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te rewards of valor be conferred on them. The following staff officers were with me on the field: Colonel C. W. Adams, Assistant Adjutant and Inspector-General and Chief of Staff. Major J. P. Wilson, Assistant Adjutant-General. Captain Walker Anderson, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General. Lieutenant B. F. Williams, Aid-de-Camp. Captain D. D. Waters, Acting Chief of Artillery. Captain J. F. Walton, Provost Marshal. Captain Lenoir, and Lieutenants Gordon and Lee, of my cavalry escor cavalry to find the enemy's position. At the same time I received orders from General Bragg, through Colonel McKinstry, to save the captured property. To accomplish both these objects, I detailed five hundred of my best mounted men, under Colonel Anderson, to comply with General Longstreet's order, with full instructions to report every hour to that officer. As previously stated, two regiments were already at work collecting stragglers and arms, leaving with me but about seventeen hundred me
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 13. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Battle of Chickamauga. (search)
and Manigault constituted my first line, and Anderson's my reserve Nothing important happened durinswept like a whirlwind over the breastworks. Anderson's fearless Mississippians carrying the breastcompelled to fall back. I immediately placed Anderson's brigade under his orders. Deas, who was , and was extended eastwardly by the lines of Anderson and Kershaw. The height terminated in an oped then to advance, taking the enemy in flank; Anderson to move forward when the firing should begin.d shouts, upon our right, but was repulsed by Anderson and Kershaw. At this time it became necessary to retire Garrity's battery, of Anderson's brigade, which had been doing effective service. It waved about mid-day, I relinquished to Brigadier General Anderson the command of my division. The uson, Assistant Adjutant-General; Captain Walker Anderson, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General; Lieutifled brass pieces, were brought off by Lieutenant Anderson, commanding Dawson's battery, and two o
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 14. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General George Burgwyn Anderson—The memorial address of Hon. A. M. Waddell, May 11, 1885. (search)
ing them by his cool and collected orders, he was struck in the foot, near the ankle-joint, by a minnie ball, and fell. He was at once carried, with difficulty and danger, to an improvised hospital in the rear, and the wound examined and pronounced severe, but not serious. No one dreamed that one of the truest and bravest men that ever lived had the wound of death upon him. He was taken into Virginia, and when the army fell back he was brought—with his brother and aide-de-camp, Captain Walker Anderson who was also wounded at Sharpsburg, and was afterwards killed at the Wilderness—to Raleigh, arriving in the latter part of September. His wound was a most painful one, and he suffered great agony for two weeks after reaching here. Finally amputation was decided upon, but it was too late. He sunk under the operation, and on the morning of October 16th, 1862, in the thirty-second year of his age, his brave soul bade farewell to earth. His death was regarded as a public calamity, n
rnor's Guard — in knee. Conant Wm, 7th Ga, D — slight. Cook John, 2d Miss, F — in shin. Dobb G, 8th Ga, I — flesh wound in thigh. Davidson P A, 4th Va — in shoulder. Elliot George, 8th Ga, F — in hip. Goff J M, 8th Ga, C — in shoulder. Hite B E, 4th Va — in arm. Johnson Elisha, 4th Ala, Governor's Guard — in head. Lester B F, 8th Ga, K. Lang on L C, 8th Ga, K. Lunsford H E, 8th Ga, K. Martin E T, 8th Ga, K. Mason D H, 8th Ga, G — in arm. Minor H A, 11th Miss, F. Owens Andrew, 7th Ga, B — arm. Ross Robert, 2d Miss, D. Rhodes Walter, 19th Va, Scottsville Guards--hand. Simpson J R, 4th S C, K. Sergeant William, 28th Va, E — arm. Strickler Cyrus, 4th Va, I — died. Stevens G S, 4th Ala. G — hip. Tank N C, 7th Ga, K — thigh. Wilkinson G D, 4th Ala, F. Walker Andrew, 4th Ala, D — arm. Walker Anderson, 4th Ala, D — thigh. Wood J M, 5th Va. K. Wright J L, 8th Va, K — arm broken. Wallace A A,
was out and placed on the calendar. On motion of Mr. Brown, the resolution commending the passage of certain laws as taken up and made the order of the day of Thursday next at 1 o'clock P. M. On motion of Mr. Simms, of Ky., the bill authorizing the payment to the Governor of Kentucky one million of dollars, to be appreciated to the use of Kentucky troops in a Confederate service, was taken up and used. Mr. Maxwell, of Fla., offered a joint resolution for the relief of Capt. Walker Anderson. Referred to the Committee on Claims. The Senate then adjourned. The House was opened at 12 o'clock with by Rev. Dr. Burrows. The resolution offered Monday by Mr. Lyons that when the House adjourn to-day, adjourn to meet on Monday, the 28th of December, was taken up. On motion of Mr. H. W. Bruce, of Ky., the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn., reported from the judiciary Committee a bill to prohibit trading in the paper currency of t
The Daily Dispatch: May 10, 1864., [Electronic resource], The movement on Richmond--two more Repulses of the enemy by Gen Lee — affairs on the Southside — feint at Drewry's Bluff — fight expected near Petersburg Today — the Central Railroad Tapped, &c, &c. (search)
Lt Col Winston, 45th N C, in leg, not dangerously; Col D Willis, 12th Ga, not dangerously; Col Lane, 25th N C, slightly; Col Saunders, 46th N C, severely; Capt Walker Anderson, ord officer Cook's brig, killed; Col Folum, 14th Ga. dangerously; Col Carter, 45th Ga, killed; Col Miller, 12th S C, severely; Lt Col G H Forney, Ala, kil. The following is a list of the wounded officers who have arrived at the officers' hospital here since Sunday at noon: John Cartledge, It, 10th Ga; D T Anderson, It; T F Bowie, Maj, Fitz Lee's Staff; J P Puryear, 3d Va cav; M A Rucker, 3d Ky; J C Anderson, Adj't 13th S C; T C Campbell, It, 5th La; Geo Wilcox, 26th N C; GAnderson, Adj't 13th S C; T C Campbell, It, 5th La; Geo Wilcox, 26th N C; Geo Conner, Adj't 2d La; W H Noel, It, 2d La; T D Gregory, Adj't 1st Tenn; S H Magnet, It, 10th Ga; H A Hardy, It, 3d Ala; J D Adrian, Capt, 44th Ala; J T Irvin, Capt, 61st Ala; J J Oberdeen, Capt 6th Ala; J C Kitchen, lieut, 6th S C, G M Grimes, lieut, 1st S C, J G Warren, lieut, 6th Ala; C M Compton, lieut, 31st Ga; R P Jennings,
For hire --A first-rate House Servant.--I wish to hire to some genteel person, for the balance of the year, my servant man William. He is regarded a first class house servant. J R Anderson, Tredegar Iron Works. my 6--6t