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le Gallus, approaching him as rapidly as his stiffened limbs would permit. Well, uncle, said Webster, as the old man caught up to him-did you speak to me? You'se de man dat I 'dressed, sah-done you know me? said the old fellow, peering anxiously in the face of the detective. No, I don't remember you, said Webster, determined to ascertain whether the old darky did know him; where have you ever seen me? In Washington, sah, replied Uncle Gallus; don't you remember you saw me at Majah Allen's, when I was dah libin wid Missus Morton? Webster looked at the negro a moment, and then, feeling assured of the friendliness of his interlocutor, he said: Your face does seem familiar to me; what is your name? Dey calls me Uncle Gallus, sah, answered the old fellow. Oh, yes, said Webster, now I remember you. Golly, massa, grinned Uncle Gallus, wen I seed you gib it to Bill Zigler dis mo'nina, I dun knowed you right away, but I wouldn't say nuffina for de world, foa I