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Lunatic Asylum--Messrs. Rives, Curtis, Tate, McGruder, Nelson of Fluvanna, Clockett, Worsham, Hopkins, Anderson of Albemarle, Lockridge, Woolfolk, Bradford, Vaden, Vernmillion, Clarke. Enrolled Bills--Messrs. Hunt, Kyle, Wootten, Gillespie, Booten, Taylor, Prince, Worsham, McDonald of Logan, Woolfolk, Nelson of Louisa, Cecil, Fletcher, Rowan, Bayse. Banks--Messrs. Robertson, Edmunds, Ward, Davis of Campbell, James, Wilson of Norfolk, Buford, Grattan, Lundy, McDonald of Hampshire, Orga Register's Office.--Messrs. Brooks, Lively, Wright, Mattheus, Irby, Hopkins, Jordan, Williams, and Garrison. Schools and Colleges.--Messrs. Newton, Minor, Riddick, Treadway, Tate, Daniel, Saunders of Franklin, Crockett, Spady, Read, Curtis, Booten, Noland, Wright, and Laidley. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Jones: Of authorizing the banks of this Common wealth to issue a larger amount than 5 per cent. of their capital in notes of a less denomination than $5. By Mr. Wooten: Of
the United States. By Mr. Dunn--Committee on Finance — remitting certain fines imposed upon Samuel S. Kinner. Adopted. By Mr. Grattan.--Committee on Finance — to relieve the Sheriff of Clarke county. Adopted. By Mr. McDonald--Committee on Courts of Justice — to protect loyal citizens in Virginia claiming title to certain lands Adopted. By Mr. Wootten--Committee on Roads and Internal Navigation --To authorize Hugh Dillard to build a dam across Smith River. Adopted. By Mr. Booten--Committee on Banks — To report a bill establishing a bank in the town of Luray. Adopted. By Mr. McKenney--Committee on Military Affairs — To report a bill exempting from Military duty the overseers of infants, unmarried women and non-residents. Adopted. By Mr. Baker--To provide for the punishment of railroad engineers and other employees for such acts of gross negligence and willfulness on their part as result in the destruction of life and property. Adopted. By Mr. Collier
ned in the military encampments in elections for members of Congress, and of the Legislature, and whether any legislation is necessary to enforce the performance of such duties in future. By Mr. Baker: Of so amending the 17th section of the act passed on the 15th of March, 1858, incorporating the "Atlantic Steam Ferry Company," as to extend the period within which the said company are required to commence the running of a vessel or vessels upon the line established by the act. By Mr. Booten: Of increasing the penalties imposed upon persons who attempt to pass themselves off as officers of the Confederate army, for the purpose of imposing upon the public whether in the purchase of stock or anything whatever, with the view of making a cheaper purchase for the purpose of speculation. By Mr. Flood: What departments and officers connected with the military organization of the Commonwealth may be advantageously dispensed with. By Mr. Ward: Of so amending the existing law
orcements to that portion of Virginia, they would jeopardize the safety of a large and loyal community, He wanted no evidence from the Confederate Government,--As Virginians, let us do what becomes us as Virginians, He was prepared to ex- pend all the treasures of this State in its defence. Mr. Grattan saw no reason why the Mouse should not have the information relative to the necessity of this road from those who were best able to judge. He wanted to vote understandingly. Mr. Booten thought, in voting appropriations for internal improvements, the House should have the fullest information in order to vote properly. He thought it possible that the Generals might detail the soldiers to build roads, if they were necessary. He was opposed to giving the work to speculators or contractors. Mr. McDonald, of Logan, testified to the loyalty of the people of his county. Not one of them to his knowledge had accepted office under the Wheeling Government. He hoped that his
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
e Senate informing the House that it was now ready to proceed to the election. The House then proceeded to ballot, with the following result. For Mr. Hunter--Messrs. J. T. Anderson, F. T. Anderson, Baker, Baskerville, Bass, Bayse, Blue, Booten, Bouldin, Bradford, Brooks, Buford, Burks, Carter, Cazenove, Cecil, Clark, H. N. Coleman, Collier, Crockett, Custis, Dabney, Daniel, J. D. Davis, R. L. Davis, Dunn, Edmunds, Eggleston, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Forbes, Franklin, Friend, Ga, P. C. Saunders, R. C. Saunders, Sheffey, Spady, Staples, Steger, Taylor, Thrash, Tomlin, Treadway, Tyler, Samuel Wilson, Woodhouse, Woodson, Woolfolk, Wright, and Mr. Speaker.--Total 67. For Mr. Russell--Messrs. J. T. Anderson, Bass, Blue, Booten, Bradford, Carpenter, Collier, Daniels, Edmunds, Franklin, Gatewood, George, Green, Gillespie, Hunter, Johnson, Kaufman, Laidley, Lively, A. W. McDonald, J. E. McDonald, orgain, Pitman, Rutherfoord, Robinson, Sherrard, Small, Tate, Thomas, Vaden,
On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, the resolution offered a day or two ago, and laid upon the table, for the prolongation of the session, was made the order of the day for to-day. The Military bill. On motion of Mr. Saunders, the bill authorizing the Governor to organize and call out certain forces for the defence of the State, was called up. The pending question upon it being to reconsider the vote by which a clause of the bill relative to the enrollment of citizens in the counties between the ages of 45 and 65, and of 18 and 16, was stricken out at the previous consideration of the bill. After considerable debate, in which the motion to reconsider was advocated by Messrs. Worsham, Richardson, and Anderson, of Botetourt; and opposed by Messrs. Anderson, of Rockbridge, Price, Bradford, and Booten, it was negatived by a vote of ayes 38, nays 54. Pending the discussion upon the second section of the bill, the House adjourned until 7½ o'clock this evening.
urts, even to prohibition, the proceeds of said tax to be applied exclusively to the payment of the interest and ultimate redemption of the debts contracted by said cities, towns and counties, for arming, equipping, &c., of volunteers, and the support of their families. The bill to authorize certain corporations to issue notes under one dollar was taken up and lost by the following vote — yeas 39, nays 40. Yeas.--Messrs. Francis T. Anderson, Baker, jr., Barbour, Baskerville, Bayse, Booten, Buford, Cazeuove, Crockett, Cuslis, Dabney, Robert J. Davis, Evans, Flood, Garrison, Gatewood, Glimer, Grattan, Hunt, Irby, James, Kaufman, Mathews, McLaughlin, Murdaugh, Robert E. Nelson, William G. T. Nelson, Pitman, Robertson, Rutherford, Peter Saunders, jr., Sheffey, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Ward, Williams, Woodhouse, and Wynne.--39. Nays.--Messrs. Bass, Bradford, Burks, Carpenter, Cecil, Clarke, Dice, Edmunds, Eggleston, Ewing, Fleming, Franklin, Friend, George, Green, Hunter, Johnso
postponement was concurred in, and the Senate adjourned. House of Delegates.--The House met at 12 M. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Duncan. The House bill for refunding to certain persons money paid for exemption from military service was returned from the Senate, with amendments, to one of which the House disagreed, and the resolution was returned to the Senate. A communication was received from the Board of Public Works relative to railway transportation. Received and referred. Mr. Booten offered a resolution instructing the Committee on Finance to inquire into the expediency of issuing notes of a less denomination than one dollar. Mr. Hunter, from the Committee on Courts, presented a bill enlarging the powers of special forms of certain Courts in certain cares. Ordered to its engrossment. A communication was received from Governor Letcher, enclosing a letter from the Secretary of of War, granting passports to the members of this General Assembly. Also, another