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er. Gen. W. J. Hardee made it the nucleus of his brigade after it was transferred to the Confederate service, consisting of the Third Confederate, and the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Arkansas regiments, McCarver's regiment and McCann's battery of artillery. The regimental and company commanders at the organization were, Col. Robert Shaver, Lieut.-Col. William R. Cain, Maj. James T. Martin. John M. Dean was appointed adjutant, H. C. Tunsell, quartermaster, Commissary John S. Shaver, Dr. Bohannon, surgeon, Dr. Hoadley, assistant surgeon. The company officers at the time of the organization were: Company A, Capt. John C. McCauley, of White county; Company B, Capt. George B. Orme, of Jackson county; Company C, Capt. James T. Martin, of Randolph county (he became major of the regiment, and his brother, J. H. Martin, captain); Company D, Captain Deason, of Izard county; Company E, Capt. M. Van Shaver, of Fulton county; Company F, Capt. (Rev.) John H. Dye, of White county; Company G,
se in authority in your city. The Court-House and Odd-Fellows hall are now their barracks, the former is occupied by a well officered and thoroughly drilled infantry corps, Chesapeake Guard, Capt. Garnett; the latter by an able and efficient artillery corps, Capt. Armistead, having four six-pounders --two of which were presented to the county some time since, by one of her devoted and active citizens Capt. John Foster. Both companies have a dress parade every afternoon, under charge of Col. Bohannon, of whom I may here speak, without flattery, as a field-officer. From youth he has studied tactics with such an interest as to qualify himself thoroughly for the office which he now holds, to which he does such credit as to make him worthy of some higher position in our State forces. He possesses in an eminent degree every trait of character, which is calculated to inspire confidence in those subordinate in position. Agricultural pursuits, and in fact near every vocation, are aban
in head; J J Perry, slightly in mouth. Missing: L Priddy, W A Poindexter, J A Nuckol. Co K — Killed: None. Wounded: None. Missing: Sergt Croxton, private Powell, Jones Shepard, Drumheller, Gregory, Brightwell, Nicholas, Garnett, Chick, Pollard, Amest. Recapitulation — Killed: 2. Wounded: 17. Missing: 16. Total: 85. Fifth Regiment Virginia Cavalry--Col. F L Rosser, wounded severely in foot; Major John W Puller, killed. Co V — Killed. Corporal Hayden Wounded: None. Missing: None. Co. C--Killed: None. Wounded: John C Powell, John C Wayne. Missing: None. Co E — Killed: None. Wounded: Lieut. Bohannon, Sergt Wayne. Missing: None. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: W J Haynes Geo Mason. Missing: None. Co H — Killed: None. Wounded: A B Willis. Missing: None. Co K — Killed: None. Wounded: Sergt Saddles. Missing: None. Recapitulation — Killed. 2. Wounded, 9.--Missing, none. Total 11. Recapitulation in Brigades — Killed, 10. Wounded, 81. Missing, 3
The Daily Dispatch: May 18, 1863., [Electronic resource], Mr. Vallandigham--Lincoln and the North. (search)
police, during Saturday and the night of that day, arrested the following offenders: Richard L Bohannon, on the charge of entering the lodging room of Major B. B. Brown, at the American Hotel, and stis wife's likeness, a pocket knife, and a gold watch worth $500. Suspicion was directed towards Bohannon (who is generally looked upon as half-witted) from his being seen coming out of the hotel short robbery was discovered. Officer Adams, meeting him on the street, asked him what time it was. Bohannon pulled out and old silver watch, but was told by the officer he wanted the time from the other watch; that he knew all about it, and there was no use in trying to hide it from him. Thereupon Bohannon conducted Adams to a liquor shop under Metropolitan Hall, where the watch was found, Bohannon hBohannon having stored it there for safe-keeping. The knife and picture were found on his person. Patrick Devlin and Mike Shannan were caged for fighting in the street. James M. Graham, for stealing a malice
Accidental Drowning. --On Friday last, as a boat was passsing from this city to Chapin's Bluff, with passengers, Mr. George W. Bobannon, son of the late Dr. Bohannon, accidentally fell into the river and was drowned. The deceased was a member of the Fayette Artillery, and was regarded as a good soldier and true friend. He entered the service at the beginning of our troubles, and has passed through many hard-fought battles.
Hustings Court of Magistrates. --Frederick Mitter was examined on the charge of stealing a watch from David McDaniel, and sent on to the Hustings Court. Miles R Bohannon was examined on the charge of forging B. Akers's name to a check on the Farmers' Bank for $500, and the Court having heard the evidence, was acquitted. In the case of Asa Bevill, charged with stealing tin from the Confederate States, a nolle prosequi was entered, it appearing that Bevill had run off to the Yankees.
M Manders, slight concussion; T M Miller, slightly in shoulder; P B Porter, slightly in arm; E H Smith, severely in shoulder (since died) Missing and supposed to be prisoners — Cpt B H Smith, Sgt T H Quarles, Corp'l C B Hunt, J R Bugg, H Breeden, W B Courtney, E M Crump, R C Chamberlayne, C B Fourqurean, R J Gambol, J T Hardwicke, J H Hutcheson, I H Hutchens, Jr, Henry Jones, E C Lorraine, J S Lear, E P Morris, Jas Moultry, G T Parker, W D Porter, W H Roberts, W M Sclater, W G Thompson, J T Bohannon. Casualties in the Washington artillery. This battalion, stationed between here and Petersburg, has sustained the following losses up to yesterday morning: 2d Company.--Killed: Private Page Lapham. Wounded: None. 3d Company.--Killed: Private Henry Madden. Wounded: Privates A Leete, slightly; Henry Guillotte. 4th Company.--Killed: Corporal R G McDonald; privates E A Mallard, J S Foulkes, Wounded: Privates Wm Martin and Alfred Norcum. The situation in Southweste
Judge Lyons's Court --In this Court yesterday B Akers, of Lynchburg, was examined on the charge of giving in the case of Miles R Bohannon, charged with forgery, essentially different testimony before the examining Court and before the Grand Jury. The accused was discharged, as was also Miles R Bohannon, the Grand Jury havinBohannon, the Grand Jury having on the previous day ignored the bill against him; but the Attorney for the Commonwealth gave notice that he should send before the next Grand Jury a new bill against Bohannon for forgery. Charles Gentry, charged with stealing $30 from a guest at the Linwood House, was discharged, the Grand Jury having ignored the bill againprevious day ignored the bill against him; but the Attorney for the Commonwealth gave notice that he should send before the next Grand Jury a new bill against Bohannon for forgery. Charles Gentry, charged with stealing $30 from a guest at the Linwood House, was discharged, the Grand Jury having ignored the bill against him.
Prisoners of War. Letters by flag of truce inform us that among the prisoners at the old Capitol prison, in Washington, is Captain Richard E. Frayser, of this city, an officer of the signal corps. He was captured on the 20th of June. A letter from Fort Delaware says that the following members of the Third company Richmond Howitzers are in that prison: Captain B. H. Smith Jr., Sergeant T. H. Quarles, Corporal Claiborne Hunt, Privates Breeden, Hardwicke, Hutcheson, Hutchins, Courtney, Loraine, Gambol, Bugg, Parker, Fourquerean, Porter, Thompson, Morris, Slater, Crump, Chamberlayne, De Leon, Moultry and Jones. Bohannon and W. H. Roberts are both wounded and in the Federal hospital — the former badly hurt in the leg and body and the latter slightly in the hand. All the others are doing very well and are in good health.