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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 4. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Battle of Kelleysville, March 17th, 1863-Reports of Generals J. E. B. Stuart and Fitz. Lee. (search)
y H; Lieutenants Hill Carter and Jno. Lamb, of Company D; Lieutenant Stamper of Company F; Lieutenant R. T. Hubbard, Company G; and First Lieutenant Hall, of Company C, (was twice wounded before he desisted from the charge, and, when retiring, received a third and still more severe wound, and was unable to leave the field). Adjutant H. B. McClellan is also particularly commended for his bravery; Acting Sergeant-Major E. N. Price, Company K; Private Keech, Company I; and Bugler Drilling. Sergeant Betts, of Company C; Privates Young, Company B; Fowler, Company G, and Wilkins, of Company C, died as became brave men, in the front of the charge at the head of the column. In the Second, the commanding officer reports, where so many behaved themselves with so much gallantry he does not like to discriminate. In the First, Captain Jordan, Company C, and Lieutenant Cecil, Company K, (specially commended for reckless daring without a parallel). As coming under my own observation, I pa
rprising the rebels, capturing one hundred and twenty-five prisoners, killing thirty, and wounding about the same number. The National loss was one killed and fourteen wounded.--the English schooner Lady Maria, was captured off Mobile Bay, by the National gunboat De Soto. A fight took place near Quaker Bridge, on the Trent River, N. C., in which the rebels were defeated by a force under the command of General Heckman.--the case of the British prize ship Peterhoff, was opened before Judge Betts, sitting in prize court at New York.--the cavalry battles of Hagerstown and Williamsport, Md., were fought this day.--(Doc. 32.) Knights of the Golden Circle entered the depot at Huntington Indiana, at an early hour this morning, and seized and distributed among themselves a quantity of guns and ammunition.--A large amount of money and other necessaries, in aid of the wounded at Gettysburgh, was raised throughout the loyal States.--at New York City a conspiracy to resist the draft wa
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 6. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 37.-the affair at Haymarket, Va. (search)
ncing upon Warrenton. Posting the different squadrons in the most advantageous positions beyond the town, with two pieces, (twelve-pounders,) under command of Lieut. Betts, drawn up on a hill, to the extreme left, a determined stand was resolved upon. Scarcely had these dispositions been made when a small body of cavalry, supposed to be the advance-guard, was discovered advancing up to the turnpike, about three quarters of a mile distant. Lieut. Betts was ordered to open on them; and, after several rounds were fired, they concluded to advance no further, but retreated. The cavalry were then ordered to charge, but night coming on they were prevented fred cavalry and six pieces of artillery. Their loss in the skirmish beyond the town was one killed and six wounded. Our loss none. Captain Randolph of company H, also Lieut. Tidwell, of company A, Lieut. Baker, of company D, and Lieut. Betts, of the artillery, conducted themselves most gallantly throughout the whole affair.
ttery near the church, on the Hagerstown pike, and compelled to retire to another hill. About thirty men, under Lieutenant-Colonel Betts, Twelfth Alabama, of my division, remained as supports to my division batteries, under Jones, Hardaway, and Bond columns were allowed to come within easy range, when a sudden storm of grape and canister drove them back in confusion. Betts's men must have given them a very hot fire, as Burnside reported that he had met three heavy columns on the hill. It is Thirteenth North Carolina, remained with his regiment on South Mountain, after receiving three painful wounds. Lieutenant-Colonel Betts, Thirteenth Alabama, was slightly wounded. Lieutenant-Colonel Zachry, Twenty-seventh Georgia, had just recovereior numbers, and gave a check to their advance. In one of these, a small party were placed under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Betts, and directed to deploy as skirmishers along the crest of a hill upon which the enemy was advancing. They did s
H; Lieutenants Hill Carter and John Lamb, of company D; Lieutenant Stamper, of company F; Lieutenant R. F. Hubbard, company G; and first Lieutenant Hall, of company C, was twice wounded, before he desisted from the charge, and when retiring, received a third and still more severe wound, and was unable to leave the field. Adjutant H. B. McClellan is also particularly commended for his gallantry. Acting Sergeant-Major, E. W. Price, company K, private Keech, company I, and bugler-drilling Sergeant Betts, of company C; privates Young, company B, Fowler, company G, and Wilkins, company C, died as became brave men, in the front of the charge, at the head of the column. In the Second, the commanding officer reports, where so many behaved themselves with so much gallantry he does not like to discriminate. In the First, Captain Jordan, company C, and Lieutenant Cecil, company K, specially commended for reckless daring, without a parallel. As coming under my own observation, I particula
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
rcersburg, Pa. 22 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Mercersburg, Pa. Bass, John 20, sin.; laborer; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63; 22 Aug 63 Morris Id. S. C; dis. $50. Beatty, Jones. 20, sin.; laborer; Lanesville, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Bell, Nathaniel 23, mar.; laborer; Carlisle, Pa. 22 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Bell, William 21, sin.; brickmaker; Carlisle, Pa. 22 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Betenbough, Andrew H. 23, mar.; carpenter; Hamilton, O. 13 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Newberry, S. C. Betts, Thomas. 19, sin.; waiter; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63, 20 Aug 65. $50. Beverly. Thomas 21, sin.; laborer; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63; died 18 May 63 Readville of smallpox. —— Bowman, Thomas Sergt. 27, sin.; trader; Cincinnati, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. Wounded 20 Feb 64 Olustee, Fla. $50. Reported dead. Bradford, John 21, sin.; laborer; Harrisburg, Pa. 26 Apl. 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Brady, Randolph Corpl. 24, mar.; shoemaker; Hamilton, O. 28 Apl 63; missing 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner; supposed
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Address of Rev. G. W. Beale at the Northern neck soldiers' Reunion, November 11, 1884. (search)
iates who, since their return to their homes and the pursuits of peace, have followed their fallen comrades into the shades of death. How many there are who answered to the last roll-call in the army, who cannot answer to it to-day because their lips are sealed in the grave! Many of these were as true and faithful as any men who ever buckled on the armour or withstood the deadly hail of battle. Among them I recall Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis, Surgeon Gilliam, Major Ward, Major Deshields, Captain Betts, Captain Robinson, Captain Scates, Captain Wharton, and many a man of humbler rank, but no less patriotic, valiant and faithful than they. For them no polished shaft rears its form, enriched with their honored names; for them no tablet is carved to tell, in other years, that they served their country's cause. But let it be our pious care to gather up their cherished names and embalm them among the precious treasures of the State they loved so well. Let us see to it that our muster rol
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
74, 313. Bell, Col. J. H., 313. Bellinger, Lt., John. 92. Bellinger, Dr., Martin, 123, 126. Belmont, Battle of, 69; forces engaged in and losses at, 80, 351. Beltzhoover, Capt., 70. Beltzhoover, Col., 74. Benbow, Capt., 128. Benham, Gen. H W., 150. Benjamin, Hon. J. P., 273. Bennett, Rev. W. W., 195, 205. Benning, Gen. H. L., 385, 404; his Notes on Battle of Sharpsburg, 393. Bermuda Hundred, 398. Berryville, Va., train captured at, 264. Bester, Sergeant P. D., 91. Betts, Capt , 14. Beverley, W. Va., 83. Bible, Chieftains of the, 197. Bidgood, Col. Joseph V., 196. Big Sewell Mountain, 90. Billingsley, Capt., Jo, 381. Black, Lt. A. W., 20. Black, Col., Charles, 366. Black, Col., John Logan, 26, 224; Charge at Gettysburg, 224. Blackman, Lt. J. B., 21. Blackstock, Battle of, 12. Blackwell, Lt. J. E., 60, 62. Blair, Wm., Epitaph of, 27. Blockade Running, 106. Bloomfield, Mo., 70. Blue and Gray United, The, 339. Blum, Lt. R. A., 133,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.38 (search)
uched the mud on the Essex side, it would make no further effort, and was left to perish. By sunrise the expedition had been safely landed, the boats concealed, and the men, having mounted their horses, and leading the captured ones, were on the march to the camp, at Lloyds. The colonel of the regiment to soothe, in part, his disappointment in not being permitted to cross the river himself, had taken position advantageously on the bank, with a section of artillery under command of Lieutenant Betts, intending to arrest the progress of any gunboat that might chance to appear, and endanger the expedition. From his station he listened through the still hours, anxiously, and not in vain, for the sounds of volleys and yells that would tell of the successful assault of his men. Only one casualty occurred among the enemy, and that was the painful wounding of a man under the eye. The boldness and success of the enterprise were recognized and commended in general orders, issued from
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