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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 35: operations of the North Atlantic Squadron, 1863. (search)
s, G. R. Dunkley, Wm. Veitch and John Heaney. Steamer Commodore Hull. Acting-Masters, Wm. G. Saltonstall and Francis Josselyn; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, C. F. P. Hildreth; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Jonathan Chapman; Acting-Ensigns, J. O. Johnson and J. B. da Camera; Acting-Master's Mates, E. F. Bowen, J. H. Wilkinson and A. F. Haradon; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, B. F. Bell; Acting-Third-Assistants, D. R. Wylee, M. O. Stimson and Wm. Lannan. Steamer Crusader Acting-Master, Thomas Andrews; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, E. A. Arnold; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, T. McC. Brower; Acting-Ensigns, G. W. Nelson, T. W. Sheer and T. S. Smythe; Acting-Master's Mates, Albert Buhner, Henry Parsons and E. D. Edmunds; Engineers: Acting Second-Assistant, P. O. Brightman; Acting-Third-Assistants, S. T. Strude and W. T. Waterman. Sloop Granite. Acting-Master, E. Boomer. Schooner Wm. Bacon. Acting-Master, Wm. P. Rogers; Acting-Master's Mates, C. D. Thompson, H. E. Ripley an
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 44: battle of Mobile Bay. (search)
s. J. E. Speights, H. L. Pilkington and Alfred Hoyt; Boatswain, Robert Dixon; Gunner, J. L. Staples; Carpenter, O. S. Stimson; Sailmaker, T. C. Herbert. Steamer Pensacola. Commodore, Henry H. Bell, commanding squadron pro tem.; Lieutenant-Commander, Samuel R. Franklin; Lieutenants, F. V. McNair and G. V. Sumner; Surgeon, Wm. Lansdale; Assistant-Surgeon, W. H. Jones; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Stevenson; Marines: First-Lieutenant, Norval L. Nokes; Acting-Masters, F. T. King, Thos. Andrews and S. B. Washburne; Acting-Ensign, V. W. Jones; Engineers: First-Assistant, John Purdy, Jr.; Second-Assistants, A. H. Able and Alfred Colin; Third-Assistants, T. W. Fitch, F. C. Burchard and G. V. Baird; Boatswain, James Herold; Gunner, David Roe; Carpenter, Edward Cox; Saillmaker, Chas. Lawrence. Steam-frigate Colorado. Commodore, Henry K. Thatcher; Lieutenants, H. W. Miller and Benj. F. Day; Paymaster, W. H. H. Williams; Chaplain, D. X. Junkin; Assistant-Surgeons, A. W. H. Hawki
it came into the hands of Medford settlers. Mr. Cradock's widow, Rebecca, married Richard Glover, who, March 1, 1644, rented to Edward Collins one-half of his land in Medford in New England; viz., houses, edifices, buildings, barns, stables, out-houses, lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, findings, woods, highways, profits, commodities, and appurtenances. Mr. Cradock's widow married her third husband, Rev. Benj. Whitchcot, D. D., in 1652. Damaris, Mr. Cradock's daughter, married Thomas Andrews, leather-seller, of London. Samuel, his brother, was clerk of Chapleton, and had three sons. By instruments, dated June 2 and Sept. 6, 1652, they quit-claim to Mr. Collins all that messuage, farm, or plantation, called Meadford in New England by them owned. Aug. 20, 1656: Mr. Collins, after residing twelve years on his farm in Medford, sells to Richard Russell of Charlestown, sixteen hundred acres of it, with his mansion-house and other buildings. This track was bounded by Mystic R
mission to the regular College course. Applicants for admission must produce certificates of their good moral character. If they come from other colleges, certificates also of their regular dismission therefrom are required. For admission to the Freshman Class, an examination must be well sustained in the following studies:-- Latin: Virgil's Bucolics, Georgics, and six books of the Aeneid; Caesar's Commentaries, or Sallust; Cicero's Select Orations (Folsom's or Johnson's edition); Andrews's and Stoddard's Latin Grammar, including Prosody; Arnold's Latin Prose Composition, to the Dative. Greek: Felton's or Jacob's Greek Reader (or four books of Homer's Iliad, with three books of Xenophon's Anabasis); Sophocles', Crosby's, or Kuhner's Greek Grammar, including Prosody; Arnold's Greek Prose Composition, to the Moods; Writing of Greek Accents. Mathematics: Arithmetic; Smyth's Algebra, to Equations of the Second Degree. History: Modern Geography; Worcester's Ancient Geography;
Index. Academies, 291. Adams, 42, 231, 323. Albree family, 499. Albree, 103, 334, 393, 483, 507, 508, 536. Alms-houses, 347. Andrews, 41. Angier family, 501. Angier, 36, 110, 213, 231. Apple, Baldwin, 19. Auld, 48. Authors, 310. Avey, 43. Baldwin, 19, 20. Ballard family, 501. Baptist Society, 271. Bellevue, 54. Berry, 36, 43. Betts, 37. Bigelow, 249, 308. Birdue family, 501. Bishop family, 501. Bishop, 36, 49, 54, 95, 110, 336. Blanchard family, 502. Blanchard, 36. Blaney, 44. Boylston, 506. Bradbury, 36. Bradshaw family, 504. Bradshaw, 36, 65, 103, 329, 335, 431, 478, 526. Bradstreet, 28, 37, 97, 103, 482, 504, 544, 558. Brickmaking, 355. Bridges, 59, 72. Brook, Whitmore's, Marble, &c., 9. Brooks family, 506. Brooks, 19, 29, 34, 36, 43, 49, 51, 53, 55, 65, 72, 106, 109, 112, 114, 126, 127, 161, 164, 185, 197, 225, 255, 265, 285, 307, 315, 411, 545, 563, 569, 570. Brown, 509.
ings,* 1680. Nathaniel Wilson,* 1680. John Russell,* 1680. James Prentice,* 1680. Abraham Holmnan, 1681, 1684, 1685. James Cutler, Jr.,* 1681. Sebeas Jackson,* 1681. Solomon Prentice,* 1682. Nathaniel Patten,* 1682. Samuel Buck,* 1683. Abraham Jackson,* 1683. Samuel Gookin,* 1683. John Tidd,* 1683. David Fiske, Jr.,* 1684. Joseph Russell,* 1684. John Prentice,* 1684. James Hubbard,* 1685. Thomas Cutler,* 1685. Aaron Bordman,* 1686. Thomas Andrews,* 1686. Ebenezer Wiswall,* 1686. Philip Russell, 1686, 1700, 1701. Edward Winship, 1691-1693, 1695– 1701. James Oliver, 1694, 1698, 1699. Abraham Hill, 1695, 1696. William Russell, 1697, 1700-1702, 1704, 1705, 1712-1714. Joseph Simons, 1698, 1699. William Reed, 1698, 1699. John Leverett, 1699, 1700. Samuel Sparhawk, 1701-1705, 1709, 1710. Samuel Cooper, 1702-1710, 1712– 1716. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1706-1710, 1719-1730, 1732. Joseph Winship, 1706, 172
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
y 23, ‘70.Hon. discharged.Mate. Andrews, C. J., See enlistment. Credit, Boston, Ward 7.Mass.Mass.Mass.Oct. 29, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.Kearsarge.Special Service.Mar. 21, 1867.Hon. discharged.Mate. Andrews, Daniel W., Credit, Ipswich.Mass.Mass.Mass.Aug. 21, 1863.Actg. Ensign.Ino; Orvetta; Don.Special Service; West Gulf; Potomac Flotilla.May 23. 1864.Dismissed.Actg. Ensign. Aug. 9, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.May 13, 1868.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Nov. 19, 1864.Actg. Ensign. Andrews, Thomas, Credit, Springfield.Mass.Mass.Mass.Oct. 29, 1861.Actg. Master.Vermont; Crusader; PensacolaStore Ship; North Atlantic; West Gulf.Feb. 4, 1864.Revoked.Actg. Master. Dec. 19, 1864.Actg. Master.Feb. 27, 1865.Deceased.Actg. Master. Anson, Robert E., Credit, Boston, Ward 10.N. Y.Mass.Mass.Oct. 22, 1862.Actg. Master's Mate.Sabine; Albatross.Special Service; West Gulf.Nov. 30. 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Master. July 31, 1863.Actg. Ensign. May 5, 1865.Actg. Master. Anthony, Charles M
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
C., 4 Anderson, G. E., 4 Anderson, J. D., 4 Anderson, J. F., 4 Anderson, J. F., 167,237,398,503 Anderson, John, 237 Anderson, John, 237,398,503 Anderson, Nicholas, 4 Anderson, R. N., 457 Anderson, T. A., 610 Andrew, J. A., 579,593,604,606,608,610,630 Andrews, A. H., 398,503 Andrews, C. J., 4 Andrews, D. W., 4 Andrews, E. A., 237 Andrews, E. P., 237 Andrews, G. L., 167,205,898,503,611 Andrews, G. W., 237 Andrews, R. F., 484,568 Andrews, R. R., 237 Andrews, S. H., 237 Andrews, Thomas, 4 Andrews, W. H., 398,457,503 Annable, E. A., 237 Annable, T. H., 237 Annan, Frank, 237 Annand, Augustus, 237 Anson, R. E., 4 Anthony, C. M., 4 Appleton, C. F., 237 Appleton, G. H., 4 Appleton, H. D., 580 Appleton, J. W. M., 205,612 Appleton, Nathan, 237,504 Appleton, Samuel, 237 Appleton, Samuel, 605 Appleton, T. L., 237 Appleton, William, 580 Appleton, Z. A., 238 Apthorp, H. O., 580 Apthorp, J. W., 238 Apthorp, R. E., 580 Arbecam, H. P., 4 Arey, A. R., 6 Arey,
Paroled prisoners. --Thos. Williams, Thos. Andrews, and James Wilson, three paroled Yankee prisoners, were arrested by order of the Mayor and held to bail for good behavior.