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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 23: destruction of the ram Arkansas.--capture of Galveston.--capture of the Harriet Lane.--sinking of the Hatteras.--attack on Baton Rouge.--Miscellaneous engagements of the gun-boats. (search)
ristian; Acting-Master's Mates, Sylvester Rowland, B. G. Cahoon and J. M. Chadwick. Schooner Maria A. Wood. Acting-Master, Samuel C. Cruse; Acting-Master's Mates, F. C. Way and Charles Fort. Ship morning light. Acting-Masters, John Dillingham, H. W. Washburn, W. W. Fowler and L. H. Partridge; Acting-Masters' Mates, Geo. H. Rice and J. L. Chambers; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, John W. Shrify; Assistant Paymaster, W. S. Blunt. Bark W. G. Anderson. Acting-Masters, N. D'Oyly and Wm. Bailey; Acting-Masters' Mates, Roswell Davis and R. H. Carey; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Winthrop Butler; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Louis L. Scovel. Steamer Diana. Acting-Master, Ezra S. Goodwin Acting-Master's Mate, John D. Trott. Bark Horace Beales. Acting-Master, D. P. Heath; Assistant Surgeon, R. T. Edes; Acting-Ensign, J. F. Perkins; Acting-Master's Mates, James West and Eugene Biondi. Store-ship Nightingale. Acting-Masters, D. B. Horne and Edwin E. Drake; Acting-Masters'
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 52: operations about Charleston, 1865.--fall of Charleston, Savannah, etc. (search)
eutenant, Edward Cavendy; Acting-Master, Gilbert Richmond; Acting Ensigns, J. W. Griffiths, J. T. Carver, J. S. Thomles and J. M. Hudson; Acting-Master's Mate, J. F. Peterson; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, P. H. Pursell; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, F. V. D. Horton; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, John Harris; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. B. Curtes; Acting-Third-Assistants, A. F. Bullard and Edw. Humstone. South Carolina--Third-rate. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Wm. W. Kennison; Acting-Master, Wm. Bailey; Acting-Ensigns, John Gunn, E. M. Dimon, C. G. Boyer and Ansel S. Hitch; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. C. Vaughan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, S. W. Tanner; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. T. Hathaway; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. H. Rowe and Henry Gormley; Acting-Third-Assistants, S. C. Lane and John Agnew. Lodona--Third-rate. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, R. P. Swann; Acting-Masters, H. G. McKennee and R. C. McKenzie; Acting-Ensigns, Wm. S. McNeilly and L. B. Brigham; A
e United States of America, their ships, vessels, goods, effects, and those of their citizens, during the pending of the war now existing between the said Confederate States and the said United States. This commission to continue in force until revoked by the President of the Confederacy for the time being. Given under my hand, and seal of the Confederate States, at Montgomery, 14th October, 1861. Jefferson Davis. By the President: R. Toombs, Secretary of State. Schedule of description.--Name, Beauregard; tons, 101 4-95; armament, one gun; number of crew, forty. The following is a list of the officers of the sloop-of-war W. G. Anderson: Lieutenant Commanding--W. C. Rogers; Executive Officer--Henry C. Pitman; Second Executive Officer--Thomas Hutchinson; Sailing Master--William Bailey; Master's Mates--Warren Hallett, Robert C. Carey, Russell Davis. The Anderson has six thirty-two pounders and one rifled cannon. and a crew of one hundred and ten men. [See Doc. 172 1/2.]
ulder; Levi A. Hamblin, hip; Geo. W. Newell, leg; W. H. Pectall, hip. Co. F, Private Jeremiah Collins, ankle, severe, (may be killed.) Co. H, Capt. Robert Leggett, thigh; Sergeant Wm. M. Webb, knee; Corporal Henry J. Haugh, arm, severe; Corporal Jedediah R. Gay, hip; Privates Halmer Colbert, leg; Thomas Graff, chest; Peter Doneicke, leg; Peter Slade, hip, (amputated;) Wm. Ride, thigh; Hals. B. Culvert, leg; Patrick Dinckey, leg; Planey Bartholomew, groin, dangerous; Geo. Brown, leg; Wm. Bailey, thigh; Chas. H. Daniels, wrist; Fred. C. Douglas, shoulder; Jas. Gaffney, thigh; Henry J. Huff, arm. Co. I, Private George P. Robbins, thigh. Co. K, Capt. Benj. Jepson, head. Killed and wounded--Twenty-Fifth Massachusetts regiment, officially reported. Killed. Co. C, James Haverstock, Worcester. Co. E, Michael Brosnihan, do. Co. G, Eugene Gantner, do. Co. G, Valentine Suter, Oxford. Co. F, Levi Ball, Gardner; Thomas Kelly, N. E. Village. Wounded. Co. A,
General Kilpatrick, seeing this, with his staff and others, about thirty in all, moved forward to capture the guns, but found a high staked and ridered fence between him and the battery. Seeing the predicament in which the General was, private William Bailey, Company I, Fourth Michigan, an orderly to Colonel Minty, coolly rode up to the fence, dismounted in the face of a severe fire, tore down the fence, remounted, rode up to the battery, shot the Captain, took possession of the horse and armed. The losses in the command are, about: Carlin's division, Moore's brigade, two hundred, including Major Carter, in hip; Captain Jenkins, thigh; Captain Perry, mortally, and Lieutenant Osborne, slight; all of the Thirty-eighth Indiana. Lieutenant Bailey, killed, and Lieutenants Pierson, Murray, and Cunningham, wounded, of the Sixty-ninth Ohio. Eddy's regular brigade about three hundred, including Captain Kellogg, Eighteenth United States, arm; Lieutenant Powell and Captain Burrows, Eigh
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
Jan. 20, 1863.Actg. Ensign.Tennessee.West Gulf.July 24, 1863.Dismissed.Actg. Ensign. Aug. 10, 1864.Actg. Master.Oct. 28, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Master. Badlam, William H., In service prior to 1861.Mass.Mass.Mass.—--, 1861.3d Asst. Engr.Narragansett; Kearsarge.Pacific; Special Service.Mar. 10, 1866.Resigned.2d Asst. Engr. Oct. 8, 1861.2d Asst. Engr. Bailey, Frederick C.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Nov. 28, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.Tacony.North Atlantic.Aug. 23, 1866.Hon. discharged.Mate. Bailey, William, Credit, Wendell.Mass.Mass.Mass.Aug. 12, 1861.Actg. Master.William G. Anderson; Harvest Moon.West Gulf; So. Atlantic.July 2, 1863.Appointment revoked.Actg. Master. Dec. 7, 1863.Actg. Ensign.Sept. 19, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Master. May 24, 1864.Actg. Master. Baker, Charles H., In service prior to 1861.Mass.Mass.Mass.—--, 1861.1st Asst. Engr.Special Duty.---- Oct. 29, 1861.Chf. Engr. Baker, Charles T.,-Mass.Mass.Oct. 24, 1864.Actg. Ensign.Gemsbok.West India.Aug. 14. 1865
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
e, 8 Bacon, Henry, 239, 398 Bacon, J. A., 239 Bacon, J. M., 239 Bacon, W. B., 205, 239, 504 Bacon, W. F., 8 Badean, Adam, 614 Badger, A. S., 239, 458, 504 Badger, Norman, 398 Badlam, W. H., 8 Bagg, A. D., 576 Bagg, Sylvester, 398, 504 Bailey, A. J., 239 Bailey, C. S., 458 Bailey, D. W., 239 Bailey, Edwin, 239 Bailey, F. C., 8 Bailey, G. G., Jr., 239 Bailey, G. H., 239 Bailey, G. H., 580 Bailey, H. S., 239 Bailey, P. S., 239 Bailey, W. C., 239 Bailey, W. S., 239 Bailey, William, 8 Baird, W. L., 239 Baird, William, 484 Baker, C. H., 8 Baker, C. H., 239 Baker, C. T., 8 Baker, Edward, 8 Baker, F. A., 240, 504 Baker, F. W., 8 Baker, G. M., 614 Baker, G. M., 573 Baker, G. W., 8 Baker, H. H., 580 Baker, H. R., 8 Baker, Henry, 8 Baker, J. A., 240 Baker, J. A., 240 Baker, J. F., 8 Baker, J. I., 205, 504 Baker, L. W., 605 Baker, Lathrop, 8 Baker, M. A., 614 Baker, N. M., Jr., 8 Baker, O. A., 240 Baker, R. F., 8 Baker, S. B. N., 240 Baker, W
identity as Florida troops, but that its decimated ranks will be filled up by the new levies about to be raised in that State, and that volunteers will hasten to join this brigade which has done such faithful service in the army of Northern Virginia, and won a name and fame for the gallant little State of Florida. In the Gettysburg fight the Fifth Florida lost 17 killed and 76 wounded; among the killed Capt. John Frink and Lieut. J. A. Jenkins and J. C. Blake; among the wounded Captains William Bailey and R. N. Gardner, Lieutenants G. L. Odum, J. A. Shaw and George Walker. The Second lost 1 killed and 70 wounded. The casualties of the Eighth were 5 killed and 65 wounded. Among the wounded were Captains T. R. Love, J. Mizell and T. B. Livingston; Lieutenants H. Bruce, W. W. Wilson, E. J. Dismukes, John Malone, F. M. Bryan and T. W. Givens. At the battle of Bristoe Station, October 14, 1863, the brigade was conspicuously engaged, losing a considerable number killed and wounded;
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ds, Nathan Odom, Private C. S. Alligood, Asa Holt, W. M. Isler. Co. D. Private William Howell, Hawkins, John Tatum, William Catledge. Co. E. 3d Sergeant John W. Jones, Private H. Holtzclaw, Every Stokeley, Private William Bailey, Wm. C. Bryan, N. W. Howell. Co. F. 1st Sergeant F. M. Brown, Private J. A. Hill, Wm. A. Lindsay, Private James Newson, J. A. Taylor. Co. G. 1st Sergeant C. W. Bannerman, 2d Sergeant J. F. Reichert, 5th Sergeant James Dal J. F. Millsaps, Private J. W. Barnett, S. Barnes, J. Cardon, W. A. Deatheridge, H. C. Freeman, J. H. Groves, E. J. Jenkins, Co. B. Sergeant J. R. Davenport, W. J. Calhoun, J. R. Purvis, Corporal T. L. Brown, A. M. Grimes, Private W. Bailey, D. Boyd, J. E. Clark, T. T. Council, J. M. Graham, Private W. Harrell, Warren Harrell, J. H. Jenkins, J. O. Nelson, E. O. Bryant, J. T. Raiford, J. R. Ruffin, H. L. Roebuck, B. H. Taylor, J. R. Williams. Co. C. Sergea
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A list of Confederate officers, prisoners, who were held by Federal authority on Morris Island, S. C., under Confederate fire from September 7th to October 21st, 1864. (search)
2d Lt. J. B. Gallman, 5th inft., Unionsville. Zzz=2d Lt. N. B. Lusk, 12th inft., Cherokee. Zzz=2d Lt. J. A. Garrett, Holcom's, Spartenburg. Zzz=2d Lt. J. G. Hallford, 8th inft., Timmonsville. Zzz=2d Lt. W. E. Johnson, 7th cav., Kershaw's Division. Zzz=2d Lt. Wm. Epps, 4th cav., Kingtree. Zzz=2d Lt. David Gordon, 4th cav., Kingtree. Zzz=2d Lt. M. P. Galoway, 23d inft., Marlsboro District. Florida. Capt. Wm. D. Ballentine, 2d Fla. inft., Pensacola. Zzz=Capt. Wm. Bailey, 5th inft., Leon. Zzz=Capt. G. Fenley, 1st cav., Marion. Zzz=Capt. J. C. Talbot, 5th inft., Lake City. 1st Lt. T. S. Armistead, 8th inft., Marianna. Zzz=1st Lt. Sanders Myers, 4th inft., Appaalachicola. 2d Lt. S. M. Davis, 4th inft., Quincy. Zzz=2d Lt. R. M. Hall, 9th inft., Appaalachicola. Zzz=2d Lt. A. L. Bull, 5th inft., Tallahassee. Alabama. Capt. R. F. Campbell, 49th inft., Village Spring. Zzz=Capt. J. N. Chisholm, 9th inft., Florence. Zzz=Capt. J. N.
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