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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 7. (ed. Frank Moore), A friendly interview between pickets. (search)
and we may know each other better. He had taken from his pocket a small pocket-Bible, in which to write the address, when Alex.----, who had taken no part in the conversation, fairly yelled: I know that book! I lost it at Bull Bun! That's where I got it, Mr. Yank, said the rebel, and he handed it to Alex. I am much obliged to you, Georgia Legion, for I wouldn't part with it for all the Southern Confederacy. I was a little curious to know something further of the book, so I asked Alex. to lAlex. to let me see it. He passed it to me. I opened it, and on the fly-leaf saw written in a neat hand: My Christmas-gift, to Alex.----, December 25th, 1860. Ella. Well, Alex., said I, it's not often one has the same gift presented to him a second time. TrAlex.----, December 25th, 1860. Ella. Well, Alex., said I, it's not often one has the same gift presented to him a second time. True, Captain; and if I could but see the giver of that to-day, there's but one other gift I would want. What's that, Alex.? This rebellion played out, and my discharge in my pocket. The boys had all been busily talking to our rebel friend, who, s
Mr. John M. Clayton, of Delaware, from that Committee, reported it with amendments establishing Territorial Governments also for New Mexico and California. An original feature of this bill was a proposition embodied therein that all questions concerning Slavery in those Territories be referred directly to the arbitration of the Supreme Court of the United States. This measure passed the Senate by the strong vote of 33 Yeas to 22 Nays — all from Free States--but, on its reaching the House, Mr. Alex. II. Stephens, of Georgia, moved that it do lie on the table, which prevailed; Yeas 112 (30 of them Democrats from Free States; 8 Whigs from Slave States; and 74 Whigs from Free States); Nays 97; (21 Democrats from Free States, with all the Democrats, and all but 8, as aforesaid, of the Whigs, from Slave States). As the Court was then constituted, there was little room for doubt that its award would have been favorable to Slavery Extension; hence this vote. Mr. Clayton's Compromise, thus
ion of the Protective system, 89; 122; 147; 234; his foreign policy, 264-5; his opinion of the nature of a contract, 358; allusion to, 426; allusion to in a Message of Jeff. Davis, 497. Jenkins, Col., surprises Guyandotte, Va., 526. Johnson, Alex. B., speech of, at Albany, 389-90; effect of his sentiments on the Rebels, 396. Johnson, Andrew, of Tenn., voted for in Charleston Convention, 317; speaks in favor of the Union in the Senate, 402; burnt in effigy at Memphis, 407; offers a resolieve Sumter, 412; seized at Indianola, 413. St. Charles, Mo., Lovejoy mobbed at, 137. Steadman, Capt., of S. C., Port Royal, 605. Steedman, Col., crosses into Virginia, 521. Stein, Gen-., one of Jackson's Brigadiers, 574. Stephens, Alex. H., 191; 233; opposes the Nebraska bill, 234; Union Speech before the Legislature, 342 to 344; votes against Secession, 347; elected Vice-President of the Confederacy, 415; speech at Savannah, 416 to 418; view of the Confederacy, 438; 477. St
under command of Gens. Burnside and Hooker, 342 to 375; reorganized under Meade, 564; end of Grant's campaign of 1864 and losses of the, 597 Arnold, Gen., occupies Pensacola, 459. arson, during N. York and Brooklyn riots, 505. Asboth, Gen. Alex., 28-9; at Pea Ridge, 30. Ashby, Gen. Turner, killed, 137. Atchafalaya river, Col. Bailey constructs a bridge over the, 551; Banks's army retreats across the, 551. Atlanta, Campaign of Sherman. 625; route of his advance to, 627; defen; at Nashville, 684. Hatcher's Run, Hancock advances to, 595. Hatton, Gen. Robt. (Rebel), killed, 158. Hawes, Richard, appointed Rebel Provisional Governor of Kentucky, 217. Hawkins, Col. R. C., at Roanoke Island, 76; 79. Hayes, Gen. Alex., killed at the Wilderness, 569. Hayti recognized as a Republic, 265. Hazen, Gen., with Sherman on his great march, 689; storms Fort McAllister, 693. Heintzelman, Gen., commands a corps in Army of the Potomac. 108; at Yorktown, 120; in
k Birney's Third 9 229 238 61st Pennsylvania Getty's Sixth 19 218 237 11th Pennsylvania Robinson's First 12 224 236 48th New York Terry's Tenth 18 218 236 45th Pennsylvania Potter's Ninth 13 214 227 121st New York Wright's Sixth 13 213 226 27th Michigan Willcox's Ninth 10 215 225 2d Michigan Willcox's Ninth 11 214 225 100th Pennsylvania Stevenson's Ninth 16 208 224 8th Michigan Willcox's Ninth 11 212 223 2d Vermont Getty's Sixth 6 215 221 111th New York Hays's(Alex.) Second 8 212 220 18th U. S. Infantry Johnson's Fourteenth 9 209 218 9th Illinois Dodge's Sixteenth 5 211 216 22d Massachusetts Griffin's Fifth 9 207 216 5th Vermont Getty's Sixth 11 202 213 148th Pennsylvania Barlow's Second 12 198 210 9th Massachusetts Griffin's Fifth 15 194 209 81st Pennsylvania Barlow's Second 18 190 208 7th Michigan Gibbon's Second 11 197 208 55th Pennsylvania Ames's Tenth 7 201 208 17th Maine Birney's Third 12 195 207 3d Vermont Getty's
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Sketch of Third Battery of Maryland Artillery. (search)
r Burwick's bay, if there is sufficient water for us to get there. There is a fleet of Federal gunboats there, among which we will have some fun. I find Captain McCloskey much of a gentleman. How do you get on with sassafras tea and bull now? I suspect you will scarcely make a shadow when I see you. Our bill of fare consists of bacon, fat beef, venison steak, eggs, biscuit, and strong green tea. I hope we will get some coffee soon. Tell Major Clark if he wants a horse, he can have Alex. until I come back. Should any letters have come for me, please forward them and write me at this place, to which we will return from Burwick's bay. General E. Kirby Smith arrived here the other day. I saw him at church yesterday. Major Brown is not with him. Excuse a longer letter. This is such a bad pen. I am horrified at my own writing. It would disgrace John B. Rowan or Ferd. Claiborne. Remember me to Ritter, Claiborne, Franklin, Tinley, Halbrook, and all friends. Very trul
ndependent American Powers south of our Confederacy, with all of whom it is our interest and earnest wish to maintain the most cordial and friendly relations, I suggest the expediency of making the necessary appropriations for that purpose. Having been officially notified by the public authorities of the State of Virginia that she had withdrawn from the Union and desired to maintain the closest political relations with us which it was possible at this time to establish, I commissioned the Hon. Alex. II. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederate States, to represent this government at Richmond. I am happy to inform you that he has concluded a convention with the State of Virginia, by which that honored Commonwealth, so long and justly distinguished among her sister States, and so dear to the hearts of thousands of her children in the Confederate States, has united her power and her fortunes with ours and become one of us. This convention, together with the ordinance of Virgini
Turner, Mrs. Frank12 Austin Street Twombly, Mrs. Susan F.19 Greenville Street Tufts, Mrs. Charlotte 85 Mt. Vernon Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert A.59 Preston Road Wait, Miss Lizzie22 Webster Street Warren, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.25 Dell Street Watt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Miss Grace E.32 Vinal Avenue Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.23 Summit Avenue Wellman, Mrs. E. F. 13 Hamlet Street Whipple, Miss H. J. 20 Prospect-hill Avenue Mrs. Alex29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Miss Grace E.32 Vinal Avenue Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.23 Summit Avenue Wellman, Mrs. E. F. 13 Hamlet Street Whipple, Miss H. J. 20 Prospect-hill Avenue Whitcher, Miss L. A. Hotel Woodbridge Whitney, Mrs. M. A.47 Mt. Vernon Street Whitney, Mrs. R. C.28 Highland Avenue Wilder, Mrs. A. M.40 Harvard Street Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. I. H.22 Pearl Street Williams, Miss Angelia 108 Cross Street Williams, Charles, Jr.1 Arlington Street Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.137 Highland Avenue Wiswell, Joseph 22 Webster Street Wright, Mr. and Mrs. H. E.31 Pearl Street Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.35 Bartlett Street
h, James D. Secret service of the Confederate States in Europe, rev. of. H. C. Lodge. Atlantic, vol. 53, p. 260. — Secret service of the Confederate States in Europe, rev. of. With outline. N. Y. Nation, vol. 37, p. 377. Bullock, Hon. Alex. H., Speaker of the House, Legislature of Massachusetts. Address at opening of special session; text, with text of Gov. Andrew's message, largely treating of military matters. Boston Evening Journal, Nov. 11, 1863, p. 2, cols. 3-5. Bull Ru1, p. 645. Rice, Geo. H., of Chelsea, Mass. Petition for his exchange, after two years imprisonment in Texas, and mention of his gallant behavior when acting master on the Morning Light. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 2, p. 340. Rice, Hon. Alex. H. Report in full of speech on the state of the Union, in House of Representatives, Feb. 26, 1861. Boston Evening Journal, March 12, 1861, p. 4, cols. 4-6. Rice, Lieut.-col. Edmund, 19th Regt. M. V. I. Capture and escape, May, 1864. Bos
ration of service. Hanson, Samuel A.,23Charlestown,Sept. 9, 1862,May 23, 1863, disability. Hayden, Joseph W.,44Boston,Jan. 15, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Herlehy, Timothy,18Abington,Oct. 3, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Herring, William,33Needham,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Hill, Edwin A.,18Worcester,Dec. 5, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Hill, Pierce T.44Marblehead,Dec. 21, 1863,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Holbrook, Alex. W.,21Charlestown,Sept. 9, 1862,Died Aug. 16, 1864, Brattleboro, Vt. Hooper, Benjamin G.,20Marblehead,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Hooper, Joseph A.,23Marblehead,Sept. 9. 1862,March 4, 1864, discharged for wound rec'd Oct. 13, 1863. Hooper, William E.,21Charlestown,Jan. 2. 1864.,Dec. 30, 1864, disability. Horrigan, Richard,39Boston,Sept. 9, 1862,Jan. 2, 1864, disability. Hunt, Leroy E.,18Rutland,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Innis, George H.,2
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