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a copy of a joint resolution relative to the free navigation of the Mississippi river. Gov. Letcher also announced that he had received communications from the Executives of the States of Indiana and New York, enclosing resolutions adopted by you on the 19th day of January last. Ordered to be printed. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported: A bill for the relief of Thos. Nichols; a bill providing for the establishment of a branch bank at Alexandria; a bill refunding to Abner Anthony taxes erroneously paid by him into the treasury, and to authorize the reassessment of his lands in Bedford and Pittsylvania. Petitions Presented.--By Mr. Nash, of Samuel Oppenheimer, of Powhatan, to have a certain sum of money refunded to him; by Mr. Coghill, of S. C. Allen, &c., for repeal of so much of act of 24th March, 1848, as authorizes the Common Council of Lynchburg to tax property of persons living within half a mile of Lynchburg, as applies to the county of Amherst. H
within the county of Norfolk, and for other purposes; by Mr. Paxton, to incorporate the Virginia Canal Company and to transfer the rights and franchises of the Jamas River and Kanawha Company thereto; by Mr. Neal, to incorporate the Silver Run Mining and Manufacturing Company: by Mr. Rives, to amending the 3d section of chapter 7th of the Code; by Mr. Christian, for the relief of Thomas M. Hundley, Commissioner of the Revenue of the county of Matthews. Bill Rejected--Refunding to Abner Anthony, Sr., taxes erroneously paid into the treasury, and to authorize the re-assessment of his lands in the counties of Bedford and Pittsylvania. The President informed the Senate that he had appointed Messrs. Nash and Greever, on Saturday, as Senate Committee, to act with a committee on the part of the House of Delegates, to accompany the remains of Judge Hopkins, a distinguished member of the other House. The President directed that the names of the above members be recorded upon the Jou
, on motion of Mr. Brannon, the resolution was laid on the table. Mr. Day then moved to take up the resolution offered by Mr. Smith, a few days ago, providing for an adjournment on the 12th instant. On this question the ayes and noes were demanded. Ayes 25, noes 15. On motion of Mr. Thomas, of Fairfax, the resolution was amended by providing for an adjournment on Wednesday, the 20th instant, instead of the 12th. The Peace Congress.--The President laid before the Senate a report from the Commissioners appointed by the third resolution of the series adopted on the 19th day of January last, which was accompanied by a copy of the plan adopted. [For report, see Convention proceedings.] On motion of Mr. Paxton, the report and accompanying documents were laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Bill Passed.--Senate bill refunding to Abner Anthony, Sr., taxes erroneously paid into the Treasury. On motion of Mr. Douglas, the Senate adjourned at 2½ o'clock.
e House was called to order at 11 o'clock by Speaker Critchfield, and opened with prayer by Rev. J. A. Willis, of the Baptist Church. Sundry bills passed by the Senate were referred to House committees: a bill was reported for changing the time of holding the Courts in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit: Senate bill incorporating the Southern Institution for the amelioration of the condition of the deaf, dumb and blind negroes of the Commonwealth, was passed; Senate bill refunding to Abner Anthony, Sr., taxes erroneously paid in to the Treasury, was referred to the Finance Committee. Mr. Haymond presented the petition of Alpheus Wells for a divorce from his wife Sebra J. Wells, formerly Nance, of Monongahela county. Wells states "that on the 8th of May, 1860, he was married to one Sebra J. Nance, of Monongahela county, Va.; that he discovered in a few hours after the marriage was solemnized that the party to whom he was married, from some unaccountable freak, was dissatisfied w
Assembly, That no further proceedings in the case of Judge E. P. Pitts under the resolutions of the 21st February, 1862, be had during the present session, the notice required by the aforesaid resolutions not having been given. The resolution was agreed to by the Senate. Bill reported. House bill incorporating the Fredericksburg Insurance Company, with amendments. Resolutions. By Mr. Johnston: Of reporting bill 117 of the last session, providing for refunding to Abner Anthony, Sr., taxes erroneously assessed, and authorizing a reassessment of his lands in Bedford and Pittsylvania. By Mr. Christian, of Augusta: Of exempting from draftable persons who at the commencement of this war belonged to any religious denomination which binds its members not to engage in war, provided that for such exemption such persons shall pay to the Government a reasonable commutation fee to be fixed by law. The stay law. On motion of Mr. Whittle., the order of the day —