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nia. [extra session.] Senate. Saturday, Feb. 23, 1861. Called to order at 11 o'clock, Mr. Brannon in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Bosserman, of the Universalist Church. Bills Reported.--For the relief of Benj. S. Reynolds, of Harrison county; to incorporate the Virginia and Ohio Telegraph Company; organizing a volunteer company of Cavalry in Albemarle county; amending section 6 of chapter 138 of the Code; for the relief of Mrs. Cora Anderson, administratrix of Frederick Anderson, dec'd; providing for the purchase and distribution of books of instruction for the use of the military officers of the State. Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted and referred; By Mr. Dickenson, of Grayson, of amending the charter of the Black Lick and Plaster Bank Turnpike Company; by Mr. Thomas, of Henry, of refunding to Richard Wells, Sr., of the county of Henry, a certain fine paid by him in satisfaction of a judgment of the County Court
rces stationed on Bay Point Island, consisting of three companies of the 9th regiment, to wit: the Beaufort Artillery, Capt. Stephen Elliott, Colleton Rifles, Capt. Anderson, and Capt. Harrison's company of Infantry; six companies of the 12th regiment South Carolina volunteers, to wit: company A, Capt. McCorkle; company C, Capt. D company officers, was six hundred and nineteen. Lieut. Colonel Barnes, of the 12th regiment, was placed in command of the six companies of that regiment, and Capt. Anderson's company, then at the Narrows. Capt. Elliott was assigned to the command of the work known as Fort Beauregard, with his own company and Capt. Harrison'shundred yards from Fort Beauregard, for the purpose of protecting that work, in case of an attempt of the enemy to land. Companies C and E took position near Capt. Anderson's company, at the Narrows, and companies F and I were held at the camp of the regiment, being about equidistant between the detachments, so as to support eith
nd re-enact section 26 of the same chapter. Mr. Brannon, from the Committee on Finance, reported a bill to authorize the issue of registered certificates of State stock to Dr. Peter F. Brown, in lieu of two lost bonds; also, a bill compensating Joseph J. White for the responsibility of registering, clipping and disbursing Treasury notes; and a bill to refund to Mrs. Cora Anderson the amount paid into the Treasury on a forfeited recognizance by her as administratrix of her husband, Frederick Anderson. Mr. Carson, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported House bill to amend and re-enact an ordinance to provide for the enrollment and employment of free negroes in the public service — with an amendment. Resolutions of inquiry. The following resolutions, inquiring into expediency, were adopted: By Mr. Day: Of making an appropriation to meet the claims of persons whose property has been taken for public use. By Mr. Harvey: Of refunding to Sutton & Dozier
refunding to Joel E. Bragg, of King and Queen county, a certain license tax paid by him. Mr. Saunders, of Campbell, offered a resolution that, with the consent of the Senate a joint committee of both Houses be appointed to communicate to the Secretary of War the passage of the bill to organize the forces of Virginia, and to confer with the Secretary for the purpose of promoting harmony between the act of the Confederate Congress and the act of the General Assembly of Virginia. Messrs. Anderson, of Botetourt, Green, River, Prince, Grattan, Burns, Jones, and McKenney opposed the resolution. They deprecated any interference with the Confederate Government in its arrangements with the volunteers. Messrs. Saunders, of Campbell, Bouldin, and Sheffey advocated the resolution. Mr. Rives moved to indefinitely postpone the resolution; which motion was adopted by a vote of — ayes 54, noes 46 Upon a communication from the Governor, the House then resolved itself into secr
One hundred and fifty dollars reward. --Ran away from my farm, in Buckingham county near Curdsville, on Tuesday, the 8th of March, 1864 my negro man Cornelius; he is thirty years old about 5 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion, and claims to have a wife at Dr. Anderson's, in county. The above reward will be paid or confined in any jail so that I can get his K Alien. Curdsville, Buckingham co, Va. ap 21--4t*