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that Capt. Craven, of the Crusader, had seized the steamer Suwannee, and he was about arming the yacht Wanderer to be sent into the Guilt. under a Lieutenant of the U. S. Navy. The city of Key West still remains loyal, and all seditions persons were to be removed from the Island. Major French had appointed a Magistrate, who superseded the Mayor, Justices, etc. The report that the schooner W. C. Atwater had been seized by the rebels at Cedar Keys and sent to Apalachicola, where Capt. Allen was hung by a mob, proves to be unfounded. Cairo,May 20.--The steamer Fred Lawrence, with a large freight of provisions from St. Louis for Padncah, Ky., has been detained here for an answer from the Department at Washington whether the blockade here shall not be made complete by stopping all supplies of provisions nominally consigned to parties in Kentucky. New York,May 20.--The steamer De Soto, from Havana, passed on the 17th the frigate Niagara and the gunboat Huntsville, crui
at which point the Republicans say 15,000 troops are to concentrate this week. Gen. Wool expected to be assigned to this command, but Gen. Butler peremptorily refused to be stationed under him. The Washington Star, of Monday evening, says: The New York Fourteenth Regiment (chasseurs) arrived in this city last night from Brooklyn. They number about nine hundred men, and in traveling hither were divided between two trains, for greater facility. A delegation, headed by Col. Julian Allen, and Major H. K Kalussowaki, of Pulaski's Legion, who came to offer a Polish regiment from the States at large, was to-day very kindly received by the President. The Secretary of the Treasury has directed that the usual oath of allegiance shall be administered to the employees of the Treasury Department. Four gentlemen from this city, yesterday, or the day before, visited Mount Vernon, and, after a careful inspection of the condition of the tomb and its contents, are positive
ap negroes enough to exempt all the "solid men, " and the "solid men" cannot go to the war without running the risk of getting shot. Fortunately, an expedient presents itself which solves the difficulty without exposing the "solid men." One Mr. Julian Allen, who, it seems, is a Pole, although he spells his name with an unusually small stock of consonants for one of his race, renowned alike for martial prowess and the unpronounceable character of those indicia by which men are accustomed to reveny other than an intensely neutral bottom. Semmes, it is true, is shipless at the present moment, but Wood is abroad, and Yankeedom has lately heard from him in a way not at all calculated to allay any fears that she may be liable to entertain. Allen's menagerie, if entrusted to a Yankee ship, might be brought to grief some fine morning, and its cargo of brutes sent to kingdom come on very short notice. But a British vessel is neutral-- perfectly neutral--extremely neutral — amazingly neutra
th him, and complies with all reasonable requests for the benefit of the population. Colonel Julian Allen has been sent North by the Mayor and Common Council of Savannah, and with the consent anded States treasury agent: The provisions Needed. Savannah, December 31, 1864. Colonel Julian Allen: Dear Sir: you will please purchase for the city of Savannah and ship to this port e of any deficiency of that article, arrangements for reimbursement to be made satisfactory to Mr. Allen, the city hereby binding itself for the action of the committee, as per resolution unanimouslyst: James Gugel, Clerk of Council. "Savannah,December 31, 1864. "Whereas, Colonel Julian Allen having offered his services gratuitously, this is to certify that he has been appointed s The document contains General Sherman's authorization, as follows: "The bearer of this, Colonel Julian Allen, is hereby authorized to proceed to New York, under the above authority, and the quarterm