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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
R. L. McWhorter, Maj. and Q. M. J. L. Keith, Capt. and A. Q. M. G. W. Evans, Capt. and A. Q. M. H. S. Hughes, Major and C. S. Sampson Pope, Sen. Surg. Brigade. Claiborne Snead, Lt.-Col. Commanding 3d Ga. Regiment. Charles J. Moffett, Maj. Commanding 22d Ga. Batt. A. C. Flanders, Capt. Commanding 48th Ga. Regiment. G. W. Thomas, Capt. Commanding 22d Ga. Regiment. C. F. Hill, Capt. Commanding 16th Ga. Batt. J. G. Brown, Capt. Commanding 64th Ga. Regiment. Richard Boyd, Surgeon 64th Ga. Regiment. T. M. C. Rice, Ass't Surg. 2d Ga. Batt. S. D. Rowe, Ass't Surg. 10th Ga. Batt. J. W. Jones, Ass't Surg. 22d Ga. Regiment. A. H. Read, Ass't Surg. 64th Ga. Regiment. D. P. Holloway, Ass't Surg. 48th Ga. Richard D. Bagnall, Ass't Surgeon 3d Ga. W. H. McAfee, Chaplain 22d Ga. Regiment. G. S. Jones, Capt. 2d Ga. Batt. W. T. Walker, Capt. 2d Ga. Batt. J. W. Mathews, Capt. 3d Ga. Regiment. J. M. Roberts, Capt. 48th Ga. Regiment. J. H. Evans, Capt
rporate the Bank of Wheeling; by Mr. Collier, of requiring the Banks of this State to make an annual statement showing all dividends and deposits unclaimed for a period of three years exceeding three dollars, and the names of parties to whose credit such dividends and deposits are standing on the books of such Banks; by Mr. Thomas, of enforcing, by proper penalties, the requirements on the Banks for quarterly statements of their condition; by Mr. Baskerville, of refunding to the estate of Richard Boyd a sum of money for taxes improperly paid under erroneous assessment; by Mr. Friend, of authorizing Justices of the Peace to issue garnishee processes on their judgments; by Mr. Magruder, of authorizing the volunteer companies of Scottsville and Howardsville to form a battalion; by Mr. Montague, of authorizing the construction of a turnpike road from the New River White Sulphur Springs, in Giles county, to Vicker's Switch on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, on the joint stock principle
A man lately made application for insurance on a building situated in a village where there was no fire engine. He was asked, "What are the facilities in your village for extinguishing fire?" "Well, it rains sometimes," he replied, with great simplicity. Dr. Richard Boyd, brother of the editor of the Clarksville Tobacco Plant, has been appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Confederate Army. William Beaty, Esq., a well known citizen of Warren county, Va., died last week.
Attempted murder. --A most diabolical attempt at murder was committed near Benton, Miss., a few ughts since. As Mr. Richard Boyd was returning home from town and had gone into his house, he heard some one calling him in the yard. He got up to answer the voice, when he saw two of his slaves. Andy and Steven standing in the yard, the latter having his double barrelied shot gun cocked and presented towards his head. He fired one barrel, the contents of which fractured his left arm severely and the other passed over his left shoulder, leaving one buck shot. The cause of this is not known, as he was an indulgent master.