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Arrived, Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamer Geo. Peabody Pritchard, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr.Ocean. Asron, Baltimore, guano, Bacon & Baskervill. Schr.Mary Ellen, Elliott, Baltimore Iumber, John Abrahams. Schr.R. C. Stanard, Jr., Booze, Baltimore, guano, Schaer, Kohler & Co. Schr.John Francis, Frost, James River, lumber, L. J. Mercer & Co. Schr.Georgeanna, Booth, James River, lumber, J. S. Steverson. Schr.Charles, Higgins, James River, lumber, J. A. Belvin Schr.Chief, --,Eastern Shore, oats, A. Milspaugh. Schr.Surprise, --, Eastern Shore, oats, A. Milspaugh. Schr. J. W. L. Sturgess, Scott, Eastern Shore, oats. A. Milspaugh. Schr.Emma D., Warren, Eastern Shore, oats, A. Milspaugh. Schr.King William, Fleming, Pamunkey River, wheat, Dunlop, Moncure & Co. Schr.D. C. Geryther, Kerwin, Norfolk, corn, Stearns & Co., Schr.Virginia, Es
W. Summers, W. C. Rives, and James A. Seddon, Virginia Commissioners to the Peace Congress, to the Governor, transmitted to the Speaker this day, accompanied by a copy of the plan adopted by said Peace Conference, commonly known as the Franklin Substitute. The document being read, on motion they were laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Bills Passed.--Establishing the county of Bland out of parts of Giles, Wythe, and Tazewell. Enslavement of Free Negroes--On motion of Mr. Baskervill, the bill for the voluntary enslavement of B. W. Love and Isaac Burnett, free persons of color, was taken. He said when the bill was before the House the other day, on the suggestion of members that a general bill, embracing the same objects, would be reported, he had moved to lay the bill on the table. He now reported said bill. The title reads as follows: "For the voluntary enslavement of free negroes without compensation to the Commonwealth. " On motion of Mr. Walker, t
The Daily Dispatch: March 9, 1861., [Electronic resource], Arrival of Ex-President Buchanan at home (search)
that the hour had arrived for the consideration of the order of the day — the bill "providing for the partial suspension of the sale of State bonds, and for complying with the contracts already made on the Covington and Ohio Railroad." Mr. Baskervill submitted a motion to pass by, to take up the bill for the voluntary enslavement of free negroes, discussed on Tuesday, with a view of making it the order of the day for to-morrow. Mr. Evans inquired whether it would be in order also to suspend the order of the day for the purpose of adopting the joint resolution fixing a day for final adjournment. The Speaker replied that such a motion was not in order. Mr. Baskervill then submitted his motion, and the House agreed to pass by; but, in voting, refused to make the bill the order of the day. The Covington and Ohio Railroad bill being before the House, Mr. Segar submitted a motion that the amount named be reduced from $500,000 to $300,000. The motion was adopted. M
Arrived, Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, N. Y., mdz. And passengers, Ludlam & Watson. steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Balt., mdz. And passengers, D. & W. Currie. schr. Problem, Tyler, Philadelphia, coal, G. W. Yager. schr. Beverly, Blanche, Halifax, fish, Bacon & Baskervill. schr. Sarah Willets, Smith, Philadelphia, coal, Poitiaux & Botts. schr. Magnolia, Nickerson, Boston, mdz., D. & W. Currie. schr. Oneida, Warren, N. Y., ice, B. Wardwell & Co. schr. S. P. Townsend, Hall, Cherrytown, oats and wheat, Bridgford & Co. sailed, Brig. Linda, Eschen, Rio Grande, S. A., flour, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. Mary, Turner, down the river light. New York, March 9.--Cl'd schr. Grapeshot, Norfolk, Ar'd schr. Magnet, City Point; Julia Maine, Norfolk. Alexandria, March 9.--Ar'd schr. Fleetwood, Norfolk. Charleston, March 8.--Ar'd schr. Moses Van Name, Norfolk. Passengers arrived per Steamship Yorktown, Parish, Master, from New York: Miss Hines.
Sailed, Schr. Danville, Chester, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Samaria, Todd, Petersburg, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr Beverly, (Br.) Blanch, Halifax, flour, Bacon & Baskervill. Schr. Oneida, Warren, down the river, light. Schr. Virginia, Resple, down the river, light. Schr. Elate, Faceman, down the river, light. Schr. Magnolia, Nickerson, down the river, light. Schr. William and John, --, down the river, light. Brig Fred. Eugenia, Hawes, down the river, light. Memoranda. Schr. Marshall, from New York, below City Point. Charleston, March 11.--Ar'd. schr. Sprightling Sea, Norfolk. Cl'd, schr. Minnesota, Richmond. Baltimore, March 12.--Ar'd, Flying Arrow, Norfolk, Cl'd, sloop Stafford, Fredericksburg. New York, March 12.--Cl'd, schr. Horizon, Norfolk. Norfolk, March 13.--Ar'd, bark Callorny, coal from Scotland.
Arrived, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner, New York, mdze, and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Marshall, Chichester, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Wm S. Triplett, Pritchett, Baltimore, guano, Bacon & Baskervill. Schr. Mahlon Betts, Endecott, Philadelphia, railroad iron, Central R. R. Co. Sailed, Schr. Arctic, Tucker, down the river, light. Schr. Mury Tice, Tice, down the river, light.
Arrived. Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze.and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Gallego, Smith, New York, mdze., D. & W Currie. Schr.R. P. King, Leeds, Philadelphia, coal, S. P. Hawes & Son. Schr. Geo.Franklin, Tyler, Alexandria,mdze., Hunt & James. sailed, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamship Virginia, Kelley, Philadelphia, mdze.and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze.and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr.John Alexander, Applegate, down the river, light. Schr.Emery, (Br.,) King, Halifax, flour, Bacon & Baskervill. Schr.Samuel, Kerwan, Rio, flour, S. McGruder' s Sons. Schr.John H. Travers, Frank,mdze.,W. D. Colquitt & Co. Memorandum. Schr.Flora, from Jacksonville, Fla., loaded with lumber, reported ashore in the river at Windmill Point.
zing the Clerks of the Supreme Court and the District Courts of Appeals to take orders of publication in vacation; by Mr. Baskervill, for increasing the capital stock of the Roanoke Valley Railroad; by Mr. Bentley, of providing by law for the availabg the County Courts to purchase arms, and to provide for such purchase either by levy, sale of lands or otherwise; by Mr. Baskervill, of withdrawing House bill of last session, providing for an increase of the capital stock of the Roanoke Valley Railanded, with the following result: Yeas--Messrs. Crutchfield, (Speaker,) Allen, Anderson, Baily, Ballard, Barbour, Baskervill, Bass, Bassel, Bell, Boisseau, Burkes; Caperton, Carpenter, Carter, Chapman, Childs, Claiborne, Duckwall, Edwards, Evanone, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Alderson, Allen, Anderson, Arnold, Bailey, Ball, Ballard, Barbour, Baskervill, Bass, Bassel, Bell, Bentley, Bisbie, Boisseau, Booker, Boreman, Brown, Burkes, Caperton, Carpenter, Carter, Cassin, Ch
ted by the people of this Commonwealth. 6. Resolved, That copies of the foregoing resolutions be forth with telegraphed to the Executives of the several States. Mr. Newton moved that the fourth resolution offered as part of his substitute for the preamble of the Joint Committee, be added to the report and resolutions as adopted by the House. The yeas and nays were called for, and given as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Crutchfield, (Speaker,) Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Ballard, Baskervill, Bass, Bell, Boisseau, Carpenter, Carter, Childs Coleman, Davis, Duckwall, Edwards, Friend, Garrett, Jno. T. Gibson, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer. Huntt, Hunter, Jett, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T. Jones, Kaufman Kemper, Kinchelce. Leftwich, Lynn. Mallory, Thomas Martin, McCamant, McDowell, McGehee, McKinney, Mong, Montague. Nelson, Newton, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Saunders, Seddon, Henry Smith, Thomas Tomlin, Tyler, Ward, Wilson, Witten, Woolfolk, and Yerby--55 Nays.--Mes
General Assembly of Virginia.[extra session.]Senate.[not in session,]House of Delegates. Wednesday, Feb, 6th, 1861. The House was called to order at 12 o'clock M., by Speaker Crutchfield, and opened with prayer by Rev. L. Keppler, of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency were read and referred: By Mr. Booker, of refunding to E. T. Price a sum of money improperly paid; by Mr. Baskervill, of leave to withdraw from the files of the House bill No. 339 of the last session, (making appropriation out of the surplus of the Literary Fund to certain colleges,) and referring the same to the Committee on Schools and Colleges; by Mr. Ballard, of making an additional allowance to the Commissioner of the Revenue in the county of Logan, for the years 1861 and '62. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported from Committees, viz: Incorporating the Citizens' Insurance Company of Richmond; incorporating the Farmers'
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