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Affairs in Kentucky. Nashville, Sept. 28. --Sumter Anderson, on assuming the command in Kentucky, says he comes to enforce, not make laws, and to protect the property and lives of the people; that Kentucky has vainly striven to keep the peace with her neighbors, and calls upon the people to rally to her standard. He has issued another proclamation in which he says, that understanding that apprehensions are entertained by citizens of the State, who have hitherto been opposed to the policy now adopted in the State, he gives notice that no Kentuckian will be arrested who remains at home attending to his business, and does not take part, by action or speech, against the authority of the General or the State Government, hold correspondence with, or give aid to, its enemies. The Louisville Journal of the 25th reports the arrest of eight prisoners by Gen. Sherman, charged with treason. Hon. J. C. Breckinridge, it is reported, passed Sterling on the 20th, at 4 o'clock A.
Latest from Kentucky. Nashville, Oct. 12. --A special dispatch to the Union and American, of this city, dated Bowling Green, reports that the Louisville Journal, of the 8th, says that Gen. Sherman succeeds Sumter Anderson in command at Louisville. Large bodies of Federal troops are daily passing through Louisville to Muldraugh's Hill. Fifteen Southerners had whipped seventy-five of the enemy at East Kane City, killing three Federals and capturing thirty horses. One Southerner was mortally wounded. Postmaster-General Blair has gone to St. Louis to look into Gen. Fremont's case.
A Crazy Federal General. The Federal Government, unable otherwise to account for the ill success of their military operations in Kentucky, lately came to the conclusion that the commander of that Department, Gen. Wm. T. Sherman was issue and he was accordingly removed. This officer succeeded Gen. Sumter Anderson in the command in Kentucky. He is a brother of Congressman Sherman, of Ohio.
Liberal Contribution. --We learn, from able authority, that the 4th North Caro-Virginia State troops, (Col. Anderson's Regiment,) have subscribed onwards of $1,000 for the relief of the sufferers of the Charleston conflagration.
An affray occurred in Staunton, Va., on Thursday last, in which Capt. E. P. Sutton, of Richmond, was shot and slightly wounded by Capt. O. W. Chambers, and afterwards severely beaten by the same party. H. T. Clarke, of the Washington Artillery, has been arrested in Petersburg for stealing a gold watch from E. W. Hollins, of Richmond, and selling it at $600. C. D. Sides, lately published as a deserter figuring in a North Carolina peace meeting, is an old citizen of Forsyth county, and had not been in the army. Sumter Anderson, it is stated in the New York papers, claims to have the "old flag" of Fort Sumter still in his possession. The citizens of Florida are organizing Confederate Societies for the purpose of bringing down the price of the necessaries of life. The Presbyterian (United) Synod of Virginia has appointed the 1st proximo as a day of fasting and prayer.