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The Daily Dispatch: July 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], Unfortunate occurrence--five persons Drowsed. (search)
New Artillery Company. --The Artillery company which John Howard and other gentlemen of this city have been engaged in raising for a week past, purpose organizing tonight. The men rendezvous at the room 2nd door above Col. W. D. Blair's grocery store, Main street, where applications for membership may be submitted to-night.
The Daily Dispatch: September 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], Detailed account of the burning of the AlvaradeMasked Batteries on the Florida Coast. (search)
Important to sick soldiers. --If the good people of the counntry about Richmond knew how important it is to supply the various hospitals with vegetables of all kinds, and what urgent and constant appeals are made to the Army Committee for such articles, we are sure they would send them in by cart loads. And yet they could not send too many, for the demand is far beyond the supply. Bushels upon bushels are called for daily; and, really, it seems to us, that it would cost the farmers and gardeners very little to send in peas, potatoes, tomatoes, &c., occasionally.--These things they can send at very little cost and not miss them. Remember the place, Depot of the Army Committee, Y. M. C. A., one door above W. D. Blair & Co., Main street. The committee are ready to receive and dispense all charities and donations to the sick in the various hospitals here, or at a distance.
Just received -- A full supply of Teas, beth black and green Also — Soap, Candles, Pickles, and some very old Brandy and Whiskey, which we offer to cur friends, and the public generally, at small profits. W. D. Blair & Co., cor 8th and Main sts., no 5--2w* Richmond, Va.
of whiskey from Jos. Brummel, on the 23d of December, 1863; Patrick Tiernan; for shooting Lafayette Brooks, with intent to kill; Robert Style, for stealing a lot of sugar from John W. Gilliam, on the 21st of April; Harry Chadwell, for stealing Wm. S. Kemper's horse, on the 1st of May; Mary Smith, for stealing $100 in C. S. notes from Joseph Kefler, on the 7th of April, Benjamin Slemmer, for breaking into the store of Joseph Knotts on the 2d day of April; Edward Murphrey, for breaking into W. D. Blair's store on the night of the 21st of April; James Hensly, for receiving on the 19th of April a lot of crockery stolen from persons unknown; Richard Duff, for stealing $170 from Charles Donoboe on the 3d of April; John Ginotti, for breaking into the storehouse of Dionesia Meoni on the 9th of November, 1862, with intent to commit larceny. Frank Hartford alias Frank Rosencranz, was tried for entering Powhatan Weisiger's hat store with intent to commit larceny, found guilty, and put in th
In the Hustings Court, Judge Lyons presiding, several criminal cases were disposed of yesterday. Frederick Gansler, insisted for stealing 500 sheep-skins from Joseph Heirholdzer, was tried and found not guilty. In the second case, that of stealing 200 lambskins, the trial was continued to the next term, and Gansler admitted to bail for his appearance to answer. Benjamin Kemper, indicted for engaging in a riot in April last, breaking the door of James Knotts and stealing goods, was called and continued to the next term. Jesse White, indicted for the murder of John J. Andrews, continued to the next term for trial. John Farrell, charged with stealing a coat. The jury not being able to agree, were discharged, the cause continued to the next term, and the prisoner admitted to bail. Edward Murphy, breaking into W. D. Blair's store. Acquitted.
Not Decided. --Isaac, slave to W. D. Blair, and Virginia Rix, a free negress, were before the Recorder yesterday to answer the charge of harboring a slave named Maria, the property of Adia Taylor, and aiding her to escape from her owner. A negro girl testified to seeing Maria in Isaac's hack at a very early hour in the morning; but, on being cross-questioned, so contradicted herself that the Recorder continued the examination until Saturday, and admitted the accused parties to bail for their appearance.