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, captain; Humphrey A. Francis and John M. Dean, lieutenants,—all of Freetown. Company H, Samoset Guards, Plympton. Lucian L. Perkins, of Plympton, captain; Oscar E. Washburn, of Plympton, and Southworth Loring, of Middleborough, lieutenants. Company K, Bay State Light Infantry, Carver. William S. McFarlin, of South Carver, captain; John Dunham, of North Carver, and Francis L. Porter, of New Bedford, lieutenants. Company L, New Bedford City Guards. Timothy Ingraham, captain; and James Barton and Austin S. Cushman, lieutenants,—all of New Bedford. This company left New-Bedford early on the morning of the 16th. Its departure was witnessed by thousands of citizens. Addresses were made by ex-Governor John H. Clifford and the Mayor of the city. The following is an extract from Governor Clifford's speech:— You, New-Bedford Guards,—guards of honor and safety to your fellow-citizens! We know, that, when brought to the test, you will be justified and approved. It was a
E. Henry, Capt. W. S. Johnston, Lieut. R. M. Maguire, Lieut. Frank Thomas. 2d Infantry, Capt. D. A. Oakey, had three flags and two staffs from which the colors had been shot off. This regiment turned out some 50 men. Present with it were Adjutant J. A. Fox, Quartermaster M. M. Hawes, Chaplain A. H. Quint, Capt. H. M. Comey, Capt. G. J. Thompson, Capt. G. A. Thayer. 3d Infantry, belonging to Plymouth and Bristol counties, had 4 commissioned officers to carry its four colors. Lieut.-Col. James Barton outranked the other officers on the ground. 4th Infantry, Col. Henry Walker, 30 men. 5th Infantry turned out very strongly, having some 300 men in line and two flags. Col. G. H. Pierson was in command. 6th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. Melvin Beal, 30 men, four colors. 7th Infantry, a Bristol County regiment, 40 men, carrying two colors; was commanded by Maj. J. B. Leonard. 8th Infantry, Col. B. F. Peach, Jr., of Lynn, 60 men, two colors. 9th Infantry, Col. P. R. Guiney,
498 Bartlett, C. A., 332 Bartlett (or Bartell), Carl, 498 Bartlett, E. B., 120, 332 Bartlett, G. B., 332 Bartlett, J., 498 Bartlett, James W., 441 Bartlett, Jeremiah, 498 Bartlett, John W., 441 Bartlett, L. C., 332 Bartlett, M. C., 332 Bartlett, N. S., 332 Bartlett, W. F., 30, 62, 63, 115, 117, 126, 133, 140, 143, 288, 304. Bartlett, W. H., 4th Mass. Inf., 202, 332 Bartlett, W. H., 39th Mass. Inf., 498 Bartlett, William, 441, 498 Barton, Austin, 441 Barton, H. A., 498 Barton, James, 151 Bascomb, Wallace, 332 Base, G. L., 332 Bassett, B. F., 441 Bassett, C. W., 332 Bassett, D. W., 441 Bassett, J. C., 332 Bassett, J. W., 65 Bassett, R. C., 498 Bassett, Urlah, 332 Bassett, W. H. H., 498 Batchelder, C. P., 441 Batchelder, G. W., 73, 332 Batchelder, J. E., 441 Batchelder, N. W., 92, 99 Batchelder, Samuel, Jr., 332 Batchelor, O. W., 332 Bateman, Charles, 332 Bates, C. G., 441 Bates, E. T., 332 Bates, J. L., 75, 79, 91, 98, 99, 115, 218 Bates, S. P.
Volunteers, Apr. 9, 1865. Mustered out, July 22, 1865. Bartholomew, Walter G. Captain, 27th Mass. Infantry, Oct. 16, 1861. Major, Dec. 7, 1861. Lieut. Colonel, May 29, 1863. Colonel, Sept. 21, 1864; not mustered. Mustered out as Lieut. Colonel, June 26, 1865. Bartlett, William Francis. See General Officers. Barton, Frederick. Captain, 10th Mass. Infantry, June 21, 1861. Mustered out, July 6, 1864. Brevet Major and Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Barton, James. First Lieutenant, 3d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Apr. 23, 1861. Mustered out, July 22, 1861. Lieut. Colonel, 3d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Oct. 15, 1862. Mustered out, June 26, 1863. Batchelder, N. Waiter. Lieut. Colonel, 13th Mass. Infantry, July 16, 1861. Resigned, Apr. 15, 1864. Bates, James Lawrence. See General Officers. Beal, Melvin. Second Lieutenant, 6th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Apr. 22, 1861. Captai
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
, B. T., 242 Bartlett, C. E. A., 242 Bartlett, C. H., 242 Bartlett, Cornelius, 10 Bartlett, D. W., 572 Bartlett, E. B., 242 Bartlett, E. J., 242 Bartlett, Ezra, 10 Bartlett, Francis, 608 Bartlett, G. W., 242 Bartlett, Moses, 242 Bartlett, Prescott, 458 Bartlett, W. F., 170, 206, 400, 506, 619 Bartlett, W. H., 242 Bartol, C. A., 608 Bartol, John, Jr., 10 Barton, Clara, 595, 619 Barton, David, 400 Barton, F. A., 393 Barton, Frederick, 206, 242, 506 Barton, G. E., 242 Barton, James, 206 Barton, T. A., 242 Bascom, G. W., 580 Bascom, George, 242 Bascom, Gilbert, 580 Bass, William, 377 Bassett, C. C., 580 Bassett, C. H., 242 Bassett, Ezra, 10 Bassett, F. S., 619 Bassett, J. C., 377 Bassett, James, 242 Bassett, Orville, 10 Bassett, William, 571 Batchelder, C. M., 242 Batchelder, C. T., 242 Batchelder, Chandler, 580 Batchelder, Cornelius, 242 Batchelder, D. W., 580 Batchelder, G. A., 242, 400 Batchelder, G. A., 242 Batchelder, G. W., 242 Batchelder
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company F. (search)
. Aug. 13, 1862. Disch. May 20, 1865. Wilson Thornbury, Corp. Cambridge. Aug. 13, 1862. Disch. May 20, 1865. Joseph Brehm, bugler, Cambridge, 28, m; baker. Aug. 14, 1862. Disch. May 20, 1865. Frank T. Pullen, bugler, Cambridge, 21, teamster. Aug. 1, 1862. Disch May 20, 1865. Unof. Philip Rady, bugler, Cambridge, 17, s; laborer, Aug. 17, 1862. Disch. disa. March 5, 1864. Michael Murphy, drummer, Salem, 18, s; laborer. Aug. 21, 1862. Disch. disa. Nov. 27, 1863. James Barton, blacksmith, Salem, 25, m; shoemaker. Aug. 25, 1862. Trans. 22nd Co. 2 Bat. V. R.C. Andy Gately, cook, en. Port Hudson, 26. Oct. 31, 1863. Deserted, July 30, 1864. Andrew Hawkins, Cook, en, Alexandria, La. 22. May 10, 1863, Deserted Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., July 28, 1865. Reuben Williams, Cook, 23, en. Port Hudson, La. Oct. 31, 1863. On detached service since May 10, 1864. No further record. Unof. Charles B. Abbot, Lynn, 45, m; shoemaker, Sept. 3, 1862. Disch. disa. Aug.
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Addenda. (search)
Addenda. In list of portraits (Contents), Capt. G. F. Stevens should be Lieut. W. S. Stevens. Page 45. New Orleans was taken in 1862, not 1861. 65. The Mississippi grounded on the east bank of the river, not the west. 124. Read, Mrs. F. G. Pope for Mrs. G. F. Pope, in last paragraph. 127. Michael Hahn was inaugurated in Lafayette Square, not Jackson Square. 128. The fourth portrait is that of Capt. C. W. C. Rhoades. 311. (Aug. 4) Sergeant Read should be Sergeant Wright. 382. For Geo. W. Stacy read Geo. W. Stacey. 395. Colonel Sargent was born in 1826, not 1862. 445. William Knight should be David S. Knight. 454. Portraits of Aleck Terrio and James Quinn will be found on this page. LIX (Roster, Co. F.) For James Barton, read James Beston.
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1861., [Electronic resource], Murder of a soldier in Memphis, Tenn (search)
wenty-seven dollars he had about him. Three men who were in the place saw this, and after the soldiers had left the place they went up to them and demanded the money. On being refused by McCarty, one of them with a pistol shot him. The ball struck the heart and death was instantaneous. An attempt was made to take the money from the dead man's pocket, but two mounted soldiers coming up, they fled.--They were pursued, and one of the two, Chas. Philips, was arrested. Another of the party, James Barton, was arrested yesterday morning. The two men were placed in jail. When the circumstances became known there was great excitement among the comrades of the deceased and others, and a large crowd of persons assembled round the jail.--Toward noon, symptoms of a riot were apparent, and shouts were uttered of "bring him out, hang him." This was in reference to the one supposed to have fired the fatal shot.--Several influential citizens mingled with the crowd, recommending that the law should