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leading from Menotomy to Convers Mill in the township of Woburn, both in the Ancient road where Wheeler his mill formerly stood, and also the road leading through Adams his gate, leading by Mr. Jonathan Dunster over Mistick River, at a place commonly called the Wears. And we do judge it most convenient for the publick and least prejudicial to any private person, that said ancient road leading by said mill, cannot reasonably be made passable, but that the road leading from Adams his gate, is the most advantagious for the publick and least prejudicial to any particular person. And that the said road should be continued as it is now improved, allowing three his farm. . . . The Court thereupon issues an order for a jury to lay out the said highway, and on Oct. 25, 1709, the jury submitted their report: Beginning at Adams his gate in said Menotomy, allowing three rods in breadth to the Wares, in the same place where the road now lyeth and hath been for a long time improved, . . . an
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tions of money and collections of books, and that said committee should possess discretionary power (subject to the fundamental principle of the Library) to accept or reject such books as should be offered for gift or deposit, and to act until in a meeting of the subscribers, a set of rules be formed and the proper officers be chosen by them for managing the concerns of the Institution.—The committee chosen were (from the Church) Brothers Jonathan Porter, Nathaniel Hall, Jonathan Brooks, Nathan Adams, John Symmes, jr., and (from the Cong.) Messrs. Dudley Hall, Turrell Tufts, Abner Bartlett, Joseph Swan, Ebenezer Hall, jr., and Isaac Sprague. The meeting was then dissolved. This last date, as you see, was September, 1825. I have been unable, as yet, to find any report of that committee as to the success of their mission; but there is in the possession of the Public Library the financial record of the Medford Social Library, from April, 1826, to January, 1856, at which latter da
his niece thought he was intoxicated. To my look of astonishment, he responded, Well, it was not quite so bad as that. One day I happened to be present when he returned from a fishing-trip at Phillips Beach. He had for a companion the late Rev. Dr. Adams, an eminent divine of New York City. Replying to my question of What luck? he said, It beat all (a favorite expression of his). The cod and haddock were so thick swimming about the boat that you could scoop them up with your hands. The surprised look of Dr. Adams I shall never forget, but it did not induce the Deacon to qualify his description. He told me one day of his experience in haying. He said that in the morning there were indications of thunder-storms, and having considerable hay mown, he was determined to get it in, if possible, before it rained. He said it beat all how hard he worked. He succeeded in housing the hay, but was completely drenched with perspiration, and when he took off his clothes he threw his shirt