). March 17-Apr. 1: Scout from Lebanon into Northern Ark. and skirmishesMISSOURI--8th State Militia Cavalry (Co. "G"). March 18: Scout from Island No. 10LOUISIANA--7th Colored Infantry (Detachment). MISSOURI--1st Cavalry (Detachment); 2d Heavy Arty. (Detachment). NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Co. "C"). March 19: Skirmish, Oregon CountyMISSOURI--3d State Militia Cavalry. March 19-22: Scout from LexingtonMISSOURI--1st State Militia Cavalry. March 20-30: Scouts in Jackson and LaFayette Counties and skirmishesMISSOURI--1st State Militia Cavalry (Detachments). March 27: Affair, Deep Water TownshipMISSOURI--1st State Militia Cavalry (Detachments). March 30: Affair near GreentonMISSOURI--1st State Militia Cavalry (Co. "F"). April 1: Affair near BloomfieldMISSOURI--2d State Militia Cavalry (Detachmen
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Tennessee, 1864 (search)
OURI--4th Cavalry. NEW JERSEY--2d Cavalry; 34th and 35th Infantry. NEW YORK--17th Veteran Infantry. OHIO--72d Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--19th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--6th, 7th and 13th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--25th and 32d Infantry. UNITED STATES--6th and 8th Colored Heavy Arty. March 17: Skirmish, WinchesterTENNESSEE--5th Cavalry. March 18: Scout from Island No. 10 to New Madrid, Mo.LOUISIANA--7th Colored Infantry (Detachment). MISSOURI--1st Cavalry (Detachment). NEW JERSEY--34th Infantry (Co. "B"). March 19: Skirmish, Beersheeba SpringsTENNESSEE--5th Cavalry. March 21: Skirmish, ReynoldsburgTENNESSEE--7th Cavalry (Detachment). March 24: Action, Union CityTENNESSEE--7th Cavalry. Union loss, 1 wounded, 450 captured and missing. Total, 451. March 27: Affair, Louisville(No Reports.) March 28: Skirmish, Obey's RiverKENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment). March 29: Skirmish near BolivarTENNESSEE--6th Cavalry. Union loss, 8 killed, 35 wounded, 30 missing. Total, 73. March 29-31: Scout from Lookout
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Texas, 1864 (search)
le Battery Light Artillery; 77th Infantry. INDIANA--67th Infantry. KENTUCKY--19th Infantry. MAINE--13th Infantry. MISSOURI--Battery "F," 1st Light Artillery (Detachment). WISCONSIN--23d Infantry. Feb. 7: Affair, Caney Bayou(No Details.) Feb. 11: Affair, LamarIOWA--22d Infantry (Detachment). Feb. 22: Affair, IndianolaDetachment Mounted Infantry. March 13: Skirmish, Los PatriciosTEXAS--Unionists. March 16: Action, Santa RosaTEXAS--2d Cavalry. March 17: Affair, Corpus ChristiU. S. Navy. March 19: Attack on LaredoConfederate Reports. March 21: Affair, Velasco(No Reports.) March 24: Affair, Corpus ChristiIOWA--22d Infantry (Detachment). April 12-13: Expedition up Matagorda BayU. S. Gunboats and Detachment Infantry. May 11-14: Expedition from Brazos SantiagoINDIANA--34th Infantry. TEXAS--2d Cavalry. UNITED STATES--62d Colored Infantry. June 15: Evacuation of Pass CavalloILLINOIS--99th Infantry. June 19: Affair, Eagle PassTEXAS--Unionists. June 25: Skirmish, Rancho Las RinasTEXA
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1864 (search)
Scout from Bristoe Station to GreenwichPENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry. March 16: Affair, Annandale(No Reports.) Union loss, 2 killed. March 16: Skirmish, Bristoe StationPENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry. March 16-18: Reconnoissance toward Snicker's GapCONNECTICUT--18th Infantry. March 17-18: Reconnoissance to SperryvilleNEW YORK--6th and 9th Cavalry (Detachments). March 17-21: Expedition into Matthews and Middlesex CountiesPENNSYLVANIA--11th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--4th and 6th Colored Infantry. March 19: Scout to Salem and Orleans Counties(No Reports.) March 22: Skirmish, WinchesterPENNSYLVANIA--14th Cavalry. March 28: Scout in Gloucester County(No Reports.) March 28-29: Scouts to Aldie and MiddleburgPENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry. March 30: Capture of Cherry GroveNaval Brigade, Boats from "Commodore Barney." April 1: Skirmish, Fremont's FordPENNSYLVANIA--54th Infantry. April 1: Skirmish, Rappahannock RiverCONNECTICUT--1st Cavalry. Union loss, 4 wounded, 2 missing. Total, 6. April 8: Sk
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