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to ball for their appearance before the Mayor to-day — the latter for having fifteen counterfeit ten cent pieces in his possession.--Wm. C. Gay, arrested for drunkenness and lying on the sidewalk, was detained.--Yesterday. (Sunday.) Betsey Miller, white, was "taken up" for being drunk and using obscene language in the street. Betsey continued the same course of conduct after incarceration, and, no doubt, to-day she will "go down" in default of a voucher for her future demeanor. In addition to the above, Joshua, slave of P. H. Russell, was punished for stealing bacon from Chas. Bates.--Wm. Amos, free negro, for playing the gentleman without a permit, was punished.--Charles Leitz, white, for allowing certain flulds to affect him in a manner not recognized by the legal autherities, was held for Court.--Thomas, slave of J. M. Sheppard, was punished for gambling, Sundry companions were nominated and elected Union candidates--(stars and stripes)--Aldermau Sadler conductor of electio
The Daily Dispatch: August 1, 1861., [Electronic resource], General Toombs' Brigade--Second Georgia Regiment. (search)
valuable additions have been made to the committee, which now is as follows: John D. Harvie, Chairman; B. W. Haxall, Secretary; H. A. Dudley, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of Register; Jas. Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, T. W. McCane, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, E. Straus, Ed. A. Smith, John Gibson, W. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherford, C. Crew, A. Spotts, Thos. Vaden, John Enders, Jos. Tate, F. Redford, C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, T. G. Bell, Charles Bates, Joseph Allen, John Hatcher, Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thos. Jones, Robt. O. Haskins, Luther Libby, M. Milhiser, L. H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Campbell, T. C. Eppes, D. N. Jones, H. T. Pairo, W. Goddin, Chas. Beble, W. F. Taylor, Jordan Martin, and J. H. Johnson. Members of the committee who are not active are earnestly requested to report themselves for duty, at the Committee Room, St. Charles Hotel, at the daily hour of meeting, 1 o'clock P. M. Committee to Solici
Death of an officer. --Capt. John H. Boyd, of the 11th North Carolina Regiment, died of typhoid fever, at the residence of Charles Bates, on Clay street, in this city, last Wednesday morning. His remains (accompanied by his father and brother) have been taken to his native county, Rockingham, N. C., for interment.
discharged, there being no evidence of her guilt. W. H. H. Mason, a deserter from Company "A," Eighteenth Regiment Virginia Volunteers, was committed, to await the orders of Captain Atkinson. James Finley was fined $10 for having his house, where ardent spirits are usually sold, open on Sunday last. Robert P. Cosby, free negro, was fined $20 for running a hack without license. Charles Wood, charged with petty larceny in stealing a bacon ham of the value of $3.50 from Charles Bates, was committed to jail for trail in the Hustings Courts, before which the witness was recognized to appear in November next. Patrick McQuade was fined $5 for unlawful huckstering. The cases of Fanny Robinson and Timothy Harris came up again, according to the continuance of the preceding day. Tim was required to give surety in $150 for his good behavior for twelve months. Fanny was discharged, it appearing that Tim stood in no fear of being hurt by her. Samuel Frayser, for
five balloons, sixteen wagons, 85 horses, and six hundred men, exclusive of those on the boat, are employed. Affairs in Alexandria. The election for corporate authorities at Alexandria, to displace the present disloyal incumbents, is fixed for the 20th inst. Wm. Arnold, Lewis McKenzie, Stephen Shinn, and Henry Mansfield, are the Commissioners appointed to conduct the election. The prominent citizens of Alexandria arrested on suspicion of holding an election for member of the rebel Congress have been dismissed, for the want of evidence to convict them. The amount of property of rebel debtors seized and held by the Provost Judge of Alexandria is over twenty thousand dollars. It is held by an order issued by General McClellan. It is believed by many in high position, who have examined the facts, that the Administration will sustain the decision of Judge Freese. Certain it is that all the members of the Cabinet do not endorse the views of Attorney-General Bates.
F. B. Hart, R. T. Reynolds, W. P. Parkins, S. Mason, D. J. Saunders, Thomas Lawson — several cases against each. The Grand Jury also presented White & Riley, for retailing ardent spirits at the Theatre, without license. William Burnes, for exhibiting faro. Clara Coleman, fer keeping a house of ill-fame. James Suliivan, for assaulting Catharine Croke. Louisa Sunderland, for petty larceny. The following cases were tried on Saturday: John P. Hughes, for beating his wife, found guilty, and fined $35. The Court sentenced him to six months imprisonment with labor in the chain gang. William Kartang, for beating his wife, found guilty, and fined $20. Sentenced to three months imprisonment, with the chain-gang addition. Charles Wood plead guilty to a charge of stealing a ham of bacon from Charles Bates, and was sentenced to three months imprisonment. Samuel Frayser was fined $15 and costs, for an assault on M. B. Mann. The Court adjourned for the term.
Alarms of fire. --An alarm of fire was caused on 20th street on Wednesday by the chimney of the residence of Col. George W. Willis setting fire to the roof. The alarm being given, it was speedily extinguished. On Wednesday night, about 2 o'clock, Watchmen duke and Bradford discovered the smokehouse of Mr. Chas. Bates, on Clay street, to be on fire. They were so fortunate as to put out the flames without the necessity of calling out the fire department.
n the Mayor remanded the accused to be further examined before the Hustings Court. Peter and Raymond, negro boys, arrested in the house on Main street, said to have been kept by Hungerford & Degroot as a faro bank, were ordered to again appear before the Mayor this morning. Nelson, slave of Capt. Ward, was ordered to receive twenty-five lashes, on the charge of stealing a piece of beef from S. Schwartz on Saturday morning last, valued at $25. A charge was preferred against Charles Bates and Mildred A. McCulloch, of buying pork in the Second Market to sell again, contrary to law. At the conclusion of the testimony. His Honor adjourned the matter for further consideration till this morning. Officer Granger arrested on Friday night a negro fellow, named Reuben, belonging to B. H. Tucker, for going about the streets with an improper pass. Some suspicious circumstances attending the conduct of this negro, the Mayor continued the examination till this morning. There w
, Walker, and Stokes, Absent: Mr. Clopton. Mr. Richardson, from the Committee on Hospitals, presented a report from the attending physician of the City Hospital, setting forth a favorable condition of the same. Upon his motion the 3d section of the ordinance concerning city hospitals was amended so as to allow the attending physician $10 per day as long as there are one or more patients therein. Mr. Glazebrook, from the Committee on Markets, offered a resolution remitting to Mr. Charles Bates a certain fine which he had been required to pay by the Mayor. The resolution was agreed to. Mr. Denoon, from the Committee on Water Works, presented a petition from the night watch of the city water works, asking that their pay be increased to $6,25 per night, said increase to date from the time of the increase of other employees of that department. The prayer of the petitioners was granted. Mr. Denoon, from the same committee, also laid before the Council the report of th
halkley arrested her on Saturday night last and lodged her in the lower station-house for safe-keeping. A negro man named Dick, the property of Jane Gaines, was arrested on Saturday afternoon, charged with stealing several pounds of butter, valued at $80, from Mrs. Sarah A. Walfinn. Capt. Pleasants arrested Saturday night a negro fellow belonging to John Bagnall, charged with stealing a large quantity of lard from his owner. An attempt was made to break into the stall of Mr. Charles Bates, at the Second Market, on Saturday night last; but the thief, becoming frightened at some person passing along the street, took to his heels before effecting an entrance to the valuables which were fastened up. The instrument used in prizing open the stall was a large iron chisel, and so great was the force used that the instrument was broken in two, one part of which was left behind. Joe, the property of Armistead Braxton, was detected in attempting to break into the house of Was
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