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XXXIII. East Virginia—Bull Run. Ft. Monroe great Bethel Alexandria occupied Vienna Patterson's advance his flank movement to Charlestown Johnston rashes to Manassas Gen. Sanford's testimony McDowcll advances to Centervills Blackburn's Ford Bull Run Union defeat and flight causes thereof Gen. Scott's plan criticised by Hon. E. P. Blair consequences of our failure. if the North had been, or at least had seemed, obstinately apathetic, because skeptical as to the probability or the imminence of Civil War, it was fully and suddenly undeceived by the developments that swiftly followed the bombardment of Fort Sumter, but especially by the occurrences in Baltimore and the attitude of Maryland. For a few weeks, all petty differences seemed effaced, all partisan jealousies and hatreds forgotten. A few conservative presses sought to stem the rushing tide; a few old Democratic leaders struggled to keep the party lines distinct and rigid; but to little purpose. Twe