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irst and Eleventh Massachusetts. In spite of the rain our work progresses well. The following is the list of killed and wounded, all belonging to company II, First Massachusetts regiment. Killed: George P. Noyes, Wm. D. Smith, and Walter B. Andrews. Wounded: Allen A. Kingsbury, company H, mortally; George L. Stoddart. George H. Campbell, Wm. H. Montague, Thos. Crittick, Horace A. Sommers, Geo. H. Stone, Wm. H. Lane, O. C. Cooper, Wm. T. Wright, James W. Spooner, William P. Hallowe, Thomas Archer.--(Doc. 150.) The schooner Belle was captured about thirty miles off Charleston, S. C., by the U. S. steamer Uncas.--The schooner Mersey was captured off the coast of Georgia by the U. S. steamer Santiago de Cuba.--N. Y. Tribune, May 6. A battle was fought at Neosho, Mo., between one hundred and forty-six men of the First regiment of Missouri cavalry, under the command of Major Hubbard, and six hundred Indians, commanded by Cols. Coffee and Stainwright, resulting in the defeat
dvance, opened the attack; Meredith was at it a few minutes later. Short, sharp fighting, the enemy handsomely repulsed, three hundred rebel prisoners taken, General Archer himself reported at their head — such was the auspicious opening. No wonder the First determined to hold its ground. Yet they were ill-prepared for the cohe success was on the enemy's side. Wadsworth's division of the First corps having driven the enemy back some distance, captured numerous prisoners, among them Gen. Archer, of the confederate army. The arrival of reenforcements to the enemy on the Cashtown road, and the junction of Ewell's corps coming in on the York and Harriss and emulate their noble examples. Brigadier-Generals Kemper, Armistead, Scales, G. T. Anderson, Hampton, J. M. Jones, and Jenkins, were also wounded. Brig.-General Archer was taken prisoner. General Pettigrew, though wounded at Gettysburgh, continued in command until he was mortally wounded near Falling Waters. The loss
ssels, and sent all the prisoners to New-York. June 24.--Burned ship----, from Liverpool, for New-York, with passengers, and kept charge of her during the day. 25th.--Burned the ship, and let her go. At half-past 7 captured the schooner, (Archer.) At nine A. M., removing from the bark to the schooner. Finish at two A. M., every body being on board, burnt the bark Tacony. Stood to the N. W. This is the last entry in the Tacony's log. There is also a journal of the C. S. corvette Flotelle, Windward, Carrie Ann, Aldebaran, Byzantium, Isaac Webb, Shatemuc, Whistling Wind, Tacony, Goodspeed, Mary Alvina, Arabella, Umpire, Maringo, Florence, Ripple, Elizabeth Ann, Rufus Choate, Ada, Alfred Partridge, M. A. Shindler, Kate Stuart, Archer, a sloop, Wanderer. The following is a list of chronometers found on board schooner Archer: Bark Tacony, going; bark Whistling Wind, run down; brig Umpire, going; brig Clarence, going; ship Byzantium, going; bark Goodspeed, going. It appear
nsas cavalry; Brice W. Miller, company C, Fifth Kansas cavalry; V. Hinton, company D, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Geo. S. Cartwright, company D, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Chas. S. Perrin, company D, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Chas. E. Wate, company F, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Patrick McMahon, company K, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Sergeant Joseph Travoli, company B, First Indiana cavalry; Corporal John L. Whellen, company G, First Indiana cavalry; Charles H. Steel, company G, First Indiana cavalry. Wounded — Thomas Archer, company A, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Abraham Manon, company A, Fifth Kansas cavalry; D. W. Boutwell, company A, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Corporal William Steele, company A, Fifth Kansas cavalry; George Cox, company B, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Sergeant James Clarke, company C, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Sergeant Arthur T. Perry, company C, Fifth Kansas cavalry; George W. Smith, company C, fifth Kansas cavalry; Lewis N. Gibson, company C, Fifth Kansas cavalry; Thomas S. Fuller, company C, Fifth Kansas c
ebel redoubt. Private Grantman, who was wounded twice in the arm at Blackburn's Ford, received three wounds in the left leg, near the groin, this morning. He is now doing well. Private Kingsbury, who was also slightly wounded on the first occasion, was wounded mortally this morning. The rebel prisoners say that several of their killed and wounded comrades lay near the stream where they themselves were captured. The following is a complete list of our killed and wounded: killed--company H, First Massachusetts.--Private George A. Noyes, Private Wm. D. Smith, Walter B. Andrews. wounded--company H.--Wm. Grantman, Allen A. Kingsbury, mortally, George L. Stoddard, George H. Campbell, Wm. H. Montague, Thomas Chilleck, Horace A. Lamos, George H. Stone, Wm. H. Lane, Oliver C. Cooper, Wm. T. Wright, Jos. W. Spooner, Wm. P. Halgreen. Company A.--Thomas Archer, slightly in the face. Company I.--Stephen Wright, seriously in the head, George G. S. Norris, slightly in the face.