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n RichBoston295.13 68 BrigArabT. Magoun'sT. MagounJ. Blake & T. MagounBoston & Medford225.62 69 ShipMercuryTo.Boston253.07 75 BrigSicilyT. Magoun'sT. MagounJoshua BlakeBoston163.46 76 SloopTruthSprague & James'sSpragston96 83 BrigCurleuGeorge Fuller'sGeorge FullerJoshua BlakeBoston180 84 ShipChampionSprague & James'sSpraguoverBoston367 851822BrigNileT. Magoun'sT. MagounJoshua BlakeBoston220 86 BrigCadetT. Magoun'sT. MagounNathanholsBoston110 1041824BrigSuffolkT. Magoun'sT. MagounBlake, Magoun, and othersBoston & Medford261.44 105 ShipH 111 BrigGriffinSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJoshua BlakeBoston177 112 BrigS. Carolina Repaired, at an 120 BrigPilgrimSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJoshua BlakeBoston179 121 BrigIvanhoeSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJoshua BlakeBoston182 122 ShipShepherdessSprague & James'sSprague & JamesR. D. ShepherdBoston272 12 284 BarkGriffinT. Magoun'sF. Waterman & H. EwellJoshua BlakeBoston308 285 ShipLochimarT. Magoun'sF.
Appendix II: list of original subscribers. Samuel Appleton, Nathan Appleton, Abel Adams, James T. Austin, Zabdiel B. Adams, Benjamin Adams, Charles Frederic Adams, William Austin, Jesse Bird, Joshua Blake, George W. Brimmer, Silas Bullard, Charles Barnard, Ebenezer Bailey, Joseph P. Bradlee, Joseph Baker, Jonas B. Brown, John Brown, Charles Brown, Plymouth, Ma. Levi Brigham, George Bond, Jacob Bigelow, Charles Brown, Benjamin Bussey, Dennis Brigham, John Bryant, James Boyd, Joseph T. Buckingham, Edwin Buckingham, Zebedee Cook, Jr. George W. Coffin, Charles P. Curtis, Thomas B. Curtis, Alpheus Cary, Josiah Coolidge, Elizabeth Craigie, Elijah Cobb, George G. Channing, Samuel F. Coolidge, Joseph Coolidge, James Davis, Warren Dutton, Richard C. Derby, James A. Dickson, John Davis, Daniel Denny, H. A. S. Dearborn, George Darracott, David Eckley, Alexander H. Everett, Henry H. Fuller, Robert Farley, Benjamin Fiske, Samuel P. P. Fay
er, and enclosed together. Those of Waterston, Watts, and Hayes, on the charming slope which overlooks Consecration Dell, There are several monuments on this part of the grounds to which we should ask attention, did our limits allow of it; that of Martha coffin Derby --belonging, however, to a class represented in the cuts — is among them. are a specimen of this sort; and the monument of Francis Stanton, already mentioned, in the same vicinity, is supported in like manner by those of Messrs. Blake and Hallet. We should commend attention to the general taste of many of the enclosures, but the one which shows the name of Lawrence, wrought into the gate, merits a special mention. Some of our readers, who feel an interest other than that of mere strangers in these grounds, may perhaps miss in our descriptions, something which they would gladly have seen noticed. This must needs be so. The humblest stone, the meanest dust is justly dear, we know, to some survivor, but we could no