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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 10: Middlesex County. (search)
1860, 8,025; in 1865, 9,366. Valuation in 1860, $6,033,053; in 1865, $5,683,244. The selectmen in 1861 and 1862 were Henry A. Snow, Benjamin Randall, Albert Kenneson, Charles H. Guild, Thomas Cunningham; in 1863, Henry A. Snow, Thomas Cunningham, Levi Timson, John R. Poor, S. C. Whiteher; in 1864 and 1865, John R. Poor, Levi Timson, Francis Houghton, Nelson Howe, George W. Hadley. The town-clerk during all the years of the war was Charles E. Gilman. The town-treasurer in 1861 was Clark Bennett; in 1862, Robert A. Vinal; in 1863, 1864, and 1865, Thomas Cunningham. This gentleman was recruiting officer of the town during most of the war. 1861. The Somerville Light-Infantry Company having been ordered to Washington with the Fifth Regiment, to which it belonged, a large meeting of citizens was held on the 17th of April. Several speeches were made; a subscription paper was opened, and in a very short time $4,308.50 were subscribed and paid in for the benefit of the members and
Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Neighborhood Sketch number 8
Prospect streets
England rum, which was a common custom in those days with grocerymen. I attended school at the building or schoolhouse on Medford street (Mrs. Whittredge, teacher), and I think there were but two other schoolhouses in town at that time. I attended church and Sunday school in the hall of the old Engine house, situated corner of Washington and Prospects streets, opposite my house, where I think the first Unitarian society first worshipped. Next to me, easterly, was the residence of Mr. Clark Bennett, who at that time was prominent in town matters; beyond me, next easterly, was what was called the Yellow Block, in which resided Nathan Fellows, who sold fish out of a wagon; next easterly was Ives till; next, James Underwood. Opposite my house, on Washington street, resided Joseph Clark (no relation of mine); next westerly, William Bonner (on the site of Prospect-hill schoolhouse), next westerly, Miss Eliza Bonner, afterward Mrs. Augustus Hitchings; next westerly, David Sanborn.
ucational League, 2. Babcock, Henry H., 10. Back Street, Charlestown, 84, 87. Balfour, Rev., Walter, 90. Baltimore, Md., 27. Bangor, Me., 25. Banks, General, 53, 54. Barrett, Mr., 99. Bartlett, Catherine, 39. Bartlett, Dr., 68, 69. Bartlett, Henry, 93, 95. Bartlett, George, 39, 44, 64, 66. Bartlett, Josiah, 42, 63, 65. Bartlett, Hon., Josiah, 39, 65. Bartlett, Samuel, 97. Baton Rouge, 53. Beacon Street. Boston, 27. Beauties of the Bible, 101. Belknap, Ruth, 65. Bennett, Clark, 47. Bennett, John, 68. 71. Berkshire County, Mass., 85. Betsey, 23. Bigelow, Dr., 13. Bigelow, Samuel. 100. Bingham Hospital for Incurables, 2. Blackford, Christfr., 85, 86. Blanchard, Mr., 96. Blanchard, Nathan, 98. Blaney, John, 84. Blodgett, Mehitable, 20. Blood, Mr., 45. Blossom (ship), 88. Boggs, Captain, 53. Booker, Simeon, 92. Bonner, Miss, Eliza, 47. Bonner, William, 47. Boston, Mass., 1, 6, 10, 26, 38, 77, 79, 80, 81, 83, 86, 87. Boston Branch Library
he Bunker Hill school. A month before this, December 11, Benjamin F. Tweed was chosen to succeed William D. Swan at this school. A petition from Charles Adams and others residing on the top of Winter Hill for establishing a primary school there, and requesting the board to present the same to the town in their annual report, was presented by Mr. Forster. Mr. Allen presented a report of the examination of the Winter Hill school, which was ordered to be placed on file. A petition from Clark Bennett and William Bonner to have the lines of the Prospect Hill school more properly defined, was presented and referred to the whole board. The annual report for this year is very satisfactory in that it gives us much information. The schools are taken up individually beginning with the Gardner district. This school is about seven miles from the Town House, and is contiguous to the western part of Woburn, being a little less than three miles from Woburn meeting house. To reach it the roa
ned to the public. Many citizens, at the invitation of the city government, presented trees, which were set out and marked with the names of the donors. Only a very few of the names can be ascertained, as there was no official record kept, or if it was kept, it has been lost. Ex-Mayor Furber set out four for himself and family; ex-Mayor Brastow, Zadoc Bowman, N. E. Fitz, Aaron Sargent, and John C. Magoun each set out one. Jacob Glines set out a sycamore tree very near the flagstaff. Clark Bennett and Quincy A. Vinal, who was chairman of the committee for laying out the park, both furnished trees. Mather E. Hawes set out an English elm. Credit should be given to him as the originator of the scheme for celebrating the centennial year by setting out trees on Broadway Park. When the grounds in front of the Latin School were laid out, the graduating class of the year set out a tree, the one on the right in front of the steps of the building. Those on the left were set out some y
, A., 13. Bacon, Moses, 82. Bacon, William H., 96. Bagnall, William R., 77, 78, 83. Bailey's Algebra, 98. Baker, , 52. Baker, Amos P., 67 Baker, Henry, 59. Banks Street, 62. Barker, Amos, 51. Barker, J., 12. Barnard, A., 12. Barrell, Joseph, 54. Barrett, Samuel, 17, 18, 20. Barry, J., 15. Bartlett, —, 100. Bates, Joshua, 71, 82. Battles, —--, 81. Baxter, George L., 53, 91. Baxter, Sylvester, 32. Beacon Hill, 2, 3. Beacon-Street Mall, 3. Beaver Brook, 8. Bennett, Clark, 78, 90. Bennett, Josiah Q., 53. Bent, Rev. N. T., 94. Berkeley Street, 57. Bigelow, Samuel, 17, 18, 51, 52. Blake's Philosophy, 98. Blanchard, Catherine, 47, 51. Blanchard, J., 12. Blodget, L., 15. Blue Hills, 32. Bonner, Captain, John, 2. Bonner, Phillip, 11. Bonner, William, 74, 78. Books for Grammar Schools, 1840, 98. Books for Primary Schools, 1840, 98. Boston, 2. Boston Common, 2, 3. Boston Public Library, 2. Boston School Atlas, 98. Boston Slips,
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908,
Union Square
and its neighborhood about the year 1846. (search)
already mentioned, first opened her store. Next east, on the southerly side of Washington street, came the home of Clark Bennett, Esq., brickmaker, and later on town treasurer, and alderman of the city. Mr. Bennett had a large family, most of whMr. Bennett had a large family, most of whom have distinguished themselves in their various social and business relations. Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Clark Bennett and his brother, Irving M. Bennett, were both valiant soldiers in the Civilwar, each being severely wounded in battle; George Elllen's was the yellow block, still standing, occupied about this time by the family of Mr. Fellows, and previously by Clark Bennett. Further on was the residence of Ivers Hill, provision dealer; oil portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Hill were in the last eh of the territory south of the railroad and a small piece north of it were occupied by brick yards, Mr. Hazeltine's, Clark Bennett's, G. W. Wyatt's, Joseph Clark's, and others. There were two one-story cottages south of the railroad and adjoining
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908,
Union Square
before the War.—(Il) (search)
Upon the permanent organization, Quincy A. Vinal was elected president, and J. Manly Clark and Thomas Gooding vice-presidents, and Charles F. Stevens secretary. It had about fifty members, among whom, besides those named, were William L. Burt, Isaiah W. Tuttle, E. A. Norris, editor of the Olive Branch, Charles Williams, Jr., Robert A. Vinal, John W. Vinal, N. Carleton Hawkins, Charles S. Lincoln, Emery H. Munroe, Phineas W. Blodgett, John Runey, Francis Tufts, William and Edwin Mills, Clark Bennett. R. W. Keyes, Edwin C. Bennett, Charles H. Hudson, J. Q. Twonibly, and many others, including the writer. The later presidents were J. Manly Clark, Robert A. Vinal, I. W. Tuttle, and R. W. Keyes; and secretaries, Charles Williams, Jr., Edward E. Vinal, George E. Bennett, I. B. Giles, Edwin Mills, and myself. Quite a library was gathered, which, however, was scattered on the dissolution of the society. Among the subjects for debate were the following, viz.:— Is phrenology a hum
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908, Original English inhabitants and early settlers in Somerville.—(Ii.) (search)
n in Somerville. The second person to name is Charles E. Gilman, who was town clerk in 1842 and the faithful town and city clerk forty-six years consecutively and till the time of his death. John C. Magoun was an assessor in 1842, and for thirty years subsequently. He was an overseer of the poor twenty-two years. Edmund Tufts was town treasurer and collector of taxes the first year, and the sum total that passed through his hands was $4,993.97. Other prominent men the first year were Nathan Tufts, Caleb W. Leland, Guy C. Hawkins, Alfred Allen, Levi Russell, Charles Miller, Francis Bowman, Columbus Tyler, Robert Vinal, Thomas J. Leland, Joseph Clark, Dr. Luther V. Bell, James Hill, Captain Edward Cutter, Fitch Cutter, Orr N. Towne, Colonel Samuel Jaques, of Ten Hills Farm renown, Clark Bennett, Samuel T. Frost, and George O. Brastow, all passed away. To continue the narrative down the generations would be foreign to my purpose and fail of historic interest, and I close the book.
illiam, 28. Bachelder, Abigail, 29. Bachelder, William, 29. Baker, Rev., Charles, 39. Baker, William, 30. Baker, William A., 18. Baltimore, Md., 77. Banks, Governor, 38. Banks, Hon. N. P., Jr., 42. Barker, Isaac, 10, 14, 36. Barden, —, 67. Barrell, Hannah, 53. Barrell, Joseph, 53. Bay State League, 74, 75. Beacon Street, 14, 15, 33. Bealton Station, Va., 21. Bean, G. W., 22. Bean, Hattie E., 10. Beck, G. W., 13. Beecher, Thomas, 30. Bell, Dr. Luther V., 41, 55. Bennett, Clark, 10, 11, 14, 41, 55. Bennett, Dana, 10. Bennett, Dexter, 10. Bennett, Edwin Clark, 10, 41. Bennett, George Eldon, 10, 41. Bennett, Herbert W., 10. Bennett, Irving M., 107 Bennett, Josiah, 10. Bennett. Melvina, 10. Berkeley Street, 32. Berlin's Station, 20. Bethesda Church, 61. Betsey Ross Flag, 73. Bigelow, —, 69. Blair, Nathaniel, 14, 36. Bleachery, 33. Blessing of the Bay, The, 74. Blodgett, Phineas W., 41. Bolles, David, 8. Bolles, Professor, 74. Bonner,
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