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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 47: operations of South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, under Rear-admiral Dahlgren, during latter end of 1863 and in 1864. (search)
ood. Steamer Daffodil. Acting-Ensign, F. W. Sanborn; Acting-Master's Mates, J. C. Wentworth, C. L. Weeden, T. E. Harvey and D. Lester; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, T. W. Dee; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Fisher and W. F. Henderson. Steamer Jonquil. Acting Ensign, Israel T. Halstead; Acting-Master's Mates, J. G. Brown and George Bowers; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, David Gayring; Acting-Third-Assistants; Jesse Wright and Wm. Leonard. Steamer Carnation. Acting-Ensign, Wm. Boyd; Acting-Master's Mates, A. Burnham and E. H. Frisbie; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, T. S. Jennings; Acting-Third-Assistants, C. W. Plaisted and J. H. Fulcher. Steamer Clover. Acting-Ensign, Chas. A. Blanchard: Acting-Master's Mate, F. S. Leach; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, Geo. Divine; Acting-Third-Assistant, G. C. Brown. Schooner Norfolk Packet. Acting-Ensign, Geo. W. Wood: Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Andrew Tower; Acting-Master's Mates, J. Kingsley, Timo
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 52: operations about Charleston, 1865.--fall of Charleston, Savannah, etc. (search)
Acting-Ensign, Charles Greive; Acting-Master's Mates, J. A. Smith, C. E. Cool and Uriah Folger; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistants, Reuben McClenahan and Augustus Wendell; Acting-Third-Assistants, Edw. Bannaclough and W. J. Phillips. Gladiolus--Fourth-rate. Acting-Ensign, Napoleon Boughton; Acting-Master's Mates, S. W. Byran, H. B. Eaton and Wm. C. Parker; Engineers: Acting-Third Assistant, John D. Williams, Geo. W. Beard and Augustus Straub. Carnation Fourth-rate. Acting-Ensign, William Boyd; Acting-Master's Mates, J. D. Reed, Albion Burnham and A. H. Francis; Engineers: Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. C. Boone and D. M. Spangler. Laburnum--Fourth-rate. Acting-Ensigns, Sturgis Center, J. D. Kihlborn and J. P. Thompson; Acting-Master's Mate, Peter Moakley; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, James Stevens; Acting-Third-Assistants, Denis Hayes and Walter S. Jarboe. Catalpa--Fourth-rate. Acting-Ensign, Allen K. Noyes; Acting-Master's Mates, J. W. Mathews, A. S.
, aged twenty-two, born in Liverpool; John Burns, seaman, aged forty-five, born in Dublin; John Conway, seaman, aged thirty, born in Philadelphia; joined a French company of Zouaves in New Orleans; went to Warrington, deserted, arrived in Charleston destitute, and enlisted on the Beauregard from necessity; Daniel Culle, seaman, aged sixteen, born in Glasgow; Henry F. Randolph, seaman, aged twenty-five, born in New York — he is deaf; was seduced on board, and not allowed to leave the vessel; Wm. Boyd, seaman, aged twenty-six years, born in Ireland; Charles Butcher, seaman, aged twenty years, born in Prussia, was formerly on the steamer Isabel, running between Havana, Key West, and Charleston; he testifies that the Isabel is being transformed into a gunboat; she is nearly ready for her armament; Captain Rollins, the former captain, will command the Isabel; John Cameron, seaman, aged thirty-two years, a native of Scotland, was on the Jeff. Davis when she captured the barks Alvarado, Ench
igade, and forwarded to the break in the railroad. On the return of the train at twelve M., the remainder of the Seventh Iowa infantry, Major Samuel Mahon commanding, and four companies of the Fifty-second Illinois infantry, under command of Major W. Boyd, were sent forward. At three P. M., the train returned, and the remaining five companies of the Fifty-second Illinois infantry, Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. Bowen commanding, and five companies of the Sixty-sixth Indiana infantry, Captain D. M. ndiana and the Second Iowa infantry, Captain John A. Duckworth commanding. I reached the break in the road at five P. M., and found that the Seventh Iowa infantry and the four companies of the Fifty-second Illinois infantry, under command of Major W. Boyd, of the latter regiment, had embarked on the train from Kingston, as I had previously ordered, and were on their way to Allatoona. At nine P. M., the remainder of the brigade reached me from Rome, and after waiting until half-past 11 P. M.,
flag-steamer Philadelphia, Savannah River, Ga., Jan. 7, 1865. Despatch No. 16. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy: Sir: I inclose extract of a note to me from General Sherman, which will advise the Department of the latest information which I have in regard to General Sherman's movements. The position which the army occupies, or is moving to occupy, is, two corps at Savannah, two at Port Royal Ferry, General Foster's forces (five thousand) at the Tullifinney, and a regiment at Boyd's Neck. I presume the first point where the two wings from Savannah and Port Royal Ferry will meet will be at Branchville, and the march thence to Florence, and so on, following the railroad. I have no expectations that an attack on Charleston is embraced in the plan, as General Sherman has not suggested any arrangements for a cooperation with the navy. At the same time, circumstances might determine the General to such an operation. Whatever forces the rebels have been able to coll
erson and J. Thomas Green, Eighth Virginia regiment, Lieutenant J. D. McIntire, of the Nineteenth Virginia, acted with a coolness and bravery never surpassed. Captain Boyd, Lieutenant Shepherd, and Sergeant Gilmer, of the Nineteenth Virginia, also acted with conspicuous bravery. Sergeant Gilmer, while urging his men over the bree of the various regiments as they came up, to receive a new attack of the enemy, which was expected. I am glad to inform you that my loss was not heavy. Lieutenants Boyd and Colbert were severely wounded,--Lieutenant Boyd being permanently disabled,--and six men were wounded, some of them dangerously. William Smith, Colonel Lieutenant Boyd being permanently disabled,--and six men were wounded, some of them dangerously. William Smith, Colonel Forty-ninth Virginia Volunteers. N. B. I had commenced my report before I received your order to prepare it; hence the character of my first paragraph. Report of Lieutenant-Colonel James. Fifty-Seventh Virginia volunteers, July 14, 1862. Captain J. D. Darden, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General: Our regiment was draw
at I could wish. I am under obligations to Captain Gibson, of company D, for his services, acting as Major on the day of the engagement, and rendered me good service. Lieutenant Kent Ewing, acting as Adjutant of this regiment, rendered efficient aid by his brave conduct and promptness in carrying out my orders. The following is the list of casualties: Company A. Privates S. S. Rider and E. S. Crockett, killed. Company C. Sergeant James P. Kelly, wounded-finger shot off; private William Boyd, wounded — end of thumb shot. Company D. Privates J. Farrow, wounded in side; D. S. Allison, wounded in thigh. Company E. Private William Richardson, killed. Company F. Private George A. Bourne, wounded. Company G. Private Lewis Weaver, wounded in ankle. Lieutenant James P. Charlton, of company G, missing, supposed to have been wounded and taken prisoner. Respectfully submitted. R. D. Gardner, Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding Fourth Regiment Virginia Volunteers. R
ard-fought battle-fields, has marked him as a most trustworthy and efficient officer. I give below a list of the casualties. Very respectfully, &c., William Terry, Major, commanding Fourth Regiment Virginia Volunteers. List of Casualties in the Fourth Regiment Virginia Volunteers. Field and Staff.--Lieutenant-Colonel Gardner, severely wounded in the face. Company A.--Corporal Thomas Chatwell, shot in foot. Company C.--Wounded: Private S. S. Coddall, in right foot; private William Boyd, in left leg; private George Pratt, in left leg; private C. L. Terry, in the back. Company D.--Wounded: Private G. H. Hudge, in right leg; private A. J. Wolfe, in right hip. Company F.--Wounded: Sergeant T. R. Stamper, in foot; private W. S. Shupe, in right hip; private S. O. Canico, in left side. Company G.--Wounded: Sergeant J. H. Sublett, left hip; Corporal G. A. Willis, left arm; private P. Hall, in left hip and breast. Company L.--Wounded: Private J. C. Snider, in lef
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 1, Mass. officers and men who died., Addenda: list of Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers who died of Wounds. (search)
64. Bennett, Ferdinando B., Sergt.,52d Mass. Inf.,Port Hudson, La., June 22, 1863.Port Hudson, La., June 22, 1863. Benson, Samuel,18th Mass. Inf.,Bull Run (2d), Va., Aug. 30, 1862.Washington, D. C., Sept. 30, 1862. Boon, Alonzo, Corp.,55th Mass. Inf.,July 2, 1864,Folly Island, S. C., July 3, 1864. Booth, Charles R.,3d Mass. Cav.,– –Port Hudson, La., Dec. 2, 1863. Booth, Job S.,21st Mass. Inf.,Chantilly, Va., Sept. 1, 1862.Sept. 16, 1862. Borne, Paul,3d Mass. Cav.,– –Aug. 11, 1862. Boyd, William,5th Mass. Cav.,– –Brazos, Tex., Sept. 29, 1865. Boyle, Peter,59th Mass. Inf.,– –Washington, D. C., Aug. 9, 1864. Braman, George D. C.,52d Mass. Inf.,Port Hudson, La., June 15, 1863.Baton Rouge, La., July 30, 1863. Briggs, Augustus D.,3d Mass. Cav.,Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864.Camp Russell, Va., Nov. 19, 1864. Brooks, Levi C.,38th Mass. Inf.,Cane River, La., April 19, 1863.April 23, 1863. Brown, John A., Sergt.,26th Mass. Inf.,Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864.Winchester, V
9, 132, 134, 137, 138, 141 Bowen, James, 500 Bowen, S. C., 500 Bowers, H. J., 443 Bowers, Henry, 336 Bowers, L. W., 443 Bowker, C. W., 443 Bowker, L. F., 443 Bowker, T. P., Jr., 443 Bowler, Daniel, 336 Bowler, George, 282 Bowler, H. A., 500 Bowles, Ira, 336 Bowley, D. H. P., 501 Bowman, Henry, 20th Mass. Inf., 443 Bowman, Henry, 36th Mass. Inf., 75, 264 Bowman, Ira, 443 Bowman, S. M., 336 Boyce, James, 65 Boyd, F. E., 64, 66 Boyd, I. H., 130, 443 Boyd, Thomas, 501 Boyd, William, 490 Boyden, Franklin, 562 Boyer, Isaiah, 336 Boylan, Patrick, 443 Boyle, Daniel, 501 Boyle, James, 443 Boyle, Peter, 490 Boynton, C. D., 43 Boynton, Charles, 336 Boynton, H. E., 443 Boynton, H. H., 501 Boynton, Herbert, Jr., 336 Boynton, J. W., 443 Boynton, W. P., 336 Boynton, W. S., 336 Bracken, Mark, 336 Brackett, Dennis, 501 Brackett, L. R., 443 Brackett, Levl, Jr., 501 Brackett, T. L., 443 Brackett, W. H., 443 Bracy, W. P., 501 Bradburn, G. W., 501 Bradbur
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