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The Daily Dispatch: December 21, 1863., [Electronic resource], The raid into Southwestern Virginia--depredations of the enemy. (search)
Examination of Mrs. Patterson Allan, continued. --The third day's examination of Mrs. Mary Caroline Allan, wife of Patterson Allan, of this city, for alleged treasonable correspondence with the enemy, took place before C. S. Commissioner Wm. F. Watson on Saturday morning last. At half past 11 o'clock the accused entered theAmerica, to the Marshal of the Eastern District of Virginia: Whereas information has been lodged before me, upon oath by John H. Winder, that a certain Mary Caroline Allan is chargeable with treason in adhering to the enemies of the Confederate States of America, in giving them aid and comfort, by writing and sending, or attem be dealt with according to law. Wm. F. Watson, Confederate States Comm't. On the 18th day of December, 1863, I executed the within warrant on Mary Caroline Allan. F. W. Hass, B. M., For John P. Wily, Marshal. [] 6th June, 1863. Dear Sir --If you have a chance please forward the enclosed; if not,
desired that it might be received. The Commissioner stated that whilst he did not recognize his right to receive such a paper, yet as the accused requested it, he would take her affidavit to the paper and receive it: The affidavit of Mary Caroline Allan, now under examination been Commissioner W F Watson, made before the said Commissioner: This affiant doth solemnly declare upon her oath that she has never written or sent a letter to the Rev Morgan Dix, or received one from him, and ence to the trial by jury of the issue of innocence or guilt. At the conclusion of Mr. Aylett's remarries, Commissioner Watson read the following decision: Opinion of the Court The Confederate States of America vs. Mary Caroline Allan. This Court is one of limited functions; true, it has the right to discharge a party accused of crime, if it believes there is not probable cause for charging the accused. In most cases it has the power to bali; but where, in the opi
Confederate States District Court, yesterday. --The case of Mrs. Mary Caroline Allan, charged with treasonable correspondence with the enemy, was called and postponed till the 12th day of October next; whereupon her bail was renewed in the sum of $100,000 for her appearance at that time. William Barrett's motion for injunction against P. A. Woods, Confederate States Tax Collector, requiring him to accept four per cent, bonds in payment of taxes, was postponed till this morning. The court then adjourned.