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J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 5: Bible and colportage work. (search)
y mother buy a copy (price one cent) and send it to her soldier boy. Brother M. D. Anderson, Richmond, Virginia: A short time ago I met a young man from one of thethe dark valley. I might tell you the particulars of two such cases. Rev. M. D. Anderson: I met with a young man some time ago, who said to me: Parson, you gave d speaking in the highest praise of the little camp hymn-books. . . . Rev. M. D. Anderson: I formed the acquaintance of a noble young man, the nephew of a most usngaged. Pray for me. Yours truly, T. Hume. March 12, 1863. Brother M. D. Anderson: I have for some time been aiding in a revival now in progress at Fredeword spoken. Oh that the Lord will prepare me to be faithful to souls! Rev. M. D. Anderson furnishes us with an interesting account of the great revival which for s ago, gave me an account of the state of his company about a year ago. Brother M. D. Anderson visited them, commenced a series of meetings, a number professed conver
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 10: revivals in the Lower Valley and around Fredericksburg. (search)
is is the twenty-first day of the meeting, and the interest is still on the increase. About one hundred have professed faith in Jesus. Dr. J. C. Stiles and Rev. Mr. Coulling have been with us, and Rev. Dr. Burrows is with us at present. Rev. M. D. Anderson, colporter in the army, an employee of Brother A. E. Dickinson, has been with us for several days. In the early part of the meeting he supplied me with a variety of tracts, which I was much in need of, and which I trust have exerted a goobrief, I must remind them that this is wholly a relative term, having no prescribed limits, and therefore, fairly subject to private interpretation. William J. Hoge. I have not now space to give details of revivals reported at this period in Anderson's Brigade of Hood's Division, in the Eighth Georgia Regiment, the Sixtieth Georgia Regiment, of Gordon's Brigade, the Twenty-first South Carolina Regiment, the Thirteenth Mississippi Regiment, the Twenty-eighth North Carolina Regiment, the Third
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 11: the great revival along the Rapidan. (search)
s to large and attentive congregations. I must not omit either to mention the labors of Brother M. D. Anderson, who was untiring in the hospitals, and whose silent preachers could be seen in every wahis work may continue until all of this company shall become faithful and happy Christians. M. D. Anderson, Colporter A. N. Va. A writer from the Army of Northern Virginia to the Biblical Recorde Fortieth Virginia Regiment (Walker's Brigade), with a bright prospect of happy results. Rev. Mr. Anderson has been an instrument in God's hand of doing great good, both in his own regiment (Fortie officers and men of this regiment, and am earnestly entreated to remain with this brigade. M. D. Anderson, Army Evangelist. Elder J. E. King, chaplain of the Fourteenth Tennessee Regiment, with Carolina, Semmes's Georgia, Barksdale's Mississippi, Jenkins's South Carolina, Law's Alabama, Anderson's Georgia, Steuart's Virginia, Stonewall (Virginia), Iverson's North Carolina, Cooke's North Ca
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 12: progress of the work in 1864-65. (search)
leave it to their consciences and their Bible with what denomination they will connect themselves. J. W. J. I have spent a few days of late with the artillery of Hill's Corps, only one battalion of which, I believe, has a chaplain. Brother M. D. Anderson, our colporter, is laboring very faithfully in this field. A few days since one of the battalions, in which his efforts have been blessed to the good of many souls, sent him $100, and a letter expressive of their high appreciation of hiser-meetings, brigade, regimental, company and private; and prayer-meetings to prepare for prayer-meetings. Jesus is walking in His garden, and the myrrh, and aloes, and sweet spices breathe forth their richest fragrance. In Mahone's Brigade, of Anderson's Division, since our last meeting twenty have united with various Churches, and a number have professed satisfaction as to the pardon of their sins. Out of 428 professors in three regiments in this brigade, 140 professed conversion since the w
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Appendix: letters from our army workers. (search)
f sabers was heard, and looking up we saw a detachment of Federal cavalry surrounding the hospital. They fired on one or two men running across the fields, and at first some courageous assaults were made upon our meagre commissary tent; but Colonel Anderson soon rode up, arrested very promptly this robbery of stores, and soon showed that he at least had the instincts of humanity. When the squadron were making their gallant charge, their sergeant, a rude, red-headed Pennsylvanian, dashed with d What are you flourishing that about here for? Nobody here but one-armed and one-legged and dying men; you needn't be afraid of them. The only misconduct of which we had a right to complain was that they took off half our nurses; and when Colonel Anderson told us the rigid orders from Torbert, which he refused complying with, we felt assured he did all that he dared to do. This was the Seventeenth Pennsylvania Regiment, and had been detached from Sheridan's raiding party upon Trevilliap's Sta
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Appendix no. 2: the work of grace in other armies of the Confederacy. (search)
dispense with the inspection of arms on Sunday. The general received us with marked courtesy and assured us that there should be no interference with our hours for religious service. He talked at length of his home arrangements for the cleanliness and comfort of his slaves on his plantation, and promised to afford all facilities in his power to aid us in our spiritual services for the soldiers. I was favorably impressed with our bishop-general. March 27. At the brigade hospital Sergeant Anderson, Thirty-ninth North Carolina, told me of his happy profession of religion yesterday. This has been appointed by President Davis as a day of fasting and prayer. I preached to the Twenty-ninth and Thirty-ninth North Carolina Regiments, and raised fifty-nine subscribers for The Message. Shelbyville, Sunday, March 29. Preached for the presiding elder, Rev. A. S. Riggs, at 11 A. M. Among those who took the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper I observed Colonels Armstrong, Bell, and Vance,