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its immaturity, demand for its treatment thoughtful hesitation as well as fullness of knowledge. Should I be living when the work is at length complete, I may submit a survey of its nature. progress, and results: meantime, I will only avow my undoubting faith that the same Divine Benignity which has guided our country through perils more palpable if not more formidable, will pilot her safely, even though slowly, through those which now yawn before her, land bring her at last into the haven of perfect Peace, genuine Fraternity, and everlasting Union--a Peace grounded on reciprocal esteem; a Fraternity based on sincere, fervent love of our common country; and a Union cemented by hearty and general recognition of the truth, that the only abiding security for the cherished rights of any is to be found in a full and hearty recognition of Human Brotherhood as well as State sisterhood — in the establishment and assured maintenance of All Rights for All. H. G. New York, July 21, 1866.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Cobden Club, (search)
Cobden Club, A club instituted in London for the purpose of putting into practical application the principles of Richard Cobden. Its first annual dinner was held July 21, 1866, with William E. Gladstone in the chair. Its active membership includes many of the best-known statesmen of Great Britain, and among its honorary members are quite a number of well-known Americans, several of whom have been subjected to severe political criticism because of their connection with the club.
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Nevada Volunteers. (search)
, till July, 1864. Expedition from Fort Churchill to Humboldt River, Nevada, June 8-August 9, 1864. Duty scouting in the Smoke Creek District (Co. D ). Companies C and F ordered to Camp Douglass, near Salt Lake City, Utah, July 28, 1864. Companies D and E remained at Fort Churchill, operating in Humboldt District till muster out. Expedition to Pyramid Lake and Walker's Lake March 12-19, 1865 (Cos. D, E ). Skirmish at Mud Lake March 14, 1865 (Cos. D, E ). Mustered out July 21, 1866. 1st Nevada Battalion Infantry. Organized at Fort Churchill, California, December 24, 1863. Attached to District of California, Dept. of the Pacific. Company A on duty at Fort Churchill till July 28, 1864. Moved to Smoky Creek Region July 28, returning to Fort Churchill October 23, 1864, and duty there till December, 1865. Expedition from Fort Churchill to Pyramid Lake and Walker's Lake March 12-19, 1865. Company B at Fort Churchill till July 28, 1864. Ordered to
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, United States Veteran Volunteers. (search)
1st United States Veteran Volunteers Regiment Infantry. Organized at Washington, D. C., December 24, 1864, to March 1, 1865. Attached to Hancock's 1st Veteran Corps March, 1865. 1st Brigade, 1st Veteran Corps, to April, 1865. 2nd Brigade, Provisional Division, Army of the Shenandoah, to June, 1865. Middle Department to July, 1866. Service. Duty at Washington, D. C., in the Shenandoah Valley and in the Middle Department till July, 1866. Mustered out January 10 to July 21, 1866. 2nd United States Veteran Volunteers Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp Stoneman, D. C., January to March, 1865. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Veteran Corps, to June, 1865. District of New York, Dept. of the East, to August, 1866. Mustered out August 1, 1866. 3rd United States Veteran Volunteers Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp Stoneman, D. C., February to March, 1865. Attached to 2nd Brigade, Provisional Division, Army of the Shenandoah, to J
Edward L. Pierce, Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner: volume 4, Chapter 51: reconstruction under Johnson's policy.—the fourteenth amendment to the constitution.—defeat of equal suffrage for the District of Columbia, and for Colorado, Nebraska, and Tennessee.—fundamental conditions.— proposed trial of Jefferson Davis.—the neutrality acts. —Stockton's claim as a senator.—tributes to public men. —consolidation of the statutes.—excessive labor.— address on Johnson's Policy.—his mother's death.—his marriage.—1865-1866. (search)
States. The House by ordering the previous question cut off Boutwell's amendment for equal suffrage, and under the fervor inspired by the stubborn loyalty of a large portion of the inhabitants passed almost unanimously the resolution for the admission. Sumner contended in the Senate that the admission would be premature, as the rebel spirit was still controlling large districts; and further, that the denial of equal suffrage to the colored people made the constitution unrepublican. July 21, 1866; Works, vol. x. pp. 490-494. He insisted on an inquiry into the loyalty of D. T. Patterson when his credentials as senator from Tennessee were presented, July 26. Works, vol. x. pp. 502, 503. The Senate yielded to his criticisms of the preamble, but only three senators—Brown, Pomeroy, and Wade-joined him in insisting on equal suffrage as a condition. His earnestness did not bring his own colleague to his side. Wilson gave his reasons, Dec. 19, 1866 (Congressional Globe, p. 192),
evet Major, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Major, 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery, May 24, 1865. Mustered out, Sept. 25, 1865. Second Lieutenant, 1st U. S. Infantry, Oct. 16, 1867. Brevet Captain, U. S. Army, Oct. 16, 1867. Unassigned, Apr. 8, 1869. Assigned to 21st U. S. Infantry, Aug. 3, 1870. First Lieutenant, May 19, 1874. Regimental Adjutant, Oct. 1, 1880, to Oct. 14, 1882. Died, July 17, 1883. Pike, Albert field. Born in Massachusetts. Second Lieutenant, 5th U. S. Artillery, July 21, 1866. Transferred to 3d U. S. Artillery, Oct. 23, 1866. First Lieutenant, 3d U. S. Artillery, July 9, 1868. Died, May 21, 1875. Pineo, Peter. Born in Nova Scotia. Major, Surgeon, 9th Mass. Infantry, June 11, 1861. Discharged, Aug. 26, 1861. Major, Brigade Surgeon, U. S. Volunteers, Aug. 3, 1861. Lieut. Colonel and Medical Inspector, Feb. 9, 1863. Mustered out, Oct. 31, 1865. Died at West Somerville, Mass., Oct. 2, 1891. Plummer, Joseph Bennett. See General Officers. Pomr