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so far change the character of the Observer, as to pass over in silence everything connected with the subject of Slavery. We would like that you announce in your paper, your intention so to do. We shall be glad to be informed of your determination in relation to this matter. Respectfully, your obedient servants, Archibald Gamble, Nathan Ranney, William S. Potts, G. W. Call, H. R. Gamble, Hezekiah King, Jno. Kerr. I concur in the object intended by this communication. Beverly Allen. I concur in the foregoing. J. B. Bryant. This document is indorsed as follows: I did not yield to the wishes here expressed, and in consequence have been persecuted ever since. But I have kept a good conscience in the matter, and that more than repays me for all I have suffered, or can suffer. I have sworn eternal opposition to Slavery, and, by the blessing of God, I will never go back. Amen. E. P. L. October 24, 1837. had been written to the editor by nine eminent