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close by, immediately fired upon him with Minnie rifles, shooting him in the face, and stabbing him afterwards. P. S.--There are many other matters of interest which could not be put in this communication. It is reported since the above was written that a number of stores have been broken open, the Mansion House seized and occupied, the depot books torn up and the safe rifled of $75, the Court-House seized and the papers all burnt, besides a number of arrests made — among the rest, Robt. Ashby, the merchant, than whom a better man does not live. In addition to the above, it is positively stated that a number of rapes have been perpetrated, and all the deeds which you might naturally expect from an unprincipled set of men who are following in their train. These facts are in the main fully authentic; the rest well sustained by current testimony. It will thus be seen that we must put out our whole strength, and humbly invoking the blessing of Heaven on our cause, advance
e hands of these ruffians Finally they became so lawless that Col. Wilcox thought it advisable to move them out of town. Accordingly. they were encamped on "Shuter's Hill," a beautiful grove about a mile from Alexandria, and the property of Mr. Robert Ashby. The Colonel coolly invited Mrs. A. to leave her house and grounds, and give them up to a set of lawless flirelings.--Mrs. Ashby's only remark on leaving her house was--"Sir, I can only say that if you have a wife, I hope she may never be pMrs. Ashby's only remark on leaving her house was--"Sir, I can only say that if you have a wife, I hope she may never be placed in the position you have put me." The troops are now throwing up entrenchments, tearing down the fences to build camp fires, cutting down their beautiful trees, and otherwise "protecting private property." Several instances of houses in the neighborhood of the Theological Seminary having been broken into, one of the ladies residing there, and knowing the Colonel, requested him to send a guard to protect the neighborhood and Seminary from these midnight marauders. A guard, osten
K. Sherman. --Killed--Corporal Theodore Morris. Wounded — Jas. E. Marrow, leg, which has been amputated; Privates P. K. Reiley., in thigh and calf of leg, severely; Thomas Collins, shoulder, severely; C. M. Herring, slightly, by fragment of a shell. Company G, Captain Wm. H. Gordon.--Killed.-- Lieut. H. H. Miles; Privates, J. Scott Mallory, S. S. Wilkinson. Wounded--Privates, Henry Ashby, left foot, slightly; G. F. Knanff, left hand, slightly; Jas. A. Royster, right arm, slightly; Robt. Ashby, blow on cheek; Wm. L. Ware, ankle, slightly. Company H. Captain F. J. Boggs.--Killed--Private Milton A. Barnes. Wounded--Sergeant James L. Bray, hand, slightly; John H. Morgan, foot, slightly; John H. Hartman, hand, slightly. Company I, Captain W. O. Taylor.--No one injured in this Company. Company K, Captain P. Miller.--Killed--Private Wolfgang Deacomb. Wounded--Privates W. E. Cree, thigh; F. Gartbier, hand; Henry Dobel, hip, slightly; P. C. Daginhart, left arm. To
Drummed out of the service. --At 4 o'clock yesterday evening the operation of drumming two soldiers out of the Confederate service was performed at the barracks. on Byrd street, opposite the Basin bank. The parties were named Robert Ashby and Maurice Johnson, and belonged to company G, City Battalion. They had been found guilty by Court-Martial of receiving a bribe of ten dollars from a man they had arrested on the street as guards. The Court adjudged that they should have their heads shaved and be drummed out of the service, which sentence was executed yesterday evening.
Sledd gave the requisite ball and was discharged. The following cases were continued for various reasons; Mary Dunavant, James F. McGee, and Robert Calaban, charged respectively with selling ardent spirits, to be drunk in their houses, without first obtaining ordinary licenses. Tom, slave of Margaret Wilson, charged with purchasing onions in the Second Market to sell again. Tom claims to have purchased the onions for the use of his mistress, who is a refugee from Petersburg, now occupying a house between that place and this city. The Mayor concluded to inquire further into the matter, and remanded the accused to jail till such time as he can be informed. Robert Ashby, a free negro boy, who has been before the Courts of this city ten or a dozen times, and as often been whipped for his conduct, was ordered another thrashing yesterday for offering abusive and threatening language towards Benjamin Harris. The Court then adjourned over till nine o'clock this morning.
in the day time, was held to bail to keep the peace. The case of Virginia and Emma Lord, charged with feloniously stealing one thousand, five hundred and twenty dollars, in Confederate States notes, the property of Mary W. Mace, was continued in consequence of the absence of witnesses. Joseph, slave of James Chivers, was charged with going at large, in violation of an ordinance. Owing to the absence of Joseph's master, the case was continued. Emeline, slave of Fanny Roy, charged with stealing a lady's dress, the property of H. B. Myers, was ordered to be whipped. Robert Ashby, a notoriously bad free negro boy, was sent on for examination on the charge of stealing brass from Alois Rex. The charge against Caroline, a slave, of maliciously setting fire to the dwelling-house of J. C. Courtney, on Eighth street, beyond Leigh, was brought up for a further hearing this morning. After examination, the accused was finally sent on for trial before the Hustings Court.
ted the prisoners to jail until this morning, when he will decide what to do with them. John and Andrew, free negroes, charged with stealing a piece of calico from Chiles & Chenery, valued at fifteen dollars in specie, were ordered to be whipped. The continued case of Jim, slave of William Allan, charged with murder, was called up; but, for reasons considered sufficient, it was further postponed. Emily, a dwarfed salve, not over three feet high, was charged with stealthily entering the grocery store of Benedict Howard, on Sixth street, and abstracting therefrom a piece of bacon. She was turned over to the custody of officer Moore, who took her home to her owner that she might be privately punished. The case of Robert Ashby, free, charged with stealing brass from Alois Rex, was continued till the 18th instant. Spencer, a free negro, charged with stealing tripe from George Chamberlayne, the proprietor of a stall in the Second Market, was punished with stripes.