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ct. 2, 1861. Victor Armant, New Orleans, La., apparatus for clarifying cane juice, Aug. 24, 1861. Isaac Beirfield, Newberry C. H. S. C., mode of tanning, Sept. 16, 1861. Robert C. Bernard, Rocky Mount, Va., gate fasteners, Oct. 11, 1861. R. W. Biggs, Jacksonville, Fla., ploughs, Nov. 21, 1861. Hannibal S. Blood, New Orleans, Louisiana, switches and turntables for horse railroad cars, Oct. 24, 1861. J. S. Boothby, Savannah, Ga., tanning, Sept. 27, 1861. Edward Boyle, Thomas Gamble, and Edward McFee Richmond, Va., sword bayonet, attaching to guns, Sept. 2, 1861. Charles E. Brown, Staunton, Va., stirrups, Aug. 11, 1861. James H, Carkeet, Natchez. Miss., manufacture of cannon, Sept, 3, 1861. W. J. Cheshire, Colquit, Ga., ploughs, Aug. 29, 1861. P. R. Clements, Eufalia, Ala., waterwheels for mills, Aug. 23, 1861. Thomas W. Cofer, Portsmouth, Va., revolving pistol, Aug. 12, 1861. Cornelius R. Cox, Cahaba, Ala., cotton cleane
Mayor's Court. --Yesterday thirteen citizens were fined various amounts for selling liquor without licenses; James M. Graham, charged with stealing a malice and contents from D. F. Brockner, was examined and discharged; William J. Walker was sent to the Hustings Court for stealing an overcoat worth $100 from Edward Boyle; L. F. Fountain was examined for behaving disorderly in the Theatre and let off; John Burges, a lad, charged with breaking A. B. Lipscomb's grindstone, was let off; case of Mike Sweeny, for stabbing Fred. Deitrick in the neck, on 17th st., was continued, D. not being able to appear; a citizen was fined for holding an auction in the street contrary to the ordinance; Ross Berry, a free negro, was tried for entering B. T. Thomas's room and threatening to demolish that individual, to the alarm of the neighbors. This case proved "great cry and little wool." Defendant was let off.
The Justices composing the Hustings Court, Recorder Caskie presiding, commenced their June term yesterday, and disposed of several criminal as well as civil cases. We append them as follows: George W. Farrell, robbing Jas C. Hunt of $200 in money, was heard and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons. John Scott and John Dowdy, robbing Jas T Oliver of a gold watch and other articles, heard and sent on. Wm J Walker, stealing an overcoat of Edward Boyle, heard and sent on. John Doyle, stealing $150 from Jno C Hughes, heard and sent on. Chas Aury, breaking into Charles E Kent's factory and stealing 49 boxes of tobacco and one barrel of sugar; sent on. James Burke, stealing clothing valued at $50, from Jas E Levy, sent on Clinton James, free negro, selling liquor to be drunk at the place where sold, fined $60 and costs. John Cassello, stealing $37 from Pleasant M Bowley, was tried and acquitted.
The Daily Dispatch: October 1, 1863., [Electronic resource], Two hundred and fifty dollars reward. (search)
Hastings Court. --Judge Lyons presiding.--The docket in this Court is a very long one, but is being disposed of as rapidly as possible. The following cases were tried yesterday: Wm. J. Walker, indicted for stealing a coat worth $50 from Edward Boyle, on the 17th May, was tried and acquitted by the jury. Melissa J. Parmature, indicted for stealing $190 from D. M. Hughes, on 29th July, last, was found guilty by the jury, who fixed her punishment at one year in the penitentiary. James W. Perry, indicted for stealing a gold watch and chain from George F. Sinton, on the 28th of July last, was found guilty by the jury, and his punishment fixed at five years in the penitentiary. Jas. Burke, indicted for stealing wearing apparel worth $50 from James C. Levy and S. C. Botts, on the 17th May. Found guilty of petty larceny and sentenced to jail for four months.