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he U. S. Congress, from Rochester District, N. Y.--an amateur fighter. Twenty-right Virginia Regiment, Col. R. T. Preston. Company B--Capt R. C. Runnels and private Z F Nutter, slightly wounded. Capt. Kent's Company--First Lieutenant R. W. Saunders, wounded; Ed. Langhorne, killed. General Kirby Smith, of Regular Army, was only wounded and not killed as at first reported. Colonel R. T. Preston took Colonel Wilcox, of the Michigan regiment, one captain and three privates prisoners, with his own hands. Gen. Johnston's Staff. Colonel Thomas, killed; Colonel Mason, wounded. Gen Bee's Staff. Colonel C. H. Stevens, wounded. Sixth North Carolina Regiment. Col. Fisher, killed. An estimate of the killed and wounded, by the Chief Military Surgeon at Gen. Beauregard's Headquarters, on the part of our army, places the amount at 300 to 400 killed, and 1000 to 1200 wounded. On the part of the enemy, from 6,000 to 7,000 killed and wounded.
Carried home. --The bodies of Colonels Bartow, Johnston, and Gen. Bee, were yesterday escorted from the Capitol to the Petersburg Depot by the State Guard, accompanied by Governor Letcher and other gentlemen. The first battalion of the Third Regiment of North Carolina, under Lieut.-Col. Ray, formed a part of the escort on Tuesday evening from the Central Depot to the Capitol.
Between two and three o'clock large numbers of men were leaving the field, some of them wounded, others exhausted by the long struggle, who gave us gloomy reports; but as the fire on both sides continued steadily, we felt sure that our brave Southerners had not been conquered by the overwhelming hordes of the North. It is, however, due to truth to say that the result at this hour hung trembling in the balance. We had lost numbers of our most distinguished officers.--Generals Bartow and Bee had been stricken down; Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, of the Hampton Legion, had been killed; Colonel Hampton had been wounded, but there was at hand the fearless General whose reputation as a commander was staked on this battle; and with that chivalry which is his nature, Gen. Beauregard promptly offered to lead the Hampton Legion into action, which he executed in a style unsurpassed and unsurpassable. General Beauregard rode up and down our lines between the enemy and his own men, regard
scarcely losing a man, but bringing off forty-five prisoners." Soon after this affair Col. Jackson was made a Brigadier-General. At the first battle of Manassas he gained the soubriquet of "Stone wall," under the following circumstances:--Gen Bee, whose brigade was being sorely pressed, rode up to Gen. Jackson, and said: "General, they are beating us back." The reply was, "Sir, we will give them the bayonet." Gen. Bee immediately rallied the remnant of his brigade, and his last words to Gen. Bee immediately rallied the remnant of his brigade, and his last words to them were: "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall. Let us determine to die here, and we will conquer. Follow me." In November, after the battle of Manassas, Gen. Jackson was assigned to the command of the Department of the Valley. On the 23d of March following the battle of Kernstown was fought. With a force not exceeding 3,000 effective men he attacked 20,000 fresh troops, repulsed them repeatedly, and so crippled the foe that he dared not, with all his numbers, follow him in his
The Daily Dispatch: June 25, 1863., [Electronic resource], The capture of the Maple Leaf by Confederate prisoners. (search)
L Kelsy, Lt Libby, 10th Ark; Lt D Nation, Capt L D Mathews, 15th Ark; Capt J D Wolf, A C S, 14th Ark; Capt Jos. Long. Capt J Giesecke, Lt J Schlick, 4th Texas Cav; Perser E A McGowan, Diana; Lt. Jno Smith, Lt J Weish, Lt Z M Porter, Arizona Battalion; Lt Broyle, 7th Texas Cav; Lt H. Wilkinson, C S A, Miss; Lt J M Obley, Choctaw Battalion; Capt Pronett, Lt, Andrew, 1st Ala; Lt D Estis, 9th Tenn Cav; Capt D J Semmes, C S Artillery; Capt E A Scott, Lt D Kirkland, 9th Lt Cav; Capt D H Creath, Gen Bee's staff; Capt G W Holloway, 1st La Bat Inf; Capt G L Fusilier, Gen Taylor's staff; Capt J J Atkinson; Capt E Holmes, Lt Wm Nelson, Lt Sam Aliston, Lt Aug. Burgniens, Lt Wm H Rogers, Crescent La Vols; Lt Jos Hinsofi, Miles's Legion; Lt Chas Comfort, 11th La; Lt T W Brown, 9th La Bat Inf; Lt J Webre, 28th La; Lt Jules Durbiege, Diana; Lt Chas Roupel. C S A; Lt A O Morse, C S Artillery; Lt T D Melville, 18th La; Lt H Fiek, Queen of the West; Lt R Stark Jackson, Lt Geo W Stafford, 8th La Vols;